Best Baby Walkers for Your Infant in 2017


One of the most important developmental milestones of any child is their ability to learn to walk from merely being able to sit and stand. This is why one of the most popular gifts to be given to young children between the ages of 9 and 15 months is a baby walker. And if you are searching for the best and most developmentally appropriate walker for your little child, you have definitely come to the right place.

We know how difficult it can be to choose the right one from so many choices and as such we have made a shortlist of the 15 top baby walkers we are positive you and your little one will surely love.

How We Chose the Most Popular Products

Choosing the right baby walker is never easy simply because everything technically has the same basic components – a wheel and a mechanism upon which baby can hold onto while mastering his or her steps. So, it all comes down to the existence of additional features that can further enhance the growth and development of babies.

In such cases, we have to make sure that the different features are also developmentally appropriate and can really help enhance certain developmental skills that babies need to master. Additionally, these features must be safe to operate as well as made of baby-safe materials. We also had to look at the hundreds of reviews from customers, consumers, and parents who have first-hand experience buying, assembling, and letting the product be used by their respective children. The toy manufacturer’s credibility and trustworthiness have to be considered as well.

We took all of these into consideration as we scrutinized every baby walker from cheap baby walkers to pink bay walker to even baby walkers for sale to present to you our list of the leading baby walkers for infants this 2016.

Babies and Their Motor Development

There is nothing better than seeing your baby take his or her very first few steps. This is a very momentous occasion simply because it already signals a nearly-developed gross motor skills, balance, and coordination.

In a few more months, your baby will already be exploring his or her new-found world. With well-developed motor skills, young children will be able to explore their surroundings a lot better, enabling them to learn more, and help foster a sense of independence and autonomy. This can help in the development of a healthier self-concept which starts with self-confidence. As confidence in themselves grow, children also learn to interact more actively with their environment including adults and other children. This, in turn, is what promotes the development of social skills.

Baby walkers are thus important in helping young babies initiate their very first steps. And while there are a variety of ways in which we can teach or help our babies learn to walk, the use of baby walkers are generally believed to be one of the most effective ways to help encourage babies to take large steps toward independence. Learning to walk take several stages which starts with mastery of babies’ control of their head and neck muscles. By the time they are 4 to 7 months old, babies can already start sitting on their own.

Towards the 8th month, they will already be so adept at crawling – their very first chance at mobility, moving on all fours. This helps them strengthen their leg and arm muscles. Around this time, usually by the 8th month, they will already be pulling themselves up to stand. They can hold onto the railings of their baby cribs or even hang onto the fingers of Mom or Dad to pull themselves up. This is now the time for them to really plant their feet on the ground. Just another month and they will already be taking those steps but with the support of Mom or Dad. Around 9 to 10 months, they will already be cruising along, holding onto furniture to go where they want to go.

Towards their first year, usually beginning on the 9th month, babies will already be able to stand without support or any form of help. And this is one of the developmental cues that baby is already ready to walk on his or her own. If he or she can already balance standing on his or her feet for several seconds, this will encourage him or her to try to take those crucial first steps without support from Mom and Dad. And this is where baby walkers can greatly help. By providing support for their young muscles as well help provide safety against falls, baby walkers are simply one of the most efficient tools for helping babies learn to walk.

However, baby walkers are not only beneficial for motor development. Some baby walkers also come with a variety of fun learning activities to help with their cognitive development particularly thinking and problem solving. These may not be as complex as the cognitive processes seen in older children. However, these do provide the foundation for the development of more complex cognitive processes such as logical reasoning and critical thinking, divergent problem solving and counterfactual reasoning, and a host of other mental abilities.

Baby walkers are not just tools for encouraging babies to strengthen their muscles, develop coordination and balance, and enhance other psychomotor skills. More importantly, baby walkers can help foster babies’ sense of independence and encourage exploration which can all enhance his or her understanding of the world around him or her.

It is for this reason that many parents give their infants baby walkers. And if you are looking for a baby walker yourself, we are optimistic our list of the 15 top baby walkers will help you choose the best one for your baby.

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  1. I bought Bright Beginnings Activity Walker for my daughter. My daughter loves this toy. It is perfect for under a year and older than a year. It is perfect for little ones learning to walk and trying to stand on there own.


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