10 Best Baby and Toddler Drum Sets in 2017

best baby toddler drum sets

Every society that has ever existed on the face of the Earth has a ritual that is best accompanied by drums. In fact, anthropologists say that the drum could pretty well be the very first musical instrument used by man to create rhythm and move other people to action. Whether you believe this to be true or not is all a matter of perspective. The more important thing to understand now is that more and more people, even kids, are taking up drum lessons for its many fantastic benefits. For babies and toddlers, the mere idea of being able to beat a percussion instrument can help pave the way for optimum development. That’s why we’re bringing to you the 10 best baby and toddler drum sets in 2017.

10 Best Baby and Toddler Drum Sets

PictureToyBrandAge Range
VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum SetVTech2-5 Years
Bright Starts Baby Light and Giggle DrumBright Starts9 Months - 3 Years
B. Parum Pum Pum DrumB. Toys1-3 Years
Best Choice Products Kids Electronic Drum Set with Adjustable Sing-Along Microphone & StoolBest Choice Products2-5 Years
Little Tikes Tap-A-Tune DrumLittle Tikes18 Months - 5 Years
WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set for Kids with Movable Microphone to Sing and a ChairWolVol2-5 Years

1KidiBeats Kids Drum Set by VTech

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Age Range: 2 to 5 years old

With a great number of reviews, the VTechKidiBeats is undisputedly the leader when it comes to drums for toddlers. Designed to mimic a real percussion set complete with tom toms, an inclined bass, and an upright cymbal – albeit in a more child-friendly styling – the KidiBeats is a full concert instrument in itself. If we have to be blunt about it, your young tot will no longer require a separate keyboard, guitar, piano, and other musical instruments to create an ensemble. The KidiBeats already have it all. Every time your toddler goes to beat on any of the musical surfaces of the KidiBeats, he or she will be treated to harmonic melodies that can range from the head-banging style of rock and roll to the gentler yet equally lively tones of pop and dance music. The KidiBeats comes with 4 different modes of play to give your child a fantastic array of options that will help him and her to never get bored with this wonderful musical instrument. Your tot can play as he or she wishes in the KidiBeats’ Free Play Mode or even drum along to the different melodies that already come built-in with the KidiBeats via the Follow-Along Mode. And, because it’s from VTech, it would really be impossible to do away with learning modes so your child can still be treated to the same learning activities that are related to the alphabet and numbers but in a very upbeat manner. Regardless of whether your kid will be using any of these 4 modes, the mere fact that the KidiBeats comes with its own drumsticks, your kid will simply be banging away at the toms and cymbal to create a rhythm that is entirely his or hers. Now that is creativity and imagination in its purest form.

What We Like about It – You’ll never go wrong with the KidiBeats. The integration of 2 learning modes to 2 other musical modes is enough to help ensure your kid’s optimum development.

2Baby Light and Giggle Drum by Bright Starts

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Age Range: 9 months to 3 years old

Sometimes you don’t really need sticks to create fantastic rhythms. The bongo, for example, can still be played with to create a really fabulous beat that can never really be rivaled by any other type of percussion instrument. With that in mind, we can say that the Baby Light and Giggle Drum is undoubtedly a very good infant drum set to have. Why? Babies don’t have the necessary competencies yet to effectively beat a percussion instrument using drumsticks. True, babies can already hold these devices pretty well but since the beating of the drums require hand eye coordination and superlative control of fine and gross motor movements of the arms and hands, they might as well hit their heads or faces if they attempt to use an accessory such as drumsticks simply because they don’t have the proper control over their purposeful movements yet. That’s why we decided to include the Baby Light and Giggle as it doesn’t require any sticks to play beautiful rhythms. It only requires the gross tapping of its large surface and your baby will then be treated to a variety of flashing lights as well as wonderful sounds. Best of all, with every tap on the drum’s surface, the Baby Light and Giggle counts the number of beats given. This becomes a helpful tool for introducing infants to numbers. However, it is in the visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation that infants will be able to develop their brains exceptionally well.

What We Like about It – The Baby Light and Giggle has a very simple interface yet the light effects and music played can nevertheless, be instrumental in optimum brain development.

