10 Best Baby Monitors for Infants in 2017


More and more families are enhancing their home security with a variety of video surveillance systems. One area that has received a very particular attention is infant or baby monitoring. Baby monitors allow modern-day parents to feel much more confident about the safety and security of their little ones when they had to be away for quite some time.

But how do you know that the baby monitor you saw on an online retailer is the best for your baby? Let us help you.

How We Review the Most Popular Baby Monitors in Our List

Choosing the leading baby monitor for infants is never easy. While we specialize in kids’ toys, gift items, and other baby and mother stuff, although our editorial team love the challenge of technical reviews.

First, we needed to make sure that the system is easy to install, operate, and maintain. It’s no use if you are going to hire a technician every time you have to clean it or set it up. We also have to make sure that the system has excellent storage solutions, great accessibility, and optimum portability.

The resolution of the images and videos captured and recorded as well as the quality of the audio have also been carefully considered. Additional features such as pan-tilt-zoom capabilities, audio sensitivity, wireless connectivity, scalability, motion detection systems, low light video capabilities, and interconnectivity with existing home security solutions were also considered. Perhaps the most crucial factor is how well these products have been received by consumers, especially parents like us.

As such, after all of these have been taken into consideration, we are proud to share with you the product of our research – the 10 best and most effective baby monitors you can ever find for your own little infant.

Smart Home Technology for Your Precious Little Baby

Part of the growing movement on the Internet of Things is the integration of security systems with smart home technologies. Among parents nothing is more worrying than leaving babies alone in their room. There have been numerous reports of babies falling from their cribs or suffocating on their pillows or mattress when they rolled over on their tummies. There also have been reports of nannies abusing their young wards.

As such, more and more families are resorting to the use of digital video and audio baby monitoring technologies to help them effectively manage such incidence. Many of these technologies rely on internet connectivity and other wireless platforms. Others rely on state-of-the-art video and audio coding to squeeze as much digital information in a very small storage device. Some go for advanced audio and video transmission technologies to provide interference-free audio and clear and crisp images even in very low light conditions. The ability to connect and interact with these devices is what makes baby monitoring technologies really amazing. It simply places the comforting voice of Mom or Dad in the room where baby is even without the physical presence of his or her parents.

Now, we can all adhere to certain safety tips for neonates and very young children. However, there will always be instances when we cannot personally and actively monitor our kids. We still do have other duties and roles to perform.

While these technologies do give us some sense of freedom in keeping a watchful eye on our young kids 24/7, it should not be made an excuse to totally ignore our kids. They still need our physical presence. They need the warmth of our hugs. They thrive a lot better when they smell us, see us, feel us, and hear us. As such these baby monitors for infants should only be used as an adjunct to our care for our babies. It should never take the place of warm, compassionate, and responsive caring and love.

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  1. Recently my family welcomed a baby boy. So we are planning for install security system for him. I hope it will help us to better take care of our kid. The above recommendations are good to consider and I will sure keep all this in my mind.

    Thank You

  2. You just saved me and solved my problem. Actually I was bit confused about which baby monitor to buy for my little princess so I was looking for the good suggestion and I came here. I think as per my needs and budget I am going to buy Motorola baby Monitor. I really appreciate this.


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