10 Best Baby Mobiles for Infants in 2017

best baby mobiles

Mobiles for babies are one of the world’s most popular gifts for baby showers as well as for moms who have young infants below the age of 6 months old. There are so many types of baby cot mobiles. They come in different designs with different features. Some provide night lights while others have built-in music players that play soothing lullabies or even friendly children’s melodies and nursery rhymes. Some come with plush animals while others come in various textures. With so many unique baby mobiles to choose from, we understand if you, too will be confused and just pick out the first one you see. Don’t fret as we are here to help you with our list of the top 10 baby mobiles you can either get for your baby to use or give to someone else’s baby. Whatever the reason, we’re confident you’ll agree with our list.

Top 10 Really Amazing Baby Mobiles In 2017

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Animal Friends, BlueTiny Love5
VTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers MobileVTech4.9
Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams MobileTiny Love4.8
Tiny Love Soothe and Groove MobileTiny Love4.6
Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves Musical MobileFisher-Price4.5
Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel ToyManhattan Toy4.3

1Animal Friends Take Along Mobile by Tiny Love

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If you’re looking for the best cot mobile that you can take with you to the park, to baby’s Grandma, or even on a holiday travel, the Animal Friends Take Along Mobile is what we’d recommend. This removable and detachable infant soother is perfect for those weekend getaways while maintaining its supremacy in soothing and entertaining your infant at home. The Animal Friends features a connector which can be fully adjusted depending on how you want to use it. The curved arm or neck of the Animal Friends is sleek yet sturdy that it creates a very stable support structure for the whole system. The main head unit plays soft melodies making it a really fantastic baby musical mobile. It comes with three lovable animal characters – a green frog, a blue bird, and an orange rabbit – all with their happy faces dangling just underneath the head unit. Rotating the three animals are beautifully printed leaf covers that provide make-believe protection for the Animal Friends characters. The kiddie kinetic device fits any infant furniture such as cribs, bassinets, car seats, strollers, and even play pens. You can also attach the system to your young child’s gym.

What We Like about It – It’s the Animal Friends’ versatility that is truly remarkable. Since it is lightweight and can be easily stored in a small bag, it can be brought to almost anywhere. Setting it up is also a breeze as it comes with a marvelous all-purpose connector. You just have to find something sturdy to attach it to and your baby now has his or her musical soother in an instant.

2Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile by Fisher-Price

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It’s never too early to introduce the idea of loving our home planet to very young children. The Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection infant soother is a musical cot mobile and a wonderful light projector combined into one. As a musical device, the Precious Planet plays some of the most endearing melodies of all time including the classics of Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart whose masterpieces have been proven unequivocally to be beneficial in raising the IQ of young children. The musical Precious Planet can be programmed to play in three different auditory modes. There’s the long playing mode which sets the Planet to play wonderful music for a good 20 minutes, long enough to see your infant to slumber land. Aside from classical music, it also plays ocean sounds, other nature sounds, the sound of a heartbeat, and even white noise that mimics the kind of sound that babies used to hear when they were still inside Mom’s womb.

There’s also the music and motion mode where lovely plush lovable animal creatures – a green crocodile, a teal whale, an orange yellow lion, and a white polar bear – rotate underneath a lampshade-like canopy. On the underside of the canopy is a white surface that is used to project colorful and fun images to. This is useful in the third mode which combines the music, the movement, and the projection. Now, if you’re not comfortable with the canopy being the projection screen, you can just remove the arm of the Precious Planet and attach it on the side of your infant’s crib. Now he or she has a fully-operational ceiling-projection device. And we almost forgot. You don’t even need to fully enter baby’s room to take control of the Precious Planet, say turn it off. You can do so with the unit’s remote controller.

What We Like about It – Hands down one of the best baby cot mobiles we have. The combination of sights and sounds can really help babies develop their sensory integration skills. We couldn’t ask for more.

3Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile by Fisher-Price

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If you liked the Precious Planet but are not sure if it suits your jungle-themed nursery room, then maybe you need the Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Leaves. It has essentially the same features as the Precious Planet except that it doesn’t have any projection capabilities. It does come in 3 modes, though. There’s a 10-minute music, lights, and motion mode for naptime purposes. There’s also a 12-minute music and motion mode which is ideal for helping young infants make the transition into deep slumber. And lastly, there is the 18-minute music and lights mode that is designed primarily for playtime. Instead of the sounds of the ocean, what your young child will hear are the sounds of a tropical rainforest so you can expect a lot of birds chirping, insects buzzing, critters crawling, and the rustle of the leaves of trees. Of course, you still have the classic trio of Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach otherwise they won’t call this a baby musical mobile.

Another difference are the dangling plush characters that include a parrot, a dragonfly, a frog, and a monkey all of which are suspended underneath some shiny leaves. When the Rainforest Peek-a-Boo is operated, the leaves move in a wavelike motion while it is rotating on its axis. As the rotation is going on and the melodies are playing, the smiling dragonfly plays peek-a-boo with your young kid. This should come as a very pleasant surprise to your young one. The Rainforest also comes with a remote control unit so you don’t have to sneak up right beside your already sleeping infant just to turn off the Rainforest. You can do so right from the door of your nursery room. This way, you are not going to disturb his or her log-like slumber. The rainforest can serve as a kinetic infant soother or as a crib attachment. Regardless of how you want your child to use it, we are sure he or she will thank you for it. Nonverbally, of course.

What We Like about It – The combination of wavelike motion, animal movements, rainforest noise, classical music, and wonderful light effects is simply amazing. This should really be instrumental in helping babies develop to their utmost potential.

4Baby Crib Mobile Music Box by Vic Tsing

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If you really want a hand on what you are going to give to your child, why not just personalize his or her crib mobile? This is exactly what Vic Tsing had in mind. The Vic Tsing Baby Crib Mobile Music Box is a very simplistic product that provides the foundation for a highly personalized infant kinetic structure that can be attached to his or her crib, bassinet, play pen, or even stroller. The good thing about the Vic Tsing product is that it gives you the freedom to put whatever character or dangling plush toy on its 4 rotating arms. These are attached to a hook that is connected to a mechanism that provides the rotary motion. The good thing about the system is that it runs on wind-up mechanism, not batteries. Each wind lasts a full 2 to 3 minutes. The winding mechanism is also located in the music box itself which has been designed to play the happy tune You are My Sunshine. The manufacturer says the Vic Tsing should last around 500 times of winding or approximately 1,500 minutes of play time. That’s roughly 25 hours of continuous play. The Vic Tsing comes with a bracket nut screw to help secure it on any sturdy baby furniture. The item is made of high grade ABS plastic.

What We Like about It – The Vic Tsing is ideal for the DIYer who would like to create his or her very own unique baby mobiles. Unfortunately, we are not really sure if the published service life is accurate or not. With a service life of just roughly 25 hours, we are pretty sure there are others out there that can really fare a lot better. But, being labeled as a bestseller by Amazon and with hundreds of positive reviews, who are we to argue?

5Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel Toy by Manhattan Toy

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If you require no-fuss and unique baby mobiles sans fancy light up shows and sounds or melodies, then get the Wimmer- Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel Toy. This infant stimulator is not really a baby soother in its strictest sense since the main objective is to stimulate your kid’s senses, particularly his or her visual senses. Wimmer-Ferguson is well-known for introducing the concept of black and white infant’s developmental toys. The product remains true to the principles espoused by Wimmer- Ferguson through the use of high contrast black and white patterns and images. The canopy is designed like a black and white bulls eye while the dangling pieces come in different patterns. Each piece is made of a black and white surface and a colored image on the other surface. This should help really establish the visual sensory processing of very your children. And since the travel toy is essentially made of flat cards, it can be easily packed and stowed in any container or bag so it goes with you and baby. It has a super sturdy plastic clamp which can be used to attach it to almost any infant furniture or device such as car seats, strollers, and even infant carriers.

What We Like about It – The fact that the Wimmer-Ferguson has been designed primarily for children’s sensory development, particularly their visual senses. It may even be a great introductory tool to discerning the different colors. And since it only focuses on a single sense  visual – the brain is not really flooded with a lot of information at the same time.

