Best Baby Walkers for Your Infant in 2017


One of the most important developmental milestones of any child is their ability to learn to walk from merely being able to sit and stand. This is why one of the most popular gifts to be given to young children between the ages of 9 and 15 months is a baby walker. And if you are searching for the best and most developmentally appropriate baby walker for your little child, you have definitely come to the right place.

We know how difficult it can be to choose the right one from so many choices and as such we have made a shortlist of the 15 top baby walkers we are positive you and your littkle one will surely love.

Best Baby Walkers | Review

PictureModelBrandOur Rating
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)VTech4.99
Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity WalkerFisher Price4.97
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp & Clack Alligator Push ToyMelissa & Doug4.94
Joovy Spoon Walker, CharcoalJoovy4.90
Safety 1st Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker, DinoSafety 1st4.88
Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along WalkerFisher-Price4.87

1Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker by VTech

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Age Range: 9 months to 3 years old

VTech has always been known for its high quality technology-oriented kids’ products. The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is no different. This colorful toddler walker provides a variety of learning activities including rollers, shape sorters, and light-up buttons. It also features a make-believe telephone as well as 5 numbered piano keys that play more than 70 wonderful children’s songs, fun phrases, gleeful melodies, and other fun sound effects. The learning activity center can be removed so it can be played with on baby’s or toddler’s playmat.

What We Like about It – We love the idea that the activity center can actually be removed. This allows children to play with it in 2 different ways which can help develop their imagination and problem solving skills. Of course, the walker itself can help encourage baby to make those first steps to independence. 

2Bright Beginnings Activity Walker by Fisher-Price

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Age Range: 9 months to 3 years old

Fisher-Price’s Bright Beginning Activity Walker is a sturdy 4-wheel baby and toddler walker. You might think these look like cheap baby walkers but they are clearly not. The activity center features sliding beads, flipping doors, colorful spinning panels, and equally vibrant turning gears. It also features a colorful yellow ball with a star print in the middle of the activity center. The baby walker can be conveniently folded to allow babies and toddler to play with it on their play areas.

What We Like about It – The different elements can help young children develop and enhance their sensorimotor development particularly pattern and color recognition. Additionally, the activity center can help develop their fine motor skills and foster imagination. More importantly, the walker helps with the development of baby’s gross motor skills helping to boost his confidence.

3Deluxe Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy by Melissa & Doug

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Age Range: At least 1 year old

With three green alligators snapping their jaws as the baby and toddler walker is pushed, the Deluxe Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy is a very unique kind of walker. It’s made of high grade hardwood and finished with only the safest materials possible. The handle is easy to grab and hold. The walker itself has a wide body that gives it superior stability. The wheels have been carefully positioned in the body of the walker to keep it steady as it is being pushed. The wooden alligators also create a clacking noise as baby pushes the walker around.

What We Like about It – It’s stable and very durable. The straightforward design is excellent for helping babies learn how to walk while at the same time learn to enhance their psychomotor development with 3 colorful spinner blocks.

4Spoon Walker by Joovy

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Age Range: At least 6 months old

Joovy’s Spoon Walker is not one of your cheap baby walkers as this comes with all the certification of a high quality product. It features a clean and very contemporary design that makes it easy to clean. The seat can be easily removed and just thrown into the washing machine for instant cleaning. The walker has 3 adjustable heights so it grows with baby. Even when baby is already a toddler, he or she can still sit comfortably in the converted toddler walker.

What We Like about It – We love its very simple and minimalist design, particularly its all-white frame. The seats are made of soft yet durable materials for baby’s optimum comfort. Its wide base means optimum safety for baby as well. If you happen to see a Spoon baby walkers for sale, we strongly recommend grabbing one.

5Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker by Safety 1st

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Age Range: At least 6 months old

With a wide and stable base, the Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker should be a very exciting walker for babies. It features 5 toys that are designed as playful and colorful dinosaurs as part of the walker’s 2 swing-open activity trays. These can provide excellent sensory stimulation for young kids. The padded seats can be easily removed and machine washed while the walker itself can also be adjusted to 3 different heights.

What We Like about It – The dinosaur-themed activity toys make excellent tools for stimulating baby’s sensory development as each one lights up and plays a variety of melodies. Great for visual, auditory, and tactile development. The adjustable seats also allow for excellent motor development.

6Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker by Delta Children

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Age Range: At least 6 months old

Designed like a very fast-looking racer, the Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker will surely be loved by your baby. It comes complete with an electronic tray that features a variety of sound effects, melodies, and children’s songs to keep baby entertained while he or she pretends to be cruising along in this racecar-inspired baby and toddler walker. It comes with a miniature steering wheel, a shift knob, and 4 large racing wheels.

