10 Best Beds for Toddlers in 2017


There’s a reason why our Moms kept on telling us sleep early when we were still little toddlers. Do they know something we don’t? All we can remember is that we had to sleep earlier so that we will grow taller, brighter, and healthier. Although our Moms did not really explain how sleeping will help us achieve all of these things, sleep time was really a great time for us as children. It is no wonder then that one of the most sought after gift suggestion is a toddler’s bed.

Now, there are plenty of beds out there. Some come in fancy designs and styles while others come as fully convertibles. Whatever you choose, it is best to select one that your toddler will surely love. Of course, it should provide optimum comfort. Unfortunately, all toddler’s beds will tell you they are comfortable. So, what do you do? Well, leave that to us as we bring you the top 10 beds for toddlers this 2016.

Top 10 Toddler’s Beds In 2017

Dream On Me Classic Sleigh Toddler BedDream On Me 5
Race Car Toddler BedKidKraft4.9
Step2 Corvette Z06 Toddler to Twin BedStep24.8
Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed, Nickelodeon Ninja TurtlesDelta Children4.7
Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler To Twin BedLittle Tikes4.6
Little Tikes Pirate Ship Toddler BedLittle Tikes4.5

1Classic Sleigh by Dream On Me 

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With a very classic wooden design resembling that of a magnificent sleigh, the Classic Sleigh is one that you will love putting in your tot’s bedroom especially if the design motif of the room is also wood. The bed comes complete with two side rails for optimum safety coupled with a very low profile to help prevent serious injuries in the event that toddlers fall from their bed. The Classic Sleigh features a non-toxic finish as well as certification from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and JPMA. Its solid wood construction gives it unparalleled durability that will surely last several years. It has a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds.

What We Like about It – We absolutely fell in love with the very simple design. The headboard and the foot of the bed come with tubular handle bars for easy handling and positioning. It’s an excellent daytime bed, too. The only thing missing are the reindeers that will pull the sleigh.

2Race Car by KidKraft

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The sleek and well streamlined body of the Race Car should enhance the imaginative potential of any toddler. The rear spoilers of the race car act as the headboard while the beautiful aerodynamics of the front wing and spoilers double as a single step stair towards the cockpit of the red and blue race car bed. Mind you however, that this is just the bed itself and does not include the mattress or any form of bedding. It also doesn’t come with the bedside table and the desk organizer that are being sold separately. It would really be a great idea to have all of these accessories to complete the racing transformation.

What We Like about It – This toddler bed is perfect for enhancing toddler’s imaginative play just before going to bed. The sturdy construction simply means you don’t have to worry about the bed breaking apart while your kid is sleeping.

3Nantucket by KidKraft

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The first time we laid our eyes on the Nantucket Toddler Bed, we immediately fell in love with its very simple yet truly stylish and elegant design. Able to support a child weighing up to 50 pounds, the Nantucket toddler bed is truly exceptional for its low profile giving it superb stability. This also helps mitigate the impact of accidental falls. The lower half of the Nantucket is open while the upper section is beautifully protected by wooden bedrails that wrap around the bed like a basinet.

What We Like about It – There’s something about the Nantucket that really captured our fascination. The elegant styling is perhaps one of its greatest strengths. This is perfect for homes that prefer simple and minimalist designs over loud and rambunctious themes. It should go well with any highly organized room.

4Disney Pixar Cars Wooden by Delta Children

With Chick running after Lightning McQueen in the headboard of the Disney Pixar Cars Wooden toddler bed, any tot will have all the right motivation to go to bed earlier than usual. The boxy design of the Cars bed gives it an unusually stable and durable platform. The side decals follow the sleek lines of Lightning McQueen which is reminiscent of his exploits in Radiator Springs. Unfortunately, Mater, Doc, Red, and Sally are nowhere in the picture. It would have been a real blast to see these other characters as well as Luigi and Guido in the wraparound section of the toddler bed. Nevertheless, it’s one speedy trip to slumber land for any toddler who is ever going to lay his or her back in this particular bed.

What We Like about It – The decals are absolutely fabulous. And with JPMA certification providing the guarantee, who are we to complain about the absence of the other Cars characters?

5Corvette Bed with Lights by Step2

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From the side you would think that the Corvette bed with lights is indeed the iconic American luxury supercar. From the front, it features the same unique signature grille styling with front wing and spoilers. Best of all, the headlights do function providing it a very realistic feel. The sleek curves of its top cover functions as the bed’s safety side rails. But where’s the bed’s legs? In its place are 4 wide-rimmed super tires with chrome plated mags. If you didn’t know any better, this might as well be the best looking Corvette you have ever laid your eyes on. The toddler bed is made of polyurethane construction finished in non-toxic materials.