6Sweet Island Dreams Mobile by Tiny Love

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With a bird, a monkey, and a giraffe hanging underneath a palm tree-like rotating arm, the Sweet Island Dreams Mobile is one of the best mobiles for babies that you can ever find in the market. The control unit doubles as an attachment to your infant’s crib. It features truly amazing multi-dimensional movement coupled with nature sounds and classical tunes. While the melodies are definitely not Mozart nor even Tchaikovsky they can nevertheless provide the soothing melody to put your young infant to sleep. And you don’t even have to go near your baby’s crib as the Sweet Island Dream’s operation can be managed using the accompanying remote control unit.

The Sweet Island Dreams can play continuously for 20 full minutes and is controlled by the music box that can be easily attached to a crib. The smiling monkey on the front panel of the music box doubles as a night lamp to keep your baby safe and sound even in the middle of the night. On the side of the smiling monkey are 4 colorful buttons that correspond to the 4 different tunes and melodies. These should give your young child a different kind of sensation as he or she will get to touch and press these buttons and experience the immediate effects.

What We Like about It – The good thing about the Sweet Island Dreams is that it does not only encourage visual and auditory sensory development but also the development of your young child’s motor skills by allowing him or her to press on the buttons. Doing so will also, hopefully, introduce him or her to the idea of cause and effect as well as spatial relations.

7Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile by Tiny Love

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If it’s a unique musical cot mobile you’re after and one that is really designed to put your kid to slumber land in the fastest possible time, then we’d definitely suggest getting the Soothe ‘n Groove. This crib mobile features 6 different categories of sounds which babies themselves can learn to choose by pressing the large monkey button on the music box control unit of the Soothe ‘n Groove. You can choose from cognitively beneficial classical tunes, fantastic nature sounds, soulful jazz melodies, modern world music, womb-mimicking white noise, and really soothing lullabies. Each of these sound categories are 18 selections bringing the total to a staggering 108 for just a piece of infant kinetic soother. The good thing is that the music box can be made to play continuously for up to 40 minutes. This should be long enough to make sure that your baby is already in deep slumber long before the Soothe ‘n Groove turns itself off or you turn it off.

That’s only for the tactile and auditory sensations. For the visual ones, the Soothe ‘n Groove has three dangling animals – an elephant, a monkey, and a horse – with very friendly and smiling faces to keep your young child entertained. The lovable animals are also super plush making them very enjoyable to hold or even to bat. And if your child has had enough of the rotating toys, you can just detach the arm from the music box and give your precious kid the box to make as his or her personal MP3 player.

What We Like about It – There are many things we love about the Soothe ‘n Groove but what really amazed us is the sheer volume of the sound collection. That’s an astonishing 108 sounds in total. The soothing lullabies alone can already help ensure babies’ sound sleep. Playing it for a full 40 minutes is another big plus.

8Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers Mobile by VTech

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One of the most unique baby mobiles we’ve seen is the Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers. Well, it’s not really that unique since the only thing that makes it quite different is the way in which the different components can be arranged in relation to one another. Let’s try to run through them first. There’s a music box that serves as a control unit designed like a beautiful, smiling, and friendly blue whale. It features a yellow wave splash on the belly of the whale and a white water spout on top of its blowhole. The Soothing Ocean Slumbers then has an arm that connects to the rotator unit. The top of the rotator unit has a built-in projector. The kinetic arm is where 4 aquatic animal characters dangle from. These include a crab, an octopus, a fish, and a starfish.

Now here’s the fun part. The arm can be removed and the 4 marine animals repositioned into the wave splash underneath the blue whale. The music box plays not less than 45 children’s songs, soothing melodies, nature sounds, and lullabies. The crib mobile’s projector unit shines vivid ocean-themed images on the ceiling. The Soothing Ocean Slumbers will surely be an excellent tool to calm, relax, and soothe your young prince or princess to sleep.

What We Like about It – With an aquatic theme, the Soothing Ocean Slumbers’ versatility is something you rarely see in a product such as this. Technically, it’s a product your little one can grow up with.

9Mobile Animals Baby Toy by Goki

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Need a no-fuss crib mobile? One that doesn’t involve any electronics or anything that runs on mechanical devices? Then, you’ll love the Goki Mobile Animals Baby Toy. Just imagine a door wind chime and you now have the Goki. However, instead of metallic or sound-producing materials, what you get dangling on horizontal sticks are animal cutouts in different colors.

