10 Best Baby Tubs for Infants in 2017


One of the most wonderful gifts you could ever give to an expectant mom is a baby tub. Everyone needs to take a bath, right? Even babies need to have their bodies cleaned. But more than just cleaning, having your warm hands glide across their bodies is enough sensory stimulation for them. For babies, your touch is the single most important source of stimulation and thus, learning for them. Ideally, experts recommend bathing with your baby to help enhance the emotional bond between you and your little kid. However, it’s not every time that you can do this. So, why not just get him or her his or her very own bathtub?

We know how frustrating it can be to choose from a wide array of selection. That’s why we came up with our list of the 10 top baby tubs that you can use for your own child or give as a gift to a soon-to-be mom.

10 Best Baby Tubs | Review

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe TubThe First Years5
Summer Infant Lil' Luxuries Whirlpool Bubbling Spa and Shower Tub-Bonus Tea SetSummer Infant 4.9
Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck TubMunchkin4.7
Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a TubFisher-Price4.6
Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat TubFisher-Price4.5

1Sure Comfort Deluxe Infant to Toddler Tub by The First Years (Our Favourite) 

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When Moms voted the Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub from The First Years as the best bathtub for infants in 2014, nobody questioned the choice. Why? Well, it’s got a really great ergonomic design which comfortably and safely keeps babies in place while bathing. It features a fully padded and mildew-resistant headrest as well as a machine washable mesh sling to provide babies optimum comfort and support. Best of all, the bathtub grows with baby and he or she can still use this even when he or she is already a toddler.

What We Like about It – It’s large enough for toddlers to fit in so this simply means that we can use this for a good 3 years. The fact that the mesh netting is not only machine washable but also dryable is an added plus.

2EuroBath by PRIMO

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Want a luxury-looking bathtub for your baby? Then get PRIMO’s EuroBath made of premium plastic that has been certified free from phthalates, lead, and BPA. It is designed with the growing baby in mind complete with a shape that is formed after the anatomy of young infants. It features safety supports for the kid’s forearms and legs. This helps prevent the young child from slipping. The design is optimized for 2 possible bathing positions – reclining for younger babies 0 to 6 months of age and sitting for infants 6 to 24 months old.

What We Like about It – The EuroBath is very easy to clean. And since there are no fabrics involved, there’s no fuss about attachments. Furthermore, we love the unique safety supports that prevents babies from slipping. It is also easy to store; just add a tie loop and hang it on your wall and you’re done.

3White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub by Munchkin

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One of the things that concerns us parents about bathing our young children is the temperature of their bath water. Sure, we can always use a thermometer but it’s too cumbersome. With the White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub, we don’t have to fret with guessing the correct temperature of our babies’ bath water. The inner wall of this inflatable duck bathtub turns white from light blue if the water is too hot for baby’s comfort. There simply is no second guessing the water temperature. Just keep it in blue and you can be sure baby will be alright. The bottom is also textured so baby won’t be slipping underwater.

What We Like about It – Throw away the thermometer because this is one great way to help reassure us that the water in the Duck bathtub is of the right temperature for young children. We’d wish there was something like this for adults.

4Precious Planet Whale of a Tub by Fisher-Price

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Children love the story of Moby Dick. And while your infant may not yet appreciate who Moby is, you can start introducing the famed whale to your young child by giving him or her the Precious Planet Whale of a Tub. The deeper end of the blue tub is the whale’s head while its tail serves as the shallower, reclined portion of the tub. It features a non-slip foam on its bottom surface so your baby won’t be slipping anywhere. It also has a soft-grip surface so babies will feel more comfortable holding on to the sides of the beautiful whale. It also comes with a cute fish-shaped water scoop for added fun.

What We Like about It – The design is ingenious and comes with a contoured insert for added safety for young children. Best of all, babies can grow with it until they reach toddlerhood. Besides, it’s from Fisher-Price.

