10 Best Big Wheels for Kids in 2017

big wheels for kids

When we talk of big wheels, we conjure images of a big, bulky, low-rider with humongous front wheels and two unusually small wheels at the rear. It was popularized in the 1970s as a much better and safer alternative to bicycles and even tricycles owing to its larger front wheel. Honestly, we cannot help but think about Harley Davidson’s iconic three-wheelers. Well, regardless of what people think, these 10 best big wheels for kids in 2017 we’re about to share with you are simply going to be the best and safest ride for your kid.

10 Best Big Wheels for Kids

Razor 360 Flash RiderRazor6-11 Years
Big Wheel 48727 Tricycle, 16-Inch, RedThe Original Big Wheel 3-8 Years
Radio Flyer Deluxe Big FlyerRadio Flyer3-7 Years
Frozen Big Wheel, 16"The Original Big Wheel3-8 Years
The Original Big Wheel Junior RacerThe Original Big Wheel18 months - 4 Years
Radio Flyer Grow 'N Go FlyerRadio Flyer2-5 Years
Minions Big Wheel, 16"The Original Big Wheel3-8 Years

1Flash Rider 360 by Razor

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Age Range: 6-11 Years

Maximum Weight Limit: 160 pounds 

If it’s a big wheel drift trike that you’re after, then we highly recommend getting Razor’s Flash Rider 360, patterned after the company’s award-winning caster trike. Boasting of a super low ground clearance for improved stability, preventing wipeouts and accidental falls, the Flash Rider 360 is one truly ingenious ride-on technology that all kids below the recommended maximum weight limit can truly enjoy. With more than 750 very happy and very satisfied Amazon customers providing their precious nod on the merits of the Flash Rider 360, we are more than inclined to agree with all the points that they have cited on why this is easily the best drift trike for kids in the market today. 

First, the Flash Rider 360 comes with fully welded steel frame that forms a T at the rear. The caster wheels are spaced wide apart and are configured at an incline to give the Flash Rider 360 superb drifting and spinning capabilities. The wide caster wheelbase, coupled with its unusually low ground clearance, helps provide for superb stability and balance. The caster wheels have purposely designed fenders to help protect your kid from the rolling surface of the caster and help prevent any unnecessary injuries. Up front, the welded steel fork hosts the flat-free tire mated to its front wheel with excellent high impact resilience. Powering the Flash Rider 360 are two pedals mated to the front wheel. Regardless of how rough the terrain will be, drifting and spinning on the Flash Rider 360 is a breeze. The handlebars of the Flash Rider 360 are fully wrapped with non-slip rubber grips. Adding to the spectacle of riding and drifting on this drift trike is the Flash Rider 360’s spark bar which your child can use to create fantastic sparks, giving the illusion of superb drifting performance. 

What We Like about It – The Flash Rider 360 is made by Razor, a trusted name in children’s ride-on toys. It is really not surprising if they can create such a fantastic piece of kiddie equipment since they have been doing these things for many years now. The low ground clearance, super stable platform, and the inclined caster wheels all give the Flash Rider 360 amazing drifting and spinning capabilities. Add the spark bar and your kid will be putting up a magnificent show. 

2Big Wheel Racer 48727 Tricycle by The Original Big Wheel

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Age Range: 3-8 Years

Maximum Weight Limit: 70 pounds 

It may not be as highly engineered or technologically advanced as the Razor Flash Rider 360, but The Original Big Wheel Racer Tricycle nevertheless, has a charm that is uniquely its own. By remaining true to the original design of the ride-on toy of the 1960s to the 1970s, this kids big wheel is still loved by many, especially those who were able to ride these toys when they, themselves, were still very young. With a 16 inch flat-free tire up front and a trike frame, seat, fork, and handlebar that are made of high quality, premium plastic, this ride on toy is just perfect for kids who don’t want an ordinary trike to roam about the neighborhood. The backrest can actually be repositioned to accommodate your growing child. If he or she is still too young, you will need to position the backrest nearer towards the front so that your kid’s legs will reach the pedal that’s mated to the front wheel. As your child grows, his or her legs will also lengthen. So, you will have to adjust the backrest accordingly. The rear wheels come as two small yet wide tires that give it excellent stability as the resulting wheelbase is quite wide enough to prevent accidental tipping over. 

What We Like about It – The Racer Trike is one product you should never miss. With more than 400 Amazon reviewers providing their take on the ride-on toy, it might as well be the best gift for your child. 