What We Like about It – While baby may still be too young to appreciate the design, we are pretty sure he or she will one day learn to really drive the walker around. It’s great for stimulating imagination while at the same time helping strengthen baby’s leg muscles.

7Lil Playstation II 3-in-1 Activity Center by Delta Children

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Age Range: At least 6 months old

If you need a beautiful pink baby walker or even a sturdy toddler walker for your little princess, then give her the Lil Playstation II 3-in-1 Activity Center. The sturdy pink base frame supports the 4 large green and yellow pillars that connects to a pink walker. The walker is adorned with lovely and colorful flowers and insects. Attach the rocker at the bottom of the frame and the walker converts into a colorful rocking toy.

What We Like about It – The colorful accessories surrounding the baby seat is excellent for keeping baby busy and helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial intelligence, and color recognition. It can also help develop language skills by the time baby becomes a toddler.

8Musical Lion Walker by Fisher-Price

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Age Range: 6 months to 3 years old

With very bright and lovable lion design, complete with its round red-orange mane, the Musical Lion Walker is something that any baby, who is already learning to walk, will surely love. It features a spinner, a flipper, and other interactive elements that either play fun music and melodies for kids or light up or even both. The Musical Lion toddler walker can be played with the baby sitting up or even standing.

What We Like about It – The different activities can help babies discover cause-effect relationships, develop their language skills, and help develop their problem solving skills. The walker itself can help strengthen leg muscles, coordination, and balance.

9Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker by Fisher-Price

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Age Range: At least 9 months old

Want a pink baby walker that can double as a make-believe baby stroller for your little princess’ favorite doll? Then you can get her the Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker. The 2 rear wheels are spaced wider apart than those at the front allowing for maximum stability. It comes with a wiggly jiggly bear which your child can press to hear 3 different fun melodies. The toddler walker also has spinners, a roller bar, and a colorful flipbook for added fun.

What We Like about It – It’s excellent for make-believe play and as such should be ideal for developing baby’s imagination, problem solving skills, and language skills. The different activities also help stimulate further sensory development and psychomotor development.

10Step Start Walk ‘n Ride by Playskool

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Age Range: 9 months to 3 years old

If you really need a very sturdy, colorful baby walker that can extend well into becoming a toddler walker, then you really need the Step Start Walk ‘n Ride walker. This walker has a very unusual shape and design. Flip the body of the walker down and you now have a colorful ride on toy. It comes with several spinners and flipbook for added learning fun. The wheelbase is also wide enough to allow your kid to take his or her very first steps without incident.

What We Like about It – We love the idea that the walker can be converted into a ride on toy. At the very least, when baby is all grown up, he or she can still use it and continue strengthening his or her leg muscles while helping enhance balance, coordination, spatial intelligence, and hand-eye coordination.

11Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker by Bright Starts

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Age Range: At least 6 months old

While this may not be the pink baby walker you want for your little one, the Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker is nevertheless a very colorful walker for any baby. It is a 4-in-1 walker where baby can either sit and play, stand and play, push and walk, or simply use it as a toy shopping cart. It features a removable make-believe cooktop, activity table, a popcorn maker complete with popping sound effects. It also comes with a shape sorter and a sunny-side-up egg roller.

What We Like about It – It’s a mobile kitchen for little kids still learning how to walk. This baby and toddler walker is excellent for encouraging imaginative play while at the same time developing their psychomotor skills.

12Learn with Me Zebra Walker by Fisher-Price

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Age Range: 6 months to 3 years old

If you’re looking for really cheap baby walkers that are nonetheless of high quality design from a company you can trust, then get the Learn with Me Zebra Walker. This baby walker which can also become a toddler walker has plenty of learning activities like learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and even fun animals. It has a sturdy and wide wheelbase for optimum stability and balance. It can be played 2 ways with baby either sitting or standing.

What We Like about It – The various learning activities are great for making sure your baby will not get bored so easily with the walker as he or she uses it to explore his or her surroundings. It’s great for helping young kids develop their language skills, psychomotor skills, and problem solving skills.

13Baby Batman Activity Walker by Kids Embrace

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Age Range: At least 6 months old

If you’re a fan of Batman toys, then you might want to give your child the Baby Batman Activity Walker. This baby and toddler walker is designed more like an F1 racer with a Batman color and style. The seat is made of 100 percent polyester foam and polyester fiber batting. It has a steering wheel, lights, and a gear shifter. There are sound effects that mimic that of an engine starting and running.

What We Like about It – This is great for encouraging imaginative play in kids. It is also helpful in strengthening leg muscles while facilitating the use of baby’s fine motor skills.