What We Like about It – It cannot get any simpler than this. Technically, you can make this as a DIY project which leaves us quite puzzled as to how it was able to gain such a positive response from a multitude of parents.

10Lil’ Critters Musical Dreams Mobile by VTech 

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One of the best cot mobile you’ll get this Christmas is the Lil’ Critters Musical Dreams. The music box unit is shaped like a seedling with the sprout providing the structure upon which little colorful critters and animals are attached to. What’s really fantastic about the Lil’ Critters is that it is voice activated. If your baby cries or whines, the Lil’ Critters automatically plays soft melodies and nature sounds to soothe and put your baby back to sleep. The music box also doubles as a night light. The Lil’ Critters has 3 different light and mobile settings. One full operation lasts 30 minutes which should be long enough to help facilitate your baby to slumber land.

What We Like about It – The voice-activated feature of the Lil’ Critters is what really delighted us. At least, we don’t have to manually turn on the device if baby starts crying or even whining.

How We Chose the Top Infant Mobiles in Our List

Just like choosing the best crib or even the best sleep essential for babies, the process for selecting the best cot mobile to be included in our list is pretty straightforward. We just utilized the same formula we have been adhering to ever since we embarked on this mission to bring you only the best products that you will find invaluable in caring for your children.

To choose a crib mobile to include in our list, we looked at the developmental appropriateness of the product. While these can be classified as toys, they are more geared towards one very particular aspect of a young infant’s development – his or her sensorimotor development. As such, it is imperative that a baby musical mobile or even a lights-up kiddie kinetic structure should fulfill this very fundamental requirements. Now, if the baby soother comes with another feature that will help address another aspect of a baby’s development such as his or her cognitive abilities as well as beginning sense of self and social awareness, then we’d give that particular product an extra point for each feature that has a developmental benefit to infants.

We did not stop there. We also had to scrutinize the design of the play pen or crib attachment. These must be fully constructed of only the safest materials available. It is also imperative that there are no small parts that can be easily removed or detached as infants have this very fierce reputation that any object they can put their hands on can be moved straight to their mouths. While they don’t necessarily think of it this way as the action is more reflexive, it nevertheless poses a threat to their safety. Dangling cords are also examined as too long a cord can wrap around baby’s neck. Such little details can mean a lot if it’s all about your baby’s safety.

We also read quite a number of the customer reviews and feedbacks that gave us an idea of the personal experiences of parents and their babies regarding the use of such baby soothers and kinetic structures. We wanted to make sure that when we included a musical cot mobile in our list, parents have the same views as we did.

And with these, we were able to complete our list of ten truly amazing baby mobiles any infant will love.

Developmental Benefits of Infant Mobiles

We all know that baby cot mobiles are important for their development. But did you ever wonder what aspect of their development we are actually helping? Here are the developmental benefits of these types of baby gadgets.

  • Stimulate the senses – Mobiles for babies make excellent tools for the development of their senses particularly their visual perception. If the gadget comes with additional features such as music and textures, then auditory and tactile sensory perception are also developed. This serves as the foundation for your young child’s cognitive abilities.
  • Develop motor skills – Babies will naturally attempt to reach for these gadgets as they get stimulated. In some devices, they will be pressing buttons and feeling on plush toys. These will require coordination of motor movements which can help in the overall expansion of their motor skills.
  • Helps soothe and relax babies – Musical mobiles provide superb soothing benefit for young children. Those with projector features and night lamps can all provide a more relaxed environment for young kids. These will help them feel more relaxed, secured, and safe in their cribs or nursery room.
  • Helps babies learn – The animals, shapes, and colors that are hung on the cot mobile can be great learning tools for children. They learn colors, shapes, patterns, and even animals and other things. They also learn different phrases and sounds. All of these can help in their cognitive development.

The Bottom Line

Baby cot mobiles are more than mere attachments to our kids’ cribs, playpens, or bassinets. These are important tools for infants’ development. Our top 10 baby mobiles will help you choose the best one for your baby.

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