3Barbie Lights & Sounds Trike by Fisher-Price

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Age Range: 2-6 Years

Maximum Weight Limit: 55 pounds 

Purposely designed for little princesses who would like to have their very own kids big wheel, albeit in a more girlie fashion and style, the Barbie Lights & Sounds is one fabulous-looking girlie trike. The frame of the Barbie Trike gently slopes towards the rear, ending in a flare that resembles the fender of a dune buggy. The handlebar is mated to a head unit complete with a headlight and signal lights. In fact, if you’re going to look at this ride-on toy, you’d think that it is a toy version of a police motorcycle or even a superbike owing to its unique head unit design. The head unit provides interactive fun for Barbie lovers as the unit elicits a variety of sounds and phrases primarily intended to enhance the role playing activities of today’s young lasses. Both the large front wheel and the two ultra-wide yet smaller rear tires, work together to provide a level of stability that young children will benefit from. The Barbie toddler big wheel comes with super easy-grip handles as well as pedals that are designed to be slip-resistant. Best of all, the Barbie Trike easily grows with any little princess. 

What We Like about It – The Barbie Trike boasts of an excellent combination of fun styling, interactive roleplaying sounds, and a superbly durable construction. Little princesses will have a heyday.


4474 Big Flyer by Radio Flyer

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Age Range: 3-7 Years

Maximum Weight Limit: 65 pounds 

Looking at the 474 Big Flyer toddler big wheel, we’re instantly reminded of Harley Davidson’s iconic triwheels. The handlebars of the 474 Flyer looks borrowed from a Harley while the double barrel fork resembles the design of most mainstream superbikes. These made us wonder if this can be really classified as a ride-on toy for young kids. Even the design of the front and rear wheels are a carryover from various motorbikes. Nevertheless, the seat of the 474 Flyer is where its beauty lies. Like most other trikes of this type, the 474 Flyer boasts of a fully adjustable backrest to help make sure your kid’s feet reaches the non-slip pedals up front. The rear tires are way wider than the Barbie Trike and hence, offer a greater degree of stability and balance. The low ground clearance of the 474 Flyer also adds to the improved stability of the ride on toy. The backrest is ergonomically designed to follow the natural contours of the lower back. Your child can simply lay back and cruise along with this 3-wheeled kiddie racer. Let your child take the 474 Flyer for a spin and the rest of the neighborhood will simply be gasping in awe. 

What We Like about It – Designed for toddlers, the 474 Flyer is one cool kiddie machine that boasts of super styling, improved stability, and a design that grows with your child. 

5Frozen Big Wheel by The Original Big Wheel

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Age Range: 3-8 Years

Maximum Weight Limit: 70 pounds 

Encourage your child to explore Arendelle, look for Olaf, and race Sven towards the castle as he or she searches for the miracle cure that will melt the ice that has begun to entomb Princess Anna’s heart. With the Frozen Big Wheel, your child will be able to relive the fantastic journey of our two beautiful and young princesses search for their respective happiness. With swept-wing hand grips mated to a V-shaped handlebar that forms a Y at the intersection with the fork, the Frozen kids big wheel is a magical ride-on to take. Colorful Frozen decals featuring our favorite characters from the Disney film adorn both the front tire and the backrest enhancing the role playing activities of children. The frame of the Frozen trike is adorned with snow flake patterns to complement the snowy blue color of the frame. All three tires are painted white to simulate snow. The backrest of the Frozen modified tricycle can be easily adjusted forwards and backwards to accommodate the growing size of your child’s legs and feet. Planting his or her feet on the non-slip pedals, your child can easily find the optimum positioning for a more comfortable ride. 

What We Like about It – The Frozen trike’s unique styling coupled with its sturdy and robust construction make it one of the most sought after ride-on toys especially by those who simply cannot get enough of Princesses Elsa and Anna and the rest of the gang. 

6Junior Racer by The Original Big Wheel

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Age Range: 18 months-4 Years

Maximum Weight Limit: 35 pounds 

Whoever said that big wheel trikes are only for older kids especially preschoolers and school age children? With the Junior Racer, you now have a really wonderful looking young kids big wheel with a very simple design. Honestly, the design and styling of the Junior Racer is so simple that it is more like getting a piece of plastic board that tapers on one end, connecting this to a large wheel, attaching a plastic handlebar, and then attaching a pair of smaller wheels on the wider end of the plastic board. Well, that’s exactly how the Junior Racer can be best described. There are no backrests that need to be repositioned every time. The platform itself already serves as the Junior Racer’s seat. Preventing slipping from the platform is secured by the integration of crisscrossing patterns of grooves or channels. The gullwing-shaped handlebars should remind you of the iconic components of a variety of superbikes. The rear tires come with grooves to help minimize slipping. The pedals, too, come with ridges to help prevent slips and to make pedal power a lot more manageable.  With the Junior Racer, children as young as 18 months can start enjoying the many thrills of riding such toys. At any rate, they will be improving their psychomotor skills as well enhancing their imaginative and problem-solving capabilities. 

