10 Best Baby Thermometers in 2017


One of the most important tools you simply need to have to care for your baby’s health is a baby thermometer. This is because nothing can unsettle us more than thinking that our precious little baby has a fever. And while most of us would be quick to give him or her acetaminophen for babies or even bring him or her to his or her pediatrician, it is still advisable that we have a baby thermometer to monitor the status of our baby’s body temperature.

Here are the top 10 baby thermometers we are confident will help you care for your baby a lot better.

10 Best Baby Thermometers | Review

Braun Thermoscan5 Ear ThermometerBraun 5
Revieta Medical TherMOMeterRevieta4.9
Generation Guard Clinical Digital ThermometerGeneration Guard4.8
iLife+ Clinical Digital Thermometer by iLifePlusiLifePlus4.7
iProven DMT-116A Forehead and Ear ThermometeriProven4.6
Clinical Forehead Thermometer by Generation GuardGeneration Guard4.5

1Thermoscan5 Ear Thermometer by Braun 

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With a patented pre-warmed tip, the Thermoscan5 Ear Thermometer is one of Braun’s most sought after baby thermometers. The pre-warmed tip allows for the more accurate reading of baby’s temperature and has been a mainstay in many doctors’ offices all over the world. It features the ExacTemp technology which combines precision placement into the child’s ear with the closest and most accurate temperature readings you can ever find from a baby thermometer. It has a large reset button and an even larger LED screen with easy-to-read temperature readings. The tip is also flexible to allow it easy access to any shape of ear canal. To improve the accuracy of the temperature reading, a patented and BPA-free lens filter can be fitted onto the thermometer tip to prevent ear canal temperature fluctuations from affecting the final reading.

What We Like about It – Its patented ExacTemp technology is simply remarkable as it provides excellent tactile and auditory feedback on the correct placement of the thermo probe inside baby’s ear canal. The lens filter also helps protect the infrared probe against the effects of ambient temperature which might affect the accuracy of the reading. Plus, it’s from Braun, a recognized and multi-awarded leader in medical devices all over the world. 

2TherMOMeter by Revieta

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The ultra-sleek probe with a very large body, large digital green-colored LED backlight, and large temperature readout make the TherMOMeter a truly versatile and very effective thermometer. It can be used to measure temperature through baby’s rectum, armpit, or even mouth; you just have to thoroughly clean the probe before each use. Cleaning is made a breeze as well since the TherMOMeter can be safely placed in your ordinary dishwasher for maximum cleaning and sanitation. The color-coded LED screen is superb since it turns green when the temperature reading is no higher than 99.5oF or 37.5oC. Any reading which is higher will lead the LED backlight to display a red color. The temperature readings can be set to either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

What We Like about It – We love the idea that the large LED display changes from green to red if the temperature is above normal. At the very least, even if you are some distance from baby, you will instantly see if his or her temperature is something that you have to worry about or not. Plus, since it can be used 3 ways, it truly is a very versatile thermometer that even Grandma or Grandpa can actually use it.

3Rapid Read Digital Thermometer by Generation Guard

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Able to read body temperatures up to 4 times faster than most of its competitors, the Rapid Read Digital Thermometer from Generation Guard provides a highly sensitive dual mode thermal probe tip for accurate temperature readings of the mouth, the armpit, or the rectum. It’s one of the most commonly used thermometers in both doctors’ offices and nursing homes as it has passed the quality standards of both the FDA and European medical device regulators. It features a fully waterproofed design and a flexible tip for ease of use even for pets. It has an easy-to-read large LED screen and a small reset button at the tip. It’s all a matter of putting it on the mouth, under the arm, or even into the rectum and wait for its distinct beeping sound.

What We Like about It – It’s waterproof so cleaning is a breeze. Additionally, the microchip used in the probe is simply remarkable as it does provide fast and accurate readings. We only hoped the LED backlight were much brighter.

4iLife+ Clinical Digital Thermometer by iLifePlus

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This baby thermometer from iLife+ has one of the sleekest design we have ever seen. It’s more like an elongated teardrop with the bulbous head housing a patented microchip for accurate and fast temperature readings. The tip is ultra-sensitive and is also flexible for ease of use. It’s also approved by both FDA and European regulatory organizations. The iLife+ Clinical Digital Thermometer can also be used by Mom to monitor her basal body temperature to know when she is ovulating. It can be used for axillary, oral, and rectal temperature measurements.

