17 Best Board Games for Kids 2017

One of the most enduring games for all ages is a board game. From chess and checkers to scrabble and monopoly and a whole lot more, there are simply a lot of board games to choose from. In fact, many families all around the world make it a point to have a board game in home either for family use or for some games during weekend parties. Many individuals consider board games as one of the best gifts they can give not only to children but also to the entire family.

How We Chose the Most Popular In Our List

Board games maybe very popular to all members of the family but choosing the right kind of board game for your kids may not necessarily be that easy. You really have to make sure that the degree of complexity of the board game is just right for the cognitive level of children. As such, we have done our part to bring to you the 17 best and most popular board games for kids you will ever find in the market today.

We have assigned our team of researchers to scrutinize every bit of board game today making sure that these games are at par with the developmental requirements of children across different stages. We had to make sure that the board game will be able to help further enhance children’s psychomotor and cognitive development as well as help foster beginning emotional and social skills. We also had to look at what other consumers, parents, who have already bought the board game for their respective children and identify any concerns or issues that they may have regarding the board game. Lastly, we also had to consider the board game manufacturer’s credibility and trustworthiness as an organization.

Coming up with a credible list of the 17 most popular and highly rated board games for kids is not easy; but we did it anyway. We hope you will find something in our list that will merit your attention and consideration as a suitable gift to your children.

Board Games and Kids – It’s More than Just Brain Power

Whenever you think of a board game, you will automatically think of intelligence, wit, and strategic thinking. While it is true that board games have been utilized by many professionals to get an idea into the cognitive abilities of individuals and not only children, board games do provide additional benefits other than cognitive.

For starters, on the physical side of things, many board games allow young children to master the control of their fine motor skills. This requires absolute coordination of the different small groups of muscles of the hands and fingers to move board pieces. Rolling a die may seem benign but this requires coordination of the muscles and tendons of the hand plus the strength and balance coming from the forearm and the writs. Additionally, some board games also help reinforce hand-eye coordination and the development and enhancement of their spatial intelligence.

Many board games are best played with another individual. This helps children to exercise their language and communication skills. And since board games have rules, they will have to learn to voice their agreement to these rules. In fact, they have to show understanding of these rules first before they can learn whether to agree to them or not. Now, here’s the most interesting part. If you play with your kids, you have to make sure that you are a good role model to them. In order for them to appreciate the value of rules, you should show them how to follow and obey the rules. You also need to teach them good manners especially when they lose the board game. You have to rejoice with them when they win and you have to support them should they lose. This is very crucial because kids need to understand it is perfectly alright to lose but what is more important is how to accept the loss in a graceful and more constructive manner. This helps kids develop their emotional and social skills.

Of course, board games are for the mind. In fact, many board games help children to detect patterns, strategize or plan well ahead, make more accurate predictions about the possible outcomes of alternative moves, and learn from these experience. Some games have been well-documented to be useful in the development and enhancement of specific cognitive processes such as numerical and mathematical skills, critical thinking skills, and logical reasoning skills. Board games for younger kids can teach them about letters and words as well as spelling which can help enhance vocabulary and language. There are also board games that help enhance color and shape recognition and quick thinking.

Board games are one of the most useful gifts you can ever give to a child. Best of all, it never goes out of style. The board game you choose today will still be used by your kids when they grow up and have kids of their own. Such is the enduring benefit of board games.

Hopefully, you have chosen one or two, if not all, of our 17 best-selling and most popular board games for kids. At the very least, you only have 17 to choose from and not thousands.

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