What We Like about It – The Junior Racer has the right design philosophy in mind when it decided to focus on the psychomotor and cognitive aspect of childhood development as integrated in the different components of the Junior Racer. 

7Grow ‘N Go Flyer by Radio Flyer

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Age Range: 2-5 Years

Maximum Weight Limit:  49 pounds

The 474 Flyer is one excellent ride-on toy for slightly older children. However, to address the more playful needs of younger children aged between 2 and 5 years of age, Radio Flyer decided to provide to its customers a slightly different kind of toddler big wheel. The Grow ‘N Go Flyer is one superbly designed, styled, and built ride-on toy. Instead of the backrest being adjusted to accommodate the length of your child’s legs; the Grow ‘N Go Flyer allows the adjustment of the length of the chassis or frame. Just imagine a length of tube that forms a T at the rear of the Grow ‘N Go Flyer. The purpose of this tube is to accommodate the smaller tube coming from another tube perpendicular to it. It’s more like a telescoping mechanism whereby you pull out one end to extend its length. Conversely, pushing the two segments together effectively shortens the distance between the two. The tubular frame of the Grow ‘N Go Flyer serves like a telescoping tube; this essentially draws the seat farther away from the pedals. The seat of the Grow ‘N Go Flyer is designed to conform to the shape of your kid’s lower back to help minimize the occurrence of pain. The backrest is also considerably higher compared to other similar products. The point is that the Grow ‘N Go Flyer allows for a more relaxed cruising by young children. Behind the seat is a storage compartment which can be used by children to temporarily store their items such as dolls, teddy bears, food, bottled water, and any other object or personal effects that kids may want to bring along during one of their journeys on the Grow ‘N Go Flyer. 

What We Like about It – The Grow ‘N Go Flyer is designed specifically for younger children. The use of a telescoping mechanism to help adjust the trike to accommodate growing children is also exceptionally commendable. 

8Minions Big Wheel by The Original Big Wheel

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Age Range: 3-8 Years

Maximum Weight Limit: 70 pounds 

Do you have a child who happens to be a die-hard fan of Gru, Dr. Nefario, and their Minions? While the Minions can literally follow their Big Boss to the ends of the earth even without resorting to the use of different modes of transportation, it would still look cool if you get for them the Minions Big Wheel. This is a lot similar to the Frozen kiddie trike in that the backrest can also be easily repositioned to allow for a more comfortable pedaling action by your kids. If your child has longer legs than most, then you can move the backrest as far away as possible. This stretches the legs of children so that their feet lie squarely on the pedals. These same pedals are fully ridged to prevent accidental slips while also ensuring that the amount of force exerted on the pedal is sufficient enough to propel the Minions trike. It also features the same gullwing configuration. The low ground clearance, wide rear wheels, and widened wheelbase all contribute to a sterling performance in achieving and maintaining balance and ensuring stability. So, the next time Stuart, Bob, and Kevin go on an adventure of a lifetime, don’t forget to tag along and bring your Minions trike to help you move about. 

What We Like about It – The Minions trike is similar to the Frozen trike except for the character that is featured on its overall design theme. The Minions trike has a very sturdy build, a stable platform, and fun colors to help ensure a more fun ride-on toy experience. 

9Deluxe Big Flyer by Radio Flyer

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Age Range: 3-7 Years

Maximum Weight Limit: 65 pounds 

Designed with the older child in mind, the Deluxe Big Flyer is actually a revved up version of the other Radio Flyer products we were able to include in the list. The Deluxe Flyer comes with the same iconic Chopper design complete with spread out chrome-plated handlebars and a double fork system. This helps ensure greater stability as the three-point stabilization system is aptly enhanced by the wide wheelbase at the rear. The ends of the handlebars are wrapped with high quality, anti-slip rubber hand grips. The chrome-plated handlebar provides for a visual element that cannot be replicated by even the highest quality of acrylic. Like other Radio Flyer products, the Deluxe Flyer’s seat can be adjusted to help provide for a more comfortable riding experience for any child. Whether it is flying, racing, or cruising along paved roads, children will love the high backrest of the Deluxe Flyer as this can help prevent undue strain on their lower backs. The rear tires are unusually wide and bulky giving the Deluxe Flyer superb stabilization even at great speeds. The Deluxe Flyer may not be the best kids big wheel in the market but it sure can be a great alternative if you’re already tired of the same old stuff. 