3ParumPumPum Drum by B. Toys

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Age Range: 1 to 3 years old

When they said that drumming is a lot of fun, no one ever imagined that it can be as hilarious and funny as what the ParumPumPum infant drum set. It may not have the number of rave reviews enjoyed by the KidiBeats but it sure can provide exceptional tactile and visual stimulation for babies and of course, encourage the use of imagination by toddlers. You see, the ParumPumPum is not your ordinary percussion instrument. It is designed to be as fun as possible by incorporating a lot of funny yet lovable characters into the design of both the drum itself and the different accessories that come with it. For instance, young kids will love drumsticks that are actually designed like centipedes complete with a bulbous head and a friendly face. The small ‘legs” of the centipede provide a tactile sensation for infants like no other while the colorful slender body can also help in visual development. Then there are ants that serve as jingle bells, a busy striped bee that serves as a clacker and maraca, and two eggs that serve as shaka-shaka. There’s also the tambourine that’s shaped like a caterpillar. Each of these musical instruments comes in bright colors with different extensions to allow for a different kind of sensory stimulation for very young children. The drum of the ParumPumPum is also perfect for little drummers complete with a carry strap that’s beautifully adorned in fun patterns. The ParumPumPum may not be your idea of the best baby drum set or even drums for toddlers but it sure can provide a really magical experience for young drummers and musicians.

What We Like about It – The inclusion of fun design elements into the ParumPumPum makes it a very unique tool for aiding kids with their imagination and music creative potential.

4Kids Electronic Drum Set with Adjustable Sing Along Microphone and Stool by Best Choice Products

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Age Range: 2 to 5 years old

For tots who already have an excellent control of their limbs, we highly recommend the Best Choice Products Kids Electronic Drums for toddlers. This has a much closer semblance to the real deal compared to the KidiBeats. So you can expect a cymbal standing upright and connected to the bass drum. Your young rocker will also get to beat two snare drums attached to the bass drum as well. Adding to the rock concert feel for your child, the BCP comes with a microphone that connects to the interactive acoustic and lights interface of the kiddie music instrument. Here’s the great thing about this particular product: it comes with 5 interactive buttons that allow kids to play various background music. It simply means that your kid can be beating to 5 different songs to help get the feel of the rhythm. The sound effects of the drums can also be easily modified just by pressing on the corresponding light-up buttons. One of the concerns about having a drum set at home is the noise level. And if you happen to live in an apartment, your neighbors may not really be pleased with what you have. The BCP comes with an intuitive volume adjustment knob which your child can easily adjust to account for either a noisy or quiet environment. Now, give your child the drumsticks and let him or her swing away.

What We Like about It – The BCP is a splendid starter drum set for toddlers that have great special effects for a superb drumming performance for very young masters of the stick.

5Tap-A-Tune Drum by Little Tikes

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Age Range: 18 months to 5 years old

Remember what we said about drums not necessarily needing mallets or sticks to produce sound? Remember too, what we said about babies still lacking the correct motor skills needed to hammer away at the surface of the drum? That’s one of the reasons why it may be necessary to get something that will grow with your baby. The Tap-A-Tune is definitely a great starter baby drum set but it can also serve as excellent drums for toddlers. Thanks to its sturdy design, regardless of how simple it may look, the Tap-A-Tune provides an opportunity for very young kids to first appreciate the true essence of drumming without any form of accompaniments. There are no cymbals to provide that distinct high frequency metallic sound. There are also no music, phrases, sound effects, and even light shows that can distract your baby or toddler’s concentration. It can never get any simpler than this. The Tap-A-Tune can be “tapped” by babies to create sound while toddlers can use the accompanying drumsticks to create an entirely different drum sound. Tapping or even running the drumsticks on the washboard pattern design on the sides of the Tap-A-Tune can also provide a very unadulterated, raw percussion sound. This helps young children appreciate the real essence of drumming.

What We Like about It – The Tap-A-Tune is a fantastic, albeit simple little drum that essentially grows with your baby. There are no frills so it’s perfect for utilizing your baby’s imagination.

