10 Best Bassinets for Your Baby in 2017


All babies require specialized beds especially in the first 3 to 4 months of life. They cannot sleep yet in full-sized adult beds primarily because their senses are still pretty much tied to the sensations they felt for 9 months inside Mommy’s womb. This is why the best sleeping or napping accommodation for very young babies is the bassinet. Like any other baby furniture, bassinets come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. We are pretty sure choosing the best bassinet for your baby is not easy. As such we took it upon ourselves to come up with a list of the top 10 bassinets for sale this 2016.

10 Top Rated Bassinets for Infants

PictureModelBrandMax Weight
Graco Pack N Play Playard BassinetGraco 15 lbs
Dream On Me Karley BassinetDream on Me 25 lbs
Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet, Falling LeavesDelta Children15 lbs
SwaddleMe By Your Side SleeperSwaddleMe 15 lbs
HALO Bassinet Swivel SleeperHALO 30 lbs
BRICA Fold N' Go Travel BassinetBrica15 lbs

1Pack ‘n Play Playard Bassinet by Graco 

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Recommended Maximum Weight: 15 pounds

The Pack n Play Playard is your baby’s highly mobile specialty bed. It goes wherever your little one goes. It comes with a fully removable simple bassinet to help make sure the your young kid will have something very comfortable and familiar to sleep in whether he or she is in your house, Grandma’s house, or even in a foreign land. It features a toybar complete with plush toys to provide optimum fun an entertainment for your little angel. It will be fascinating to see your child look so amazed at all the colorful objects dangling overhead. This should help in the development of his or her sensory skills.

One of the most exciting things you will love about the Pack n Play Playard from renowned infant product company Graco is its easy fold-and-pack system that allows Dads, Moms, or even older brother and sister to easily fold the Play Yard for transport or storage. It’s as easy as pulling on the center cord at the base of the Play Yard and the whole system collapses on itself. It can then be conveniently rolled and fastened using the same sleeping pad that provides structural support and rigidity when in use. The Playard comes with a super lightweight and convenient carrying case. It simply means that the Playard is something that you can easily take with you even when going on an overseas holiday. At least, Baby will still be sleeping in his or her own familiar specialty bed.

The Playard can also be your young tot’s playpen complete with a changing station to keep you more organized. Cleaning is also a breeze because the polyester and plastic materials can be easily wiped clean to help ensure baby stays safe using the different surfaces of the Playard.

What We Like about It – The Playard’s unique easy-fold system is remarkably convenient especially if you are in a hurry to set your precious little one down for his or her nap. Its lightweight design is also admirable as it provides you with the versatility and mobility you need in a bassinet.

2Karley Bassinet by Dream on Me 

Recommended Maximum Weight: 25 pounds

If you are actively searching for a bassinet that is as affordable as it is fully functional, then the Karley is the perfect one for you. The sturdy metal frame provides superb stability so you can feel much more confident about baby remaining still in his or her Karley. The frame has several multi-locking joints to secure its position while allowing ease of disassembly. While the Karley is so easy to fold, we found that majority of parents who have used the product found no need for folding as it can be easily transported from one part of the house to the next. But when you do need to travel long distances, then you can simply unlock the joints, draw the legs together, and you now have an easily transportable bassinet.

The Karley also features a double canopy with mesh netting so you can feel more secure in the knowledge that no mosquitoes, flies, or any other flying critters will be bothering your little angel while he or she sleeps. The canopy can be closed in the middle by a fine zipper to really keep flying critters off your baby. When he or she is awake, you simply unzip the canopy, fold it down, and let your young child wake up to the wonder of your smile. The bassinet itself is made of fabric foam composed of polyester fibers giving your child superb comfort. It has a sleeping pad that is, unfortunately, quite thin if you are going to base it on the other products that we have in this list. Well, you can always add another layer of cushiony sleeping pad if this is not sufficient for your little kid.

What We Like about It – The Karley’s overall design is nevertheless something worth its price. An additional storage basket underneath the bassinet is also a great complement.