What We Like about It – We love the design. The bulbous head is large for ease of handling and also features a large LED display. We had hoped for a brighter backlight, however.

5DMT-116A Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer by iProven

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For really fast results in a matter of one click, you will need iProven’s DMT-116A Forehead and Ear Thermometer. It’s as easy as pointing the thermal probe on your baby’s forehead, click and hold the button, then move the thermometer sideways toward the side of the head and you are done. You don’t need to wait nor pre-warm the tip. The DMT-116A can be used on the forehead and the ear with an easy-to-access button for either use. It also features a fever alarm so you will instantly know if you have to rush baby to the clinic or not.

What We Like about It – We definitely love the super-fast temperature reading of the DMT-116A. The loud fever alarm is remarkable. At the very least, even if you don’t see the thermometer reading, you will be instantly notified of a possible fever in your baby.

6Clinical Forehead Thermometer by Generation Guard

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If you want really fast and easy-to-read temperature readings even in the dark of the night, then you need to get the Clinical Forehead Thermometer by Generation Guard. The large bright green backlight LED display allows you to easily see the temperature reading of your sleeping baby. It has a superfast microchip that allows it to take instant digital temperature readings in just a second so there’s no more waiting for that beeping sound. The curved design allows for great handling. It can also be used to take the temperature of your baby’s milk bottle as well as the ambient temperature of his or her room.

What We Like about It – Its multi-functionality is amazing. The fact that it can be used to measure the temperature of baby’s milk bottle means there’s no more second guessing whether the milk is too hot for baby. We love most the bright LED backlight which is perfect for nighttime monitoring without disturbing baby’s sleep.

7Premium Digital Baby Thermometer by Bambini & ME

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With an ultra-flexible tip, the Premium Digital Baby Thermometer is something that you simply need to have. It comes with a sensitive probe that measures body temperatures within 15 seconds. It has a standard backlit LCD display with large enough readout. It’s also waterproof and can be used axillary, orally, or even rectally. It also has a fever alarm so you can be instantly notified.

What We Like about It – It’s as basic as any thermometer can get. However, because it can already be used 3 different ways, this should be an excellent addition to your medical and health supplies for baby.

8Non-Contact Forehead Medical Infrared Thermometer by Dr. Madre

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If reading the temperature readout is a challenge, then you need the Non-Contact Forehead Medical Infrared Thermometer. This Dr. Madre creation actually talks. It voices the temperature reading either in English or Spanish and either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It’s also very easy to use as it only requires a click of a button and you now have the most accurate temperature of your baby. At night, the talking function can be turned into silent so as not to disturb baby’s sleep. The thermometer can also be used to take room temperature. It can store 12 temperature readings in its memory.

What We Like about It – It talks. Who wouldn’t want that? Additionally, you can choose between English and Spanish. Too bad there are no other language options. But the large digital screen should make up for it.

92016 Dual Mode Forehead and Ear Thermometer by Innovo

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With its silver-gray and white body, the 2016 Dual Mode Forehead and Ear Thermometer by Innovo is truly spectacular to look at. It features the AccuSense sensor technology for superb consistency of highly accurate readings. It has a large green backlight LED display that blinks together with 7 rapid short beeps when the temperature reading is beyond the normal 99.5oF or 37.5oC. Switching between forehead and ear modes is as easy as pressing the F1 or F2 button, respectively. It can also store 20 temperature readings in its memory.

What We Like about It – We love the styling. When it comes to the functionality, it’s also great as it can be used 2 ways. The fever alarm and notification system help ensure Mom won’t miss baby’s fever.

10Pacifier Thermometer by Summer Infant 

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If you want a really unique baby thermometer, then you really need to get Summer Infant’s Pacifier Thermometer. This beautifully designed thermometer is shaped like a baby pacifier with the handle featuring a large digital readout. It can read either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The nipple of the pacifier is designed for optimum orthodontic comfort. It also features a fever alarm so you will instantly be notified of any abnormal elevations in your baby’s temperature.

What We Like about It ­– Who wouldn’t love the ingenious pacifier design? It serves 2 purposes – measure baby’s temperature and soothe baby’s anxiety. What more can we ask for?