6Electric Big Toy Drum Set for Kids with Movable Microphone to Sing and a Chair by WolVol

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Age Range: 2 to 5 years old

Looking at the Wolvol Electric Big Toy Drum Set for Kids, it has striking resemblance to the Best Choice Products drums for toddlers. It comes with the same fully adjustable volume so you can easily adjust the loudness or softness of the music play. It has two snare drums conveniently located on both sides of the bass drum. A rod connects the cymbal to the bass drum as well. The top of the bass drum comes with light-up buttons that provide remarkable sound effects to the percussion instrument. It also includes songs, dance music, and melodies which toddlers can beat to. The accompanying stool and sing along microphone are remarkably similar as well. So what’s the difference? Well, as it turns out, the WolVol product is slightly less expensive than the BCP drums for toddlers. Additionally, while the BCP enjoys a 4.8 star average in its customer satisfaction, this only accounted for 30 reviews. On the other hand, the WolVol managed to garner 4.3 stars out of 81 reviewers. Technically, you can choose either of the two. But if you want to save a few bucks, then get the WolVol; otherwise, the BCP should remain a very viable option.

What We Like about It – The WolVol offers a good way to get young kids introduced to drumming but in a manner that is fun and fulfilling.

7Crawl-Along Drum Roll by Fisher-Price

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Age Range: 9 months to 3 years old

We did mention something about the bongo and how it can also provide wonderful rhythms that are unique to other percussion instruments. Now, one of the critical developmental tasks of young babies is learning to walk. This does not occur overnight. It progress in several stages over time. If your baby is already starting to crawl and can easily sit up unsupported, the Fisher-Price Crawl-Along Drum Roll is a fantastic infant drum set. This 2-piece bongo set provides infants with tactile, auditory, and visual stimulation which are all important for peak brain development. If your baby is not yet ready to crawl but is able to sit up, you can set the Crawl-Along as a regular bongo which your baby can tap or beat with his or her hands. With every beat come flashing lights and wonderful melodies. By the time your baby starts crawling, you can connect the Crawl-Along on both bottoms to create a roller. Now, the Crawl-Along becomes a Drum Roll which your baby will be enticed to follow as it rolls on the floor. This helps train your infant to start crawling on all fours. The Crawl-Along features 4 fun children’s songs and a variety of colorful spinners. You will surely love the way your baby will be learning to crawl on all fours as this strengthens his or her legs in preparation for the next stage in infant walking: pulling the self up to stand. In no time at all, your little angel will be drumming his or her way with both feet firmly planted on the ground.

What We Like about It – The Crawl-Along is not only a musical instrument but is also an exceptional tool for developing the sensorimotor skills of young infants.

8Learn ‘n’ Play Fun Drum by Techege Toys

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Age Range: At least 9 months old

Babies love to bang almost anything. Any object that they can pick up they tend to hit with other objects. This should not be a cause of concern as it is natural for infants to be exploring their worlds. However, while letting them do their thing can be beneficial for their growth and development, you may have to look at certain safety issues as well. You don’t want them using unusually sharp and hard objects which can injure or hurt them in the process. The Techege Toys’ Learn ‘n’ Play Fun Drum is not really your ideal baby drum set because it clearly doesn’t look anything like a drum complete with cymbals and all. Instead, you get a circular board with a large circular button smacked in the middle of the Learn ‘n’ Play and surrounded by four smaller buttons. Young kids can easily bang or tap on the large center button in pretty much the same way as they would beat a bongo drum. The extra-large surface area of the button guarantees the creation of sound and rhythm with every beat. The surface is adorned with molded design to provide a different tactile sensation. The four surrounding buttons serve to activate the other inherent features of the Learn ‘n’ Play. It also comes with 3 modes of play. There’s a jazzy drum sound in Mode 1, a jazzy dance beat in Mode 2, and really awesome baby laughter in Mode 3. Whether your infant will be beating his or her own rhythm with the Learn ‘n’ Play or simply beating along to the different Modes, this gadget is sure to bring a smile to your little angel’s face.

What We Like about It – The Learn ‘n’ Play offers a different way to play the drums as its design is not really like that of a drum. The experience, nonetheless, is superb.