3Sweet Beginnings Bassinet by Delta Children

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Recommended Maximum Weight: 15 pounds

The Sweet Beginnings can literally live up to its name. The newborn bassinet is wrapped with a beautifully-printed skirt which can be a wonderful complement to the aesthetics of your baby’s nursery room. It features a soothing center that plays really soft lullabies and melodies to send your little child to slumber land faster than ever before. It also has a cool night light to make your young child’s sleep time more comfortable and truly restful. The bassinet cover-skirt is made of machine washable fabric so cleaning is a breeze. The Sweet Beginnings has a removable canopy which can be easily folded down to provide access to baby. And when the glare is too much or when it’s your child’s time to sleep, it can be unfolded up to minimize distractions as he or she goes to slumber land.

The Sweet Beginnings has a very lightweight frame allowing for easy transport and mobility. The legs come with fully lockable casters so it can be easily moved from one room to the next or from one area of the room to another. The Sweet Beginnings also feature a two-section storage compartment underneath so you can place your little child’s diapers, clothes, and other baby essentials.

What We Like about It – The Sweet Beginnings is one truly amazing bassinet for infants. It’s affordable and with some unique features, we are pretty sure this is a great buy.

4By Your Side Sleeper by SwaddleMe 

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Recommended Maximum Weight: 15 pounds

Unlike other bassinets in our list, the By Your Side Sleeper is one that you will want to buy if you need your baby to be “by your side” while both you and your little one needs some shuteye. Just look at it this way – you can sleep comfortably knowing that your young child is conveniently sleeping by your side right in your bed. This is excellent for couples who would like to have their infant to sleep with them on their bed. Because the sleeper is made of highly durable materials, it effectively provides a protective barrier around the sleeping little angel so Mom or Dad will not be squishing on the hapless one. This also allows Mom and Dad to provide the much-needed tactile, vocal, and visual stimulation that babies need. Your angel will fall asleep a lot faster and better when caressed by Mom.

The By Your Side Sleeper is made of 100 percent polyester so it won’t necessarily irritate your child’s very sensitive skin. Its mesh design allows for optimum air circulation so your baby can sleep more comfortably. Best of all, since the By Your Side does not have any lengthy and bulky components, it can be easily brought during your travels so baby can have his or her very own bed even if you stay in a posh hotel or even your Grandma’s cot. The sleeping pad is made of lush materials for optimum comfort.

What We Like about It – Personally, we love the By Your Side Sleeper primarily for its design objective. But, don’t take our word for it. One thing we love is its price. We all know that bassinets don’t necessarily grow with your child. As soon as he or she starts rolling on his or her tummy, you’d have to discard your baby sleeper. As such, we wouldn’t really recommend buying very expensive bassinets unless, of course, you are going to be pregnant again.

5Cuddle ‘N Care 2-in-1 Bassinet and Incline Sleeper by Kolcraft 

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Recommended Maximum Weight: 15 pounds

For a really multi-purpose bassinet, we’d recommend the Cuddle ‘N Care. This infant specialty bed can actually serve three different purposes despite the 2-in-1 label. It serves as a fully functional modern baby bassinet, an inclined sleeper, and a rocker, all of which are designed to bring your little kid to sleep in the fastest period of time. To aid in putting your baby to sleep, the Cuddle ‘N Care also features a Light Vibes system that provides a variety of gentle and soothing stimulation. The Light Vibes plays classical music and soft nature sounds to soothe your young child as he or she falls to sleep. At the same time, the Light Vibes produces highly variable vibrations to simulate Mom’s gentle rocking motion. There are also soft toys that function as a mobile dangling on the removable canopy. And if this is not enough, the Cuddle ‘N Care also features a soft-glow light so Mom or Dad can easily check on baby even in the dead of the night.

 The Cuddle ‘N Care’s incline sleeper is perfect for gently putting babies to sleep. This can be easily removed so that the Cuddle ‘N Care functions as a classic bassinet. The legs are attached to 360-degree rotating casters that can also be folded into the molded-in rocker bottom. When baby is either in the sleeper or in the bassinet, Mom can always choose to use the rocker bottom to help bring him or her to sleep. The Cuddle ‘N Care also has a storage compartment under the bassinet, great for storing baby’s diapers, playthings, and other essentials. The frame is made of highly durable materials while the fabric can be easily machine washed.

What We Like about It – The incline sleeper and rocker bottom features of the Cuddle ‘N Care are things to rave about. Our only wish was that the rocker can also be made to run on automatic so you don’t have to manually rock your baby to sleep. Nonetheless, it’s a great buy especially that it’s under $100.

