5 Best Baby Toothbrushes in 2017

Caring for our baby’s teeth is important if we want them to grow healthier. There is a strongly positive relationship between oral health and general wellness where a healthy oral cavity and teeth will lead to general overall health and vice versa. It is thus, important to brush our babies’ teeth as soon as these erupt from their gums. With our 5 best baby toothbrushes in 2017, you’ll be more empowered in helping them achieve excellent oral health at a young age.

How We Chose the 5 Amazing Baby Toothbrushes in Our List

There are several considerations that we had to observe in our choice of the best toothbrush for baby. Since these products will eventually be rubbed against the still-immature gums of babies, it was imperative for us to choose only those that are made of the softest possible bristles; but, not too soft that it cannot perform its expected function which is to remove any particles in our child’s oral cavity. The bristles must not, in any way, injure or undermine the tissue integrity of the juvenile gums. Any break in the integrity of gum tissues can serve as an entry point for microorganisms leading to infection. That’s why we had to carefully evaluate the products that have been seriously considered for shortlisting.

Likewise, since these products eventually end up inside infant’s mouth, these have to be made of super-safe materials that don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals like BPA, lead, phthalate, and other substances. We may be removing debris and keeping their milk teeth clean; but, if we’re also leeching chemicals into their mouths, then we are defeating the purpose of tooth brushing. As such, it’s important that these toothbrushes are certified safe.

The overall design of the toothbrush for baby was also considered. If the bristles can also function to stimulate the gums, then that’s a good feature. Teether features were also identified and evaluated for their safety. All of these were carefully assessed to determine their overall usefulness for the babies of today. The last thing we’d want to give is a product that does nothing to help protect baby’s growing teeth or at least stimulate the healthier eruption of his or her tooth.

Rounding up our search for the truly amazing infant toothbrushes is the consumer rating for such products. We made sure that we only included those that have at least 4.5 stars. With these, we’re confident you found our list to be quite helpful.

Taking Care of Your Baby’s First Teeth

Caring for our infant’s first teeth is crucial to helping them grow healthier. This is because of the causal relationship that exists between general health and dental health. If the health status of the teeth is poor, then it is expected that health problems can also occur elsewhere in the body. For very young children, this is not good. That’s why we need to learn how to properly care for baby’s teeth.

Because infant teeth are quite fragile compared to the teeth that we have, these must be well-cared for. Even before babies have their first tooth, they must already be exposed to meticulous oral care. One of the things we can do for them is to get a piece of clean cloth, moisten this with warm water, and gently rub against our infant’s gums. Alternatively, you can purchase one of those finger toothbrushes like the ones we featured in our list. The idea is for us to simulate the action of brushing the teeth, although there aren’t any yet. This acclimatizes babies to the sensation of having something rubbed against the tissues of the oral cavity. And if your baby is already teething, these rubbing motions can help soothe the gums.

By the time your child has already his or her first tooth we need to be even more careful. If our babies love sweets as snacks, then we must always follow this up with water to drink. This washes away the sweet debris in the oral cavity that can attract the growth and proliferation of microorganisms that really love sweet things. A better approach is to give these sweet and starchy items during the main meals so that other food items will sweep these substances off the teeth. Giving babies sweets at bedtime is also not recommended unless you can follow it up with water. This also includes milk as it has a natural sweetener to it. If you have to provide milk at bedtime, make sure to give water right after.

A visit to the dentist is also never too early for babies. This way, your infant’s oral and dental health can be assured right from the very start. Problems can be identified and managed early on.

There are other tips for caring for baby tooth. The point is whatever you do for your own dental health, you’d have to extend these to your child as well; albeit, modified a bit.

The Bottom Line

With these 5 best baby toothbrushes in 2017 you’re now more prepared to ensure optimum oral and dental health care for your baby.

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