9Ribbit-Tat-Tat Light Up Musical Drum by B. Toys

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Age Range: At least 2 years old

The Ribbit-Tat-Tat is an unusually fun and truly entertaining set of drums for toddlers. Since drumming is all about creating rhythm, the Ribbit-Tat-Tat assists young drummers in learning how to set the rhythm of a particular children’s song. The lily pads on the large frog body light up in sync with some of the most famous nursery songs as your kid beats to the rhythm. And when he or she hits the sweet spot, the friendly frog lets out a funny slurping sound. The froggy contraption is not only fantastic for its 3 pad drums. It also provides accompaniments such as whistles and bells so your kid can really work out his or her ingenuity in the creation of a rhythmic masterpiece. Adding to the creative potential of the Ribbit-Tat-Tat is the ability to grove, move, and even record your signature freestyle rhythms which you can later on play for instant feedback. The idea that you can listen to your creations and then make the necessary corrections is simply amazing especially for young kids. This helps enhance their problem solving skills as well.

What We Like about It – The Ribbit-Tat-Tat is a very froggy device that is never froggy when it comes to features that help young children boost their imagination and creativity.

10First Drum by WeofferwhatYOUwant 

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Age Range: At least 9 months old

It’s a night lamp. It’s also a lullaby machine. Actually, the First Drum is a wonderful infant drum set that can play up to 10 children’s lullabies to help them go to sleep a lot faster. And if you don’t like playing the lullabies, you can always switch on to magnificent ocean sounds to help calm nerves and enable babies and parents alike to sleep sounder. But since our list is all about drum sets for toddlers and babies, you’d be glad to know that the First Drum actually comes with a drum surface that is of the right surface area for your little angel’s small hands. You can also add background music to the drumming chores of your baby as well as mix in a few other sound effects. It also has a brilliant light show which should provide your baby with enough motivation to really drum his or her way to infant stardom.

What We Like about It – The First Drum is every baby’s dream drum set as it can help them in a variety of ways as a lullaby player, a sleep enhancer, and a night lamp.

How We Chose the Best Drum Sets for Babies and Toddlers in Our List

Most of the kiddie drum sets that are available in the market today are geared for preschoolers and older children as these are already miniature sets of the actual percussion instrument complete with miniaturized versions of the toms, snares, bass, and even the cymbals and other elements. The point is, we really cannot get these ultra-realistic instruments as they don’t work well with the cognitive and physical capabilities of children below the age of 3. For the most part, our search had to focus on the developmental appropriateness of the percussion set. Babies require sensorimotor development while toddlers are more geared towards seeking a sense of independence or autonomy to do as they please, but in a rather safe manner. This is why we chose to focus more on the appropriateness and relevance of these items to the developmental needs of both babies and toddlers.

The second major consideration was the safety of the product since we’re talking about infants and toddlers here who are, unfortunately, more prone to accidents and safety-related concerns. From the material construction of the gadget to the cohesiveness of the different components, we had to make sure everything is duly tested and certified to be both baby-safe and toddler-safe.

Thirdly, we thought of including the reputation of the manufacturer. We combined this evaluation with our analysis of the market sentiment about the product. If the kiddie drum set simply failed to garner an average of 4 stars or even better, then there was no chance that this particular item will ever land in our final list. Of course, this is just one of the factors that we had to consider.

Benefits of Drumming for Babies and Toddlers

There are numerous studies and literature showing the effects of drumming on children’s development. Even children with special needs greatly benefit from playing with such musical instruments. Children can benefit a lot from drumming that it is highly recommended to start exposing them to this wonderful art of rhythm creation as early as possible. Here are the benefits of drumming for babies and toddlers.

  • It promotes optimum brain development. Drums for babies are different from those of older kids. These are integrated with a lot of colors, sound effects, textures, and light shows that are all geared towards enhancing sensory processing which leads to brain development.
  • It lays the foundation for fine motor development. When babies bang on a drum, they do so with the force originating from the entire length of the arm and not necessarily from the wrist or hand itself. This is crucial as the larger muscle groups must be developed first before any significant improvements in finer muscle groups can be achieved.
  • It provides the framework for hand eye coordination. Drumming requires the excellent coordination of the different muscle groups which also receive input from visual and auditory cues. It is this integration of sensory information and its resulting motor function which lays the foundation for visual motor coordination.
  • It helps release pent up energy in a very constructive way. Babies can get stressed, too. They must also be able to release this negative energy. Drumming helps them do that.

The Bottom Line

Playing kiddie drums can bring a lot of benefits to infants and toddlers. It lays the foundation for optimum brain development, hand eye coordination, and fine motor development. It’s also great for managing stress among babies. Our 10 best baby and toddler drum sets can help you realize these aims for your young child.

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