What We Like about It – It’s a wonderful play area and bed all rolled into one. The Corvette is thus, very helpful in encouraging your toddler to be in his or her bed earlier than usual. We strongly recommend getting the matching Corvette bedding and storage chest to really make this a superb sleeping experience for your child.

6Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles by Delta Children

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For children who are fans of Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, and Rafael plus Master Splinter and April O’Neal, getting them the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles toddler bed should help them sleep a lot better so they can start dreaming about their teenage mutant ninja turtle friends. The toddler bed is made of premium grade solid plastic that has been duly finished with non-toxic and child-friendly materials. It boasts of JPMA, ASTM, and CPSC certification so there should be no worries about its safety as well as overall design quality. The dark blue rails, headboard, and foot board come as a wonderful contrast to the light mint green tubular frame. The solid plastic side rails allow for superb safety and durability.

What We Like about It – It’s a bed designed primarily for TMNT fanatics. We would have loved it even more if it came in a much lower profile. We found the ground clearance to be relatively higher than most of the beds we have in our list. Nevertheless, it’s one beautiful toddler bed that should be a welcome addition to any toddler’s bedroom.

7Jeep Wrangler Toddler to Twin Bed by Little Tikes

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Designed like the real iconic Jeep Wrangler that has lorded the off roads for many decades, the wide-bodied red Jeep Wrangler toddler to twin bed deserves a spot in our top 10 list of toddler beds. It comes with a magnificently crafted front grille with the signature Wrangler bumper and 4 wide all-terrain wheels providing stability. The doors of the Wrangler doubles as a seat for Mom and Dad as they read nighttime stories to their kids. And yes, the Wrangler grows with your toddler as it can easily convert well into a twin bed which means even if your toddler is already a school age child, he or she will still be able to comfortably sleep in the Wrangler. The bed also features the iconic rollover crossbar complete with a fully functioning fog lights that serve as night lamp for your kids.

What We Like about It – It’s the bed that grows with your toddler. At the very least, you won’t have to worry about buying another bed anytime soon. The Wrangler is also ideal for helping children stay creative and imaginative even as they prepare to go to sleep.

8Pirate Ship by Little Tikes

It’s a fantasy pirate ship and a toddler bed rolled into one unique design. Well, that’s how we would describe the Pirate Ship toddler bed. It comes with a sail atop the deckhouse of the pirate ship which also serves as the bed’s headboard. This deckhouse comprises of cubby holes which can serve as storage for books and toys. Towards the bow of the ship is a make-believe helm complete with a mounted cannon perfect for blasting enemy pirate ships out of the water. Underneath the helm is a secret storage compartment for your little buccaneer’s trinkets and personal treasures.

What We Like about It – What better way to encourage imagination from your child than giving him or her his or her very own pirate ship? All you need now is lots of stories to keep the interest going.

9Fire Truck by KidKraft

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Kids have always been fascinated with fire engines. Even without its classic fire siren, the Fire Truck toddler bed should help get your toddler into the rhythm of falling asleep. The bed comes adorned with all the intricate details of a fire truck. The fire ladder serves as the bed’s safety side rails while the wide tractor head provides the foot board of the bed. The bed is made of high quality wood that has been meticulously finished with the safest materials possible. It can accommodate children who are as heavy as 50 pounds.

What We Like about It – It has a very wide body and a low ground clearance making it super stable. The low profile also helps minimize injuries should your kid fall from his or her sleep.

10Thomas the Tank Engine by Step2 

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For fans of the trains of the Island of Sodor, there is nothing more popular and more loved than the blue tank engine, Thomas. Now, with the Thomas the Tank Engine toddler bed, kids can have a true blast of a time playing with their Thomas train toys and reading their Thomas books before calling it a day in their own comfy bed. The toddler bed comes with the signature smiling face of Thomas with a secret storage compartment just behind it and under the smokestack. All you will ever need now is to provide your kid other Thomas the Tank Engine toys and accessories.

What We Like about It – What is there not to like with Thomas? He is a very friendly tank engine which should resonate well with any kid wanting to do good. With this bed, you can now help your toddler be the best he or she can be.

How We Chose the Top Beds for Toddlers in Our List

Choosing which toddler’s bed to include in our top 10 list is very challenging indeed. We had to tweak our usual process of determining the inclusion criteria in our shortlist by emphasizing more on the overall integrity of the design especially the materials used. This is very important as toddlers will be sleeping on their respective beds for a great majority of their day (or night). As such, it is crucial that the toddler bed does not contain any harmful chemicals that may leach and diffuse into the air where it can be unknowingly inhaled by the sleeping child. We don’t want this to happen, do we?