6Premiere Bassinest Swivel Sleeper by HALO 

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Recommended Maximum Weight: 30 pounds

Can you remember the bassinet that they used in the hospital when you gave birth to your baby? Well, we can only say that the Premiere Swivel Sleeper has many characteristics and features that are a cross between a nursery bassinet and a full-featured cradle. The Swivel Sleeper rotates a full 360 degrees so you can effectively reposition your baby to be as close to you as possible. This is also ideal for Moms who underwent a Caesarian section who may find mobility to be quite hampered. With the swiveling feature of the Sleeper, getting in and out of your bed is a lot easier.

The side walls can be lowered so that you don’t have to stand up to tend to your baby’s needs. You can easily do this even while you are lying right in your bed. Just turn to your side, lower the Swivel Sleeper’s side wall and tend to your young child’s needs. The sleeper is supported by a sturdy height-adjustable pillar that is attached to a 4-point base. This maximizes space such that the base can be easily tucked under the bed so you’ll have the sleeper as close to you as you can possibly imagine.

The Swivel Sleeper also features a baby-soothing system that plays 3 lullabies, 3 soothing sounds, 2 levels of gentle vibrations, a soft-glow night light, and a nursing timer so Mom will be notified if it’s baby’s time to breastfeed. All of these features come with a 30-minute automatic shutoff functionality. The materials are made of 100 percent polyester while the mattress pad is made of polyurethane. There are no flame retardants as well as other harmful chemicals. The fabric components can be easily cleaned in an ordinary washing machine.

What We Like about It – We don’t mean to be biased but if you’d ask us what we would buy for our own young child, we’d readily say it’s the Premiere Swivel Sleeper. There simply is a lot to love about this product despite its rather hefty price tag.

7Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet by Brica 

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Recommended Maximum Weight: 15 pounds

If you want a really portable collapsible bassinet that doesn’t really look like one once folded, get the Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet. You can bring the Fold N’ Go anywhere so your little child will have something comfortable to sleep on. You can bring it to the beach, the park, Grandma’s house, or even by the riverside for a weekend of camping fun. Just unzip the Fold N’ Go, unfold it, and lock the frame using Brica’s patented 4-point T-Lock safety mechanism. This prevents it from accidentally folding up and enveloping your baby like a cocoon. It features mesh side panels so air can freely circulate. This improves the overall comfort of the baby inside.

The Fold N’ go also features a water-resistant and fully removable mattress pad that is covered with a fitted sheet although you can use any bassinet sheets for this purpose. The breathable fabric allows for additional comfort. When fully folded, the Fold N’ Go looks more like the garment or suit carrier you have for your business suit. People will never think of it as a bassinet. We know we didn’t.

 What We Like about It – The innovative lightweight design is something worth mentioning. But what really impressed us was the Fold N’ Go’s patented lock system so that the whole cradle stays in place no matter what surface you lay it down on.

8Lullago Travel Crib by Chicco 

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Recommended Maximum Weight: 20 pounds

The Lullago is one of Chicco’s bestsellers. It features easy Snap-On high-grade metal legs in a stable and sturdy A-frame design. This makes it super easy to assemble as well as disassemble. The system also allows for ease of storage in its accompanying carrying bag. Once fully set-up, the Lullago can be your baby’s mobile crib wherever he or she may go. The mesh side panels allow air to move freely in and out of the travel crib while its padded mattress provides added comfort for baby’s restful sleep. All of the fabric components of the Lullago can also be machine-washed so it should not be difficult to clean.

What We Like about It – Chicco is one of the most trusted names in baby products. The Lullago’s Snap-On system is remarkable making it easy to setup and disassemble in under 60 seconds.

9Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet by Fisher-Price 

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Recommended Maximum Weight: 25 pounds

If you’re looking for a Fisher-Price bassinet, then the Rock ‘n Play is for you. The bassinet can be tilted to serve as a sleeper while the feet can be twisted and locked to serve as a gentle rocker. If baby is not sleeping, he or she can play with the clip-on soft toy or even be mesmerized by his or her own reflection in the built-in mirror on the side panel of the Rock ‘n Play. Because of its lightweight design, the Rock ‘n Play can be brought anywhere. The side panels are in mesh form so that baby will be sleeping a lot more comfortably.