How We Chose the Top Baby Thermometers in Our List

If you are thinking about the same thermometer that were used on us when we were still kids, don’t worry because those glass thermometers are clearly things of the past. Today, everything is digital. Unfortunately, as there are so many products that claim to provide the most accurate temperature readings, it is very important to choose which ones are truly the best.

It is for this reason that we came up with this top 10 list of the best baby thermometers. We had to carefully examine each product to determine their accuracy as well as ease of use. We also had to take into consideration whether it will be comfortable for baby as any undue stress can only elevate the temperature even further. We then looked at any sign of certification or recognition from accredited government agencies as well as professional organizations as these are often indications of quality. The different features of the thermometers were also taken into consideration as well as the reviews and feedbacks of parents like us.

Fevers among Babies and How to Take Your Baby’s Temperature

Nothing worries Mom and Dad a lot more than feeling baby hot and flushed. Couple this with the knowledge that babies’ immune system and thermoregulation are not yet fully mature and parents can be seen scrambling for answers as to why their babies feel hot. Is it fever? Or is it just Mom and Dad’s apprehension that is making them feel baby is warmer than usual.

There are many reasons why babies have fever. In most cases, it is often an indication of an infection. Among babies, the most common infections are those caused by viruses and the fever, if any, should readily subside within 3 days. These often coincide with known seasonal infections like flu season and cold season. However, if the fever persists for more than 3 days and is unusually high there is a very strong likelihood that your baby has a bacterial infection. This is especially true if the fever is accompanied by other manifestations such as earache, the production of thick and tenacious phlegm, and other signs and symptoms. If you really suspect bacterial infection, make haste as this is usually a medical emergency especially in the first 3 months of life.

But how do you know it’s really fever? More importantly, when does the body temperature of your baby mean that it is already fever?

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that any 3 month old baby who has a body temperature of not less than 38oC or 100.4oF is deemed to have fever. Doctors, particularly pediatricians, recommend bringing your baby to his or her primary healthcare physician or pediatrician if he or she has fever and any one of the following:

  • The baby looks very sick, very irritable, and/or unusually sleepy or drowsy
  • The baby shows other manifestations like severe ear pain, stiff neck, repeated vomiting, unexplained rash, or diarrhea
  • The baby has had convulsions or seizure
  • The baby has been in an unusually hot place like an overheated car
  • The baby has known immune system problems
  • The baby’s temperature rises to more than 40oC or 104oF
  • The baby’s condition seems to be getting worse
  • The baby’s fever has persisted for more than 24 hours

It is clear that the temperature we should all be watching out for is the 38oC or 100.4oF mark. As such, we should all be competent in taking the body temperature of our kids.

There are 4 different methods of taking the temperature of children. These include the use of rectal thermometers, axillary thermometer, oral thermometers, and tympanic thermometers. For young infants below the age of 3 months, there is only one method that is considered to be highly accurate – the rectal method. For infants older than 3 months, tympanic and axillary thermometers are considered acceptable. The use of oral thermometers are generally reserved for older children preferably at least 4 years old.

Understand that rectal thermometers are the most accurate, albeit quite inconvenient. It provides a very accurate measurement of the body’s core temperature. Axillary, tympanic, and oral thermometers are susceptible to temperature fluctuations of the surfaces upon which the temperature probe is in contact with. These thermometers only provide an estimate of the internal body temperature. The good thing, however, is that these methods provide convenience for Mom and comfort for Baby. Unfortunately you won’t really be able to gauge your baby’s temperature very accurately.

Today’s thermometers are very easy to use because everything is already digital. There is no more need for trying to figure out the mercury readings in old mercury-filled glass thermometers of old. Today, it’s as easy as following the manufacturer’s instructions and keeping the probe as clean as possible. You only need to place the thermometer in the intended body part, wait to hear its beeping sound, and then read the digital display.

It is important to keep a record of your baby’s temperature readings so you will have an idea whether his or her fever is decreasing or not. At the very least, you will have something to show your baby’s pediatrician should you decide to bring your baby to the clinic. This will help in the planning of your baby’s care.

Fever in very young children can scare even the toughest Moms and Dads. That’s why we have listed the top 10 baby thermometers so you will feel more empowered to care for your baby.

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