10 Best Books for 2 Year Olds in 2017

best books for 2 year olds

For young children, books are like windows to a wonderful world of fantasy where everything is possible and dreaming is a must. While most two year old boys or girls still have quite a very limited vocabulary and speech and language skills, they can still benefit from children’s books that are specifically designed for them. To help you determine which one to get for your toddler, we are presenting here ten of the best books that you can ever read to a two year old.

How We Chose the Top Ten Toddlers’ Books in Our List

It was quite a challenge coming up with a selection of the best children’s books for 2 year old kids. This is because 2 year olds are not really known for having the faculty to read. The pre-reading skills typically occur much later at around 4 to 5 years of age. Of course, there are child protégés whereby at a very young age they could easily be reading verses from a Shakespearean play but this is a rarity. As such, we were left with choosing books that were easy to understand when read by mom or dad and of course, full of graphic illustrations to help drive home the point.

If the book offered some learning interaction with kids, then we evaluated just how much of a kid’s development is impacted by these features. For instance, book pages that function like peek-a-boos are generally regarded as excellent tools for stimulating children’s curiosity while also enhancing their intellectual and cognitive abilities. Textured pages can also provide for a more sensory experience. Add to these a variety of colors, forms, and shapes and you’ve got for your kid a really superb learning resource. These are the things that we have to carefully examine in coming up with our list.

We also looked at the bestseller status of such children’s books as we believe, if a title fared pretty well in the world market, then it should be an excellent choice for our young readers. We also took into consideration what other parents think about these young children’s books. It is imperative for us to understand just how well these pieces of kiddie literature were received not only by parents but, more importantly, by the very kids that these books were designed for. While we cannot say with absolute certainty that everyone will love the books in our top ten list, at least a great majority of you will.

It is the combination of developmental appropriateness, sensory functionality, and customer reception that formed the bases of our selection process.

Why Reading to Infants and Toddlers is Encouraged

In a meta-analysis conducted by the Center for Early Literacy Learning, it was found that numerous studies have already shown the many benefits of reading to young children especially infants and toddlers. These studies show that reading to our kids at a young age can help in the development of the expressive and receptive language skills. In other words, by reading to our young kids, they are able to develop their own way of communicating as well as refine their skill of understanding or comprehending what is being communicated to them.

It is in reading to our kids that we are able to provide them with the foundation for their speech, language, and communication skills. When we pronounce a word, they instinctively learn that this is how it’s supposed to be pronounced. That is why when we tell a story to our kids we always do so at a much slower pace so they will be able to pick up the correct pronunciation. More importantly, the manner in which we tell the stories will somehow create an impression on them as to the different emotions inherent in the story. For instance, if we make our voice gloomier than usual, they will gain an understanding of what sadness sounds like.

Perhaps more than just enhancing their communication skills, reading to our young children further strengthens our bond with them. As we cuddle up close, they will feel the warmth of our care and affection and this builds the trust that exists between a parent and his or her child.

The Bottom Line

There are many benefits of reading to our young children. While some parents may not agree with what we have in our list solely because of the content of the books, it should be worth remembering that these are for 2 year old girls or boys.

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