54-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub by Fisher-Price

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If you want a real baby bathtub that will grow with each developmental milestone of your baby, then Fisher-Price’s 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub is the one you’re looking for. It comes in 4 different modes that corresponds to an infants’ psychomotor development. Stage 1 is for newborns as they conveniently lie down on the soft mesh sling. Stage 2 is for younger infants as they begin to be more active but are not yet ready to sit up. This stage requires a little adjustment in the mesh sling to have it on a more reclined position. Stage 3 is for sitters; babies who already have excellent control of their heads and torsos. Stage 4 marks the removal of all bathtub supports to give the toddler full access to the entire bathtub. It also comes with a squirt water bottle for added fun.

What We Like about It – It’s an ingenious way to bathe babies all the way from newborns until they grow to become toddlers. It is also very easy to clean and store so this should be the perfect bath furniture for young kids.

6Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub by Fisher-Price

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Want a really comfortable bath time for your infant? Then get the Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub. It’s got a comfortable sling with fully padded and mildew-resistant headrest and backrest that gives baby the most comfortable position while bathing. Best of all, the tub features calming vibrations to help soothe babies while they are enjoying bath time, more like the jets we love from our spa. The sling can be adjusted as baby grows. The tub also features an easy-access drain plug so cleaning is a breeze.

What We Like about It – We love the fact that the tub has a spa-like setting to give optimum comfort for any baby. It is also very easy to store as it already comes with a hook for convenient hanging and drying.

7Rinse ‘n Grow Tub by Fisher-Price

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It may be devoid of any remarkable feature but the Rinse ‘n Grow Tub is essentially what any young kid will need to have a safe and enjoyable bath time. This Fisher-Price product features a textures bottom with a plugged drain hole for easy drying and cleaning. It comes with a removable sling that has been designed to scoop babies in a reclined position. The tub can be used 3 ways depending on the psychomotor development of kids. Stage 1 is for newborns and young infants while Stage 2 is for babies who are now ready to sit or can support their head and torso. Stage 3 is for older infants and toddlers. The mesh sling is also machine washable.

What We Like about It – It has a very simple design. The tub already comes with 2 colorful fish-shaped water scoops which should be instrumental in helping infants develop their sensorimotor skills.

8Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub by The First Years

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With a Nemo squirtee and a Bloat pour cup already included in the package, the Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub is excellent for young babies and toddlers. Its unique shell design provides anchor to its Nemo-themed mesh sling that is machine washable as well as machine dryable. The mesh sling is fully padded with soft and mildew resistant materials for optimum comfort for babies whether they are lying on their backs on the sling or sitting slightly inclined. The 2 colorful bath toys add an extra element of fun learning to bath time.

What We Like about It – The entire system is very easy to clean. The addition of the 2 colorful marine bath toys can help enhance the sensory development of young kids.

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9Moby Bathtub with Sling by Skip Hop

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For a more realistic Moby Dick bath time experience, give your baby the Moby Bathtub with Sling. It features 3 stages of soft mesh sling adjustments commensurate to the developmental milestones of children. Stage 1 is for newborns up to 3 months old while Stage 2 is for young infants up to age 6 months. Stage 3 is for sitters and young children who weigh no more than 25 lbs. It comes complete with a swivel hook for easy storage and a drain plug for easy cleaning. The interior surface has a non-slip texture.

What We Like about It – We absolutely love the whale design. And the mesh sling conforms to the shape of the whale as if you don’t know that it’s there. What more can you ask for?

10Lil’ Luxuries Whirlpool Bubbling Spa and Shower Tub by Summer Infant 

Need the ultimate in bath time luxury for young children? Get the Lil’ Luxuries Whirlpool Bubbling Spa and Shower Tub. Your baby will definitely love the bubbles and the shower produced by this wonderful baby furniture. It also comes with a fully padded newborn sling support complete with plush bolsters for optimum comfort and safety. And yes, the spa jets really work. It also creates vibrations to add to the relaxing and soothing effect. And when your child grows, you can always remove the spa and shower unit for full access to the tub.

