15 Best Books for Teens in 2017

Reading is one of the important ways in which children learn about their world. From coloring books to nursery rhyme books to flip charts and interactive reading materials, children learn a lot of things. In fact, one of the most important traits of successful individuals is their love or passion for reading. Teenagers can especially benefit from reading as these can help them prepare for the mature world of adulthood. As such, in our continuing quest to help parents out there rear children who will become responsible members of society, we’re sharing with you the 15 best books for teens in 2016.

How We Chose the Top Books for Adolescents in Our List

Helping us reduce the selection pool are the numerous reviews that these literature had already obtained since their publication. We believe that people who have already read the book can provide a relatively fair evaluation of the literature’s usefulness. We then evaluated this usefulness and determined whether it is for a developmental benefit of purely for entertainment purposes alone.

Books with developmental benefits were carefully evaluated for the type of benefit it affords adolescents. These benefits must be able to help teenagers improve themselves whether it is in enhancing their appreciation of their selves or in applying what they have read in real life terms. The point is for the reading material to provide some form of developmental benefit to teenagers.

Literature that have been considered best-sellers were also scrutinized to determine why so many people love reading it. This gave us an idea of the themes of these books and how these can help mold a better person in today’s youth.

Why Teenagers Need to Read Relevant Books

Teenagers are at a crossroads in their life. They have just navigated more than a decade of childish behavior and are now looking at several decades of fulfilling adult life. Unfortunately, many of the issues that they need to resolve prior to their entry into adulthood are quite sensitive. In many cases, teens would rather ask their friends than to ask their parents or authority figures. In cases where teens are willing to ask parents, it is the latter who are uncomfortable with answering such questions as teenage sex and pregnancy, contraception, HIV, AIDS, bullying, and addition, as well as many others.

While the answers to these questions can be obtained from the internet, it is possible that the information obtained may not be really that accurate. And if it is not accurate, then misinformation ensues which can result in other problems.

A much better way is to give teenagers highly relevant books that they can use to help them better understand the issues they are faced with. They can be given the time and the privacy they need to read these books and have their questions answered without having to ask other people. For instance, trying to make sense of the different changes that occur in the body during puberty will most certainly require introductory anatomy and physiology. However, if this is too technical for the teenager, then a much lighter version need to be provided.

The Bottom Line

Reading should not only be enjoyable. For teens, it should help prepare them for the life ahead of them. With these 15 best books for teens, you can be sure they’ll have greater chances of becoming more successful in the future.

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