14Garden Delight Minnie Music and Lights Walker by Disney

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Age Range: At least 6 months old

Need a lovely pink baby walker adorned with everything Minnie Mouse? Then give your little princess the Garden Delight Minnie Music and Lights Walker. This baby and toddler walker features 2 full learning activity trays that can be swung open so baby can play with her favorite Disney characters. It has a wide bottom support and fully adjustable height. The seats can also be easily removed and washed in the washing machine.

What We Like about It – The folding activity center allows for access to the walker tray so baby’s food and other items can be placed. Great for stimulating hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

15Baby Activity Walker by Chicco 

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Age Range: 6 months to 3 years old

With its unusual yet very effective rear wheel design, Chicco’s Baby Activity Walker provides superb stability and balance for baby as he or she can conveniently stand and walk right between the two wheel rods. The musical feature is action-dependent. It only plays as long as the baby and toddler walker is moving. If the baby stops, then the music stops as well. This can motivate baby to take more steps. It also features lights and other sounds that can be activated with the shape sorter.

What We Like about It – We love the motion-detection technology. As baby will keep on wondering why the music stops every time he or she also stops walking, this will encourage him or her to continue walking. It’s great for psychomotor development as well as the development of problem solving skills and understanding of cause-effect relationships.

How We Chose the Most Popular Products

Choosing the right baby walker is never easy simply because everything technically has the same basic components – a wheel and a mechanism upon which baby can hold onto while mastering his or her steps. So, it all comes down to the existence of additional features that can further enhance the growth and development of babies.

In such cases, we have to make sure that the different features are also developmentally appropriate and can really help enhance certain developmental skills that babies need to master. Additionally, these features must be safe to operate as well as made of baby-safe materials. We also had to look at the hundreds of reviews from customers, consumers, and parents who have first-hand experience buying, assembling, and letting the product be used by their respective children. The toy manufacturer’s credibility and trustworthiness have to be considered as well.

We took all of these into consideration as we scrutinized every baby walker from cheap baby walkers to pink bay walker to even baby walkers for sale to present to you our list of the leading baby walkers for infants this 2016.

Babies and Their Motor Development

There is nothing better than seeing your baby take his or her very first few steps. This is a very momentous occasion simply because it already signals a nearly-developed gross motor skills, balance, and coordination.

In a few more months, your baby will already be exploring his or her new-found world. With well-developed motor skills, young children will be able to explore their surroundings a lot better, enabling them to learn more, and help foster a sense of independence and autonomy. This can help in the development of a healthier self-concept which starts with self-confidence. As confidence in themselves grow, children also learn to interact more actively with their environment including adults and other children. This, in turn, is what promotes the development of social skills.

Baby walkers are thus important in helping young babies initiate their very first steps. And while there are a variety of ways in which we can teach or help our babies learn to walk, the use of baby walkers are generally believed to be one of the most effective ways to help encourage babies to take large steps toward independence. Learning to walk take several stages which starts with mastery of babies’ control of their head and neck muscles. By the time they are 4 to 7 months old, babies can already start sitting on their own.

Towards the 8th month, they will already be so adept at crawling – their very first chance at mobility, moving on all fours. This helps them strengthen their leg and arm muscles. Around this time, usually by the 8th month, they will already be pulling themselves up to stand. They can hold onto the railings of their baby cribs or even hang onto the fingers of Mom or Dad to pull themselves up. This is now the time for them to really plant their feet on the ground. Just another month and they will already be taking those steps but with the support of Mom or Dad. Around 9 to 10 months, they will already be cruising along, holding onto furniture to go where they want to go.

Towards their first year, usually beginning on the 9th month, babies will already be able to stand without support or any form of help. And this is one of the developmental cues that baby is already ready to walk on his or her own. If he or she can already balance standing on his or her feet for several seconds, this will encourage him or her to try to take those crucial first steps without support from Mom and Dad. And this is where baby walkers can greatly help. By providing support for their young muscles as well help provide safety against falls, baby walkers are simply one of the most efficient tools for helping babies learn to walk.

However, baby walkers are not only beneficial for motor development. Some baby walkers also come with a variety of fun learning activities to help with their cognitive development particularly thinking and problem solving. These may not be as complex as the cognitive processes seen in older children. However, these do provide the foundation for the development of more complex cognitive processes such as logical reasoning and critical thinking, divergent problem solving and counterfactual reasoning, and a host of other mental abilities.

Baby walkers are not just tools for encouraging babies to strengthen their muscles, develop coordination and balance, and enhance other psychomotor skills. More importantly, baby walkers can help foster babies’ sense of independence and encourage exploration which can all enhance his or her understanding of the world around him or her.

It is for this reason that many parents give their infants baby walkers. And if you are looking for a baby walker yourself, we are optimistic our list of the 15 top baby walkers will help you choose the best one for your baby.

Last Updated On the 11th December 2016

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