What We Like about It – It’s the ultimate. It’s a spa experience for young children. It’s great for optimum sensory stimulation while at the same time promoting muscle relaxation. This is the ultimate.

How We Chose the Tubs in Our List

Choosing the top bathtubs for babies is quite interesting simply because they all serve the same function. It all boils down to the quality of the craftsmanship, the thoughtfulness in the design, the safety of the materials used in the design, and the overall reputation or credibility of the company that produced it. Of course, there are added features in these miniature bathtubs so we also had to examine their usefulness in terms of helping the infant optimize his or her growth and development. It was a very challenging endeavor to come up with a list of the finest infant bathtubs; nevertheless, it was fun doing it.

Babies’ Bath Time and the Implications to Their Development

Infants benefit a lot in terms of their cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development during bath time. This is especially true if Mom hops onto the tub with her little one. It’s more than just cleaning the little child’s body. It’s a whole body and mind experience for the little one.

It is understood that the main benefit of bath time for babies is hygiene or cleanliness. In pretty much the same way as we adults take a bath to clean ourselves, remove the dirt and dust that have accumulated over the course of the day in our bodies, babies too need to have their bodies cleaned. Sometimes when they regurgitate the milk they ingested or even soiled their diapers or got in contact with dirty items, they may be exposed to a lot of harmful substances. For us, these are harmless. But for them, owing to a still immature immune system, even a tiny speck of dust might prove dangerous already. So, bathing allows us to remove dried up regurgitated milk, dust, dirt, and other particles to keep our baby’s skin healthy.

Many pediatricians say that one of the most important benefits of bathing for infants is improving their circulation as well as stimulating their muscles. By gently massaging our babies’ bodies, we are able to facilitate the more efficient flow of blood all over our baby’s body. This brings much-needed oxygen and other nutrients to the brain to aid in its optimum development. It also nourishes the young heart and brings vital nutrients to the muscles and other organs. This helps in the optimum growth and development of these body organs.

Now, when we touch our babies while they are bathing, we are actually improving their sensory development. When we make funny faces or elicit fun sounds, their eyes grow in amazement. They get fascinated by the splash of water including its temperature. And when there are bubbles, just looking at them float and then pop is already a very wonderful experience for them. Add bath toys and the whole bath time experience can really be an exciting sensory adventure for them.

And this is how babies learn. They see things. They hear and are able to touch the things they see. It’s all sensory to them. All of these sensations are integrated in their developing brain providing the foundation for the development of their cognitive skills. When they grow up, their brains will integrate these foundational pieces of information to new ones creating an entirely new and different concept. And as they continue to grow and experience a variety of things and sensations, their cognitive development grows with it.

Aside from the cognitive development that bath time fosters, babies also develop their emotional skills. They are able to form trust with Mom and Dad. They learn that the touch of Mom brings them comfort and gives them the reassurance that they are loved and cared for. For young infants, bath time is a very special moment where Mom or Dad can be with them 100 percent. This also means that Mom’s attention is 100 percent focused on baby.

A survey conducted by Johnson & Johnson revealed that 13 out of 20 parents never use their mobile phones while they are bathing their babies. Compare this with the 27 out of 50 parents who use mobile phones while cuddling their babies. Using mobile phones or any form of digital technology during baby time is counterproductive to babies’ optimum development because the attention of parents are divided between their mobile phones and the care and attention they give their babies. This is not a good way to care for our young children. So, Moms and Dads out there, please do provide 100 percent attention to baby.

By the time young children are able to sit up, they will already begin to build their self-confidence. They know that Mom is always there should something go wrong. They know that they can explore their bathtub, play with their bath toys, and have as much fun as they possibly can in their bath tubs while Mom and Dad are watching, giving them encouragement. This helps build self-esteem in the young child.

The Bottom Line

Bath time is a wonderful time for young kids. It helps stimulate their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. It helps foster parent-child relationship. And with our list of the top 10 bath tubs for babies, you now can have a more productive time with your infant.

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