9 Best Baby and Toddler Drum Sets in 2017

best baby toddler drum sets

Every society that has ever existed on the face of the Earth has a ritual that is best accompanied by drums. In fact, anthropologists say that the drum could pretty well be the very first musical instrument used by man to create rhythm and move other people to action. Whether you believe this to be true or not is all a matter of perspective. The more important thing to understand now is that more and more people, even kids, are taking up drum lessons for its many fantastic benefits. For babies and toddlers, the mere idea of being able to beat a percussion instrument can help pave the way for optimum development. That’s why we’re bringing to you the 10 best baby and toddler drum sets in 2017.

How We Chose the Best Drum Sets for Babies and Toddlers in Our List

Most of the kiddie drum sets that are available in the market today are geared for preschoolers and older children as these are already miniature sets of the actual percussion instrument complete with miniaturized versions of the toms, snares, bass, and even the cymbals and other elements. The point is, we really cannot get these ultra-realistic instruments as they don’t work well with the cognitive and physical capabilities of children below the age of 3. For the most part, our search had to focus on the developmental appropriateness of the percussion set. Babies require sensorimotor development while toddlers are more geared towards seeking a sense of independence or autonomy to do as they please, but in a rather safe manner. This is why we chose to focus more on the appropriateness and relevance of these items to the developmental needs of both babies and toddlers.

The second major consideration was the safety of the product since we’re talking about infants and toddlers here who are, unfortunately, more prone to accidents and safety-related concerns. From the material construction of the gadget to the cohesiveness of the different components, we had to make sure everything is duly tested and certified to be both baby-safe and toddler-safe.

Thirdly, we thought of including the reputation of the manufacturer. We combined this evaluation with our analysis of the market sentiment about the product. If the kiddie drum set simply failed to garner an average of 4 stars or even better, then there was no chance that this particular item will ever land in our final list. Of course, this is just one of the factors that we had to consider.

Benefits of Drumming for Babies and Toddlers

There are numerous studies and literature showing the effects of drumming on children’s development. Even children with special needs greatly benefit from playing with such musical instruments. Children can benefit a lot from drumming that it is highly recommended to start exposing them to this wonderful art of rhythm creation as early as possible. Here are the benefits of drumming for babies and toddlers.

  • It promotes optimum brain development. Drums for babies are different from those of older kids. These are integrated with a lot of colors, sound effects, textures, and light shows that are all geared towards enhancing sensory processing which leads to brain development.
  • It lays the foundation for fine motor development. When babies bang on a drum, they do so with the force originating from the entire length of the arm and not necessarily from the wrist or hand itself. This is crucial as the larger muscle groups must be developed first before any significant improvements in finer muscle groups can be achieved.
  • It provides the framework for hand eye coordination. Drumming requires the excellent coordination of the different muscle groups which also receive input from visual and auditory cues. It is this integration of sensory information and its resulting motor function which lays the foundation for visual motor coordination.
  • It helps release pent up energy in a very constructive way. Babies can get stressed, too. They must also be able to release this negative energy. Drumming helps them do that.

The Bottom Line

Playing kiddie drums can bring a lot of benefits to infants and toddlers. It lays the foundation for optimum brain development, hand eye coordination, and fine motor development. It’s also great for managing stress among babies. Our 10 best baby and toddler drum sets can help you realize these aims for your young child.

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