What We Like about It – The Rock ‘n Play has a very simple yet functional design. And with a name like Fisher-Price, quality is a given.

10Dream Suite Bassinet by Graco 

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Recommended Maximum Weight: 15 pounds

For effortless bedside baby care, you’ll need Graco’s Dream Suite. It serves both as baby’s specialty bed and changer rolled into one. Moms simply have to push a button, flip the Dream Suite and the underside becomes the changer. The system easily yet securely locks into position so there’s no danger of your infant falling whether he or she is sleeping or his or her diapers are being changed. It has a very sturdy A-frame that connects to fully lockable wheels.

Sending your baby to sleep is also made a lot easier with its 2-speed vibration function. The canopy provides adequate protection for baby’s eyes while also serving as attachment to plush toys that can be dangled overhead to keep your infant entertained while he or she is awake. There’s also a storage compartment underneath so you don’t have to worry about getting a separate storage bag for your young child’s things.

What We Like about It – Changing your baby’s diapers has never been this easy. At least, there’s no need to bring baby from the Dream Suite all the way to the changing area. You can do it right on the Dream Suite.

How We Chose the Top Bassinets Included in Our List

In choosing the top bassinets for infants safety is a major concern. Because babies’ bodies are still very fragile, the sturdy construction and the overall integrity of how the different parts were built are very important. We tasked our research team to be thorough in its investigation so that only products that have been tested and certified safe and compliant with global safety standards will be shortlisted. It is therefore imperative that we establish the bassinet-maker’s reputation in the industry as well as its trustworthiness in the eyes of its clients and customers.

The ease of use of the bassinet is another major consideration. We had to make sure that the specialty baby beds we have included in our list are not only durable and fully functional but are also easy to set up, store, and transport. If there are one-touch mechanisms that can facilitate the performance of these things, then we definitely had to take these into consideration. Our evaluation then took us to the consumer reviews of the different products we have shortlisted.

In the end, we were able to put all these pieces together to give you our list of the top 10 bassinets for infants you might want to consider getting any time soon.

Should You Buy a Bassinet or Invest in a Crib Instead?

Bassinets are deemed important for babies especially those under 4 months of age or those who have not yet begun pushing themselves up using their arms and legs. Unfortunately, this severely limits its usefulness as your baby will only get to use it for a few months. And if price is a major consideration, it may not be a wise investment at all. The question now is should you go for a bassinet even though your baby will only be using it for about 3 to 4 months? Or would it be a wiser decision to buy an infant crib that can have a bassinet attachment and which can be converted into a toddler bed instead?

Again, the bottom line is in the price. Many parents, us included, would definitely want something that their children will be able to use for a significantly long period of time. This is especially true if the product in question is rather pricy. We can still buy bassinet for our babies but perhaps price will be a major consideration knowing full well the limitations of its usage.

Another issue about bassinets is their safety. Cribs are required to undergo mandatory testing and certification using ASTM’s standards. On the other hand, bassinets are tested and certified only on a voluntary basis. It is possible that there are some manufacturers who do not wish to have their products tested and certified to the detriment of the public. Additionally, a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission showed that 43 infants died in bassinets from 2005 to 2007. While the report showed that the cause of death is suffocation because of excessive beddings, it nevertheless provided the impetus for a more responsible design and manufacture of these types of baby furniture.

Should you decide to buy a bassinet, make sure to observe the following tips.

  • Always look for a trusted seal such as the ASTM as well as the JPMA.
  • Always choose a bassinet with a wide and stable base as well as a sturdy bottom.
  • Check the sleeping pad or mattress; this should be extra-firm yet smooth.
  • Always choose one with mesh side panels to prevent suffocation.
  • Make sure you understand your baby’s developmental needs. As soon as he or she starts pushing himself or herself up, then it’s time to say goodbye to the bassinet.
  • Always check the security of the unit’s folding mechanisms. Make sure these locks into place.

The Bottom Line

Bassinets can be adorable to look at and can be very valuable for your child. However, as there are certain safety issues that you have to understand, it is crucial that you think very well before buying one. Should you decide to go for it, let our list of the top 10 bassinets for infants be your guide.

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