What We Like about It – The Deluxe Flyer is a splendid ride-on toy that’s more than guaranteed to bring a wide smile to any child who rides it. Imagination will fly through the roof as kids will be given the opportunity to ride like a pro Chopper. 

10Big Wheel Racer by The Original Big Wheel 

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Age Range: 3-8 Years

Maximum Weight Limit: 70 pounds 

It’s a real blast from the past. When the very first big wheels rolled out of factories in the late 1960s, many considered them to be superb alternatives to mainstream bicycles and tricycles. Because of their inherently lower center of gravity, lower ground clearance, well-distances rear wheels, and unusually large front wheels, these types of ride-on toys were heavily marketed as safer than other types of pedal powered ride-ons. With the Big Wheel Racer, you can give your own child a piece of history as the design of the Racer is faithful to the original 1960s design. Like the others in the 10 best big wheels for kids in 2017, the backrest of the Racer can be easily adjusted to fit the growing legs of children. Positioning the seat closer up front is perfect for younger children as this allows them to reach the non-slip, superb-grip pedals with relative ease. Sliding the seat backwards is beneficial for older kids who may have longer legs. The whole idea is for any child to have the correct positioning of his or her feet to propel the Racer. With fun colors, the Racer is indeed a return down memory lane. 

What We Like about It – The Racer remains faithful to the original design. With excellent stability afforded by a variety of features, this is one ride-on toy that’s sure to draw attention to whoever is riding it.

How We Chose the Best Big Wheels in Our List

Performance-wise, it was never easy to pick the best kids big wheel ride-on toys for this list for the simple fact that these require leg and foot power and not on some electric or gas-powered motor. Hence, the performance aspect of these products was evaluated based on their maneuverability and ease of operation. Since kids will be literally pushing themselves to move these ride-on toys, it was imperative that built-in features in these products allow kids to move them with relative ease. Furthermore, stability is a major factor as these types of toys were lauded for their superior stability compared to other types of ride-on toys such as bicycles and tricycles. Alongside the product’s stability, we also looked at the soundness of its construction. Design integrity that points to superb safety is very important to help make sure that your kids will not injure themselves every time they take the kids big wheel for a spin. The reputation of the kiddie trike’s manufacturer was also considered in the equation. It was very important for us to establish the trustworthiness of the company as it can have a significant implication in the overall quality, safety, and usefulness of the product.

Trikes, Big Wheels, and Kids’ Development

All ride-on toys can provide a variety of benefits to young kids. Each type of ride-on toy will typically have its own pros and cons. For very young children, there are plenty of advantages of a trike or big wheel compared to other types.  In case you are wondering what trikes teach children, we can safely guarantee you that it is more than just the mastery of his or her physical skills. Here are some of the more common benefits of trikes and big wheels in children’s development.

  • Helps with balance and coordination. 

While it is true that big wheels and trikes essentially have three wheels allowing for excellent stability, kids will still have to learn how to maintain the correct balance by properly coordinating their movements. The large wheel at the front provides a very critical point in the balancing act. Any wrong move can result in tipping over.

  • Fosters a sense of independence. 

Young children want to feel autonomous. This is particularly evident among toddlers who are already identifying themselves as separate entities from Mom and Dad. Being able to ride a trike on their own validates their idea of an independent self. They learn that they can ride these toys without the help of adults. 

  • Encourages initiative. 

Akin to fostering a sense of independence, kids who know they can ride their trike will normally take the initiative in doing so. This can have significant implications later in life as initiative is almost always a trait welcomed in the adult world. 

  • Builds self-confidence. 

Being able to ride a trike can become an excellent source of pride. The sense of accomplishment feeds the confidence that slowly builds. Over time and with repeated exposure to the same activity, children will gain more experience and hence, build self-confidence.

The Bottom Line

Ride-on toys are beneficial for children’s optimum growth and development. One very useful ride-on toy that’s clearly making a huge comeback is the big wheel. With the 10 best big wheels for kids in 2017, you’re now equipped with all the right information to make the correct decision on which trike to buy for your child. You can view more great ride-on toys by clicking here

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