Additionally, we also had to take a careful consideration of the bed-maker. We had to look for signs of credibility as well as reputation in the form of awards and similar achievements perhaps in the overall design of the toddler’s bed. We also had to look at the countless reviews as well as feedbacks provided by consumers or customers who have first-hand experience in using the toddler’s bed. We know that you will also be looking for these things so we knew we had to include them.

Sleep and Toddler’s Development

Can you remember the time when your Mom told you to go to bed early so that you will grow taller and healthier? Sadly, Mom never offered any plausible explanations as to why we needed to go to bed early. This is especially true when we were still toddlers and preschoolers. Maybe she did explain it to us but it was so long ago that we have somehow forgotten all about it. Besides, our language and comprehension skills may not yet be that fully developed when Mom attempted to explain.

Nevertheless, scientists now say that there is truth to what Moms all over the world have been telling their kids. Going to bed early helps children grow taller, smarter, and healthier. And all of these are inherently tied to the work of the human growth hormone.

You see, our bodies rely on a set of hormones that command how the different building blocks are supposed to be placed in relation to one another. These building blocks are proteins as well as other substances that are necessary to transcribe the information from one cell to the next. That is why cells are identical because the information contained in one cell is replicated or copied as is to produce two daughter cells. A collection of cells lead to the formation or development of a tissue. A collection of different tissues make up the different organs of the body including the brain, the muscles, the heart, and all other organs. So you see, everything starts with a single cell. Now, where does human growth hormone fit into all of these?

Growth hormone is secreted by a small knob of endocrine tissue located just underneath the brain. This gland is known as the pituitary gland and is under the direct control of the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus releases a growth hormone releasing factor to stimulate the front-facing portion of the pituitary gland to start synthesizing human growth hormone in addition to other hormones. HGH, as human growth hormone is fondly called, controls the body’s growth. This simply means that it is responsible for the increased synthesis of proteins to increase muscle mass and the formation and development of other protein-based structures. HGH is also responsible for the growth and development of all other internal organs. It is also helpful in the burning of fat by increasing the gluconeogenetic activity of the liver. It also helps increase the mineralization of bones so that they don’t grow to become brittle. There are many other functions of human growth hormone. The important thing to remember is that, as the name implies, it is responsible for the optimum growth and development of human beings.

Where does sleep fit into all of these, you ask? Well, studies have shown that the brain produces most of its human growth hormone during the deep stage of sleep. This is the time when you are in a stage where you will be difficult to arouse. You are in complete state of relaxation that only vigorous shaking or the application of pressure will arouse you from your sleep. The sad thing is that the later we go to sleep, the slimmer the chances of getting into deep sleep. The earlier we go to bed, the greater the chances of reaching the deep stage of sleep.

Here’s an explanation for this. Throughout our sleep, we go through 4 different stages plus a stage known as REM sleep stage. Stages 3 and 4 are considered to be the deep stages of sleep and it is here where the body is in its absolutely relaxed form. Throughout the night, we go through 3 to 4 cycles of these sleep stages. Unfortunately, if we sleep late, then we only get a few cycles or even just one. Additionally, studies show that as the night progresses, Stages 3 and 4 shortens while Stage 5 or REM stage increases.

So, the earlier we go to sleep, the longer we stay in the deep stage of sleep. The longer we stay in Stages 3 and 4, the greater is the amount of human growth hormone produced by our body. The greater the amount of human growth hormone, the more profound its effects on our growth and development. Logical, isn’t it?

Now, applying this knowledge to toddlers, we can safely conclude that their growth and development can be best enhanced by the amount of their sleep through the action of substantially increased human growth hormone secretion. Their bones grow stronger and denser allowing them to jump, run, skip, and hop which forms the core of the physical development of toddlers. This also allows toddlers to explore their surroundings a lot better. As we all know, toddlers have plenty of energy to fuel their curiosity. Because their muscles and bones are growing and developing optimally, they are able to go about their task of exploring and learning more about their own unique worlds.

Healthy bones and muscles also allow toddlers to master their visual motor coordination, balance, and proprioceptive senses. Toddlers are also able to improve their gross and fine motor skills as well as enhance or strengthen their spatial intelligence.

From their explorations, toddlers can begin to formulate concepts or ideas about how the world functions. This provides the foundation for creativity and imagination. They also learn to improve their language and communication skills as they start to make simple experimentations with their environment. They are now able to value relationships especially those with their caregivers.

The Bottom Line

The relationship between sleep and optimum toddler growth and development is strongly tied to the synthesis and activity of human growth hormone. Thus, it is very important to help toddlers go to bed earlier so they can reap the full benefits of increased HGH secretion during sleep. And while sleep aids such as night lights, soothing music, and plush sleep toys can help, nothing beats the importance of a truly comfortable bed for toddlers. With our list of the world’s top 10 beds for toddlers, we are strongly optimistic that your kid will be developing and growing to his or her optimum potential.

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