10 Best Baby Gliders in 2017

best baby gliders

If there’s one lasting image of a mother and child, then that would be the picture of a mom cradling her precious one in her arms while rocking back and forth in her favorite rocking chair. Of course, some would say that the rocking chair is not really unique to babies and very young newborns as these pieces of furniture are also known to be famous among the elderly individuals. But, isn’t it that the reason for this elderly association is more related to the comforting sensations provided by the glider rocker? It is thus, no wonder that even our old parents often recommend for our kids, their grandchildren, a nursery glider or a baby glider. If you believe that gliders and rockers are very useful pieces of furniture in the care of little children, then you need our top 10 baby gliders.

Top 10 Baby Gliders This Year | Review

Windsor Glider and OttomanAngel Line 5
Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding ReclinerBaby Relax4.9
Baby Relax The Mackenzie Microfiber Plush Nursery Rocker ChairBaby Relax4.8
Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set, Espresso/BeigeStork Craft4.7
Angel Line Monterey Glider and OttomanAngel Line4.6
Graco Soothing System Glider, AbbingtonGraco4.5

1Windsor Glider and Ottoman by Angel Line 

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One of the best chairs glider in our list, the Windsor Glider and Ottoman is what you will get if you want superb comfort, sturdy construction, generous seating surface, and a host of different features to make your nursing chores a lot more enjoyable. It’s like sitting in one of those plush chairs that you can almost always fall asleep in no time. But of course, you don’t want to do that as long as you have your baby in your arms. The Windsor, because of its super comfy cushion made of 100 percent polyester, can also double as a breastfeeding chair to help provide excellent nutrition for your baby. The maternal-infant bond is best established and strengthened in this manner. The Windsor is also made of the highest quality materials full able to sustain the weight of mothers – and fathers – who may weigh 350 pounds, but definitely not more than that. The arm rests come with remarkable padding so your arms will not have to suffer. It has storage pockets on the arms as well so you can store your favorite magazine or pocket book while baby is already sound asleep. The gliding ottoman is superb for stretching those legs and provide and smoother return of blood towards the heart.

What We Like about It – There is not a single thing about the Windsor that we don’t love. It’s the great combination of comfort, durability, and functionality that makes it a true best-seller.

2Mikayla Upholstered Swivel Gliding Recliner by Baby Relax

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If you have been using your office chair to swirl or swivel around when you are tired, perhaps your baby can also find some degree of comfort in the Mikayla Upholstered Swivel Gliding Recliner. This upholstered glider chair has a fully integrated ball bearing mechanism that has been engineered to work as a swivel and as a glider. The ball bearings are fully encased in a precision-engineered housing to provide you with unparalleled smoothness of gliding and superb rotation of its swivel function. The Mikayla doesn’t have any ottoman to rest your legs and feet but it does have leg rest that can be easily pulled out and up from the Mikayla’s recliner. The circular base is made of high grade steel to help keep the center of gravity always in the middle whether the Mikayla baby glider is in the upright sitting position or in the reclined position. Best of all, this circular base is what provides stability for the glider rocker especially when you do decide to swivel it around. The Mikayla comes in different colors of gray linen, gray microfiber, and mocha microfiber, all of which have the same white welt details to provide superb contrast. There’s also button tufting as well as a seat that is filled with spring core foam. 

What We Like about It – The Mikayla is one fantastic nursery glider. Its multifunctionality – chair, recliner, swivel chair – proves to be one of its strongest points. The technology put into its construction is also phenomenal.

3The Mackenzie Microfiber Plush Nursery Rocker Chair by Baby Relax

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Designed for use in baby rooms and nurseries, the Mackenzie Microfiber Plush Nursery Rocker Chair provides unequaled comfort for moms and dads with its unusually thick and fully padded back rest, arm rests, and, of course, seat cushion. The depth of the seat itself is only 2 feet, though. So, if you’re taller than 5 feet, you may not really be able to rest your head on the back rest which may be quite frustrating for some. One way to address this is to get the Mackenzie Ottoman so you can comfortably stretch out your legs. Unfortunately, you will have to buy this separate from the nursery rocker chair. Nevertheless, with its sturdy wooden rocker construction, the Mackenzie can see you through even in old age, long after your baby has grown and has already a family of his or her own. Its microfiber surface allows for worry-free cleaning. The classic design of this breastfeeding chair essentially helps soothe your baby to sleep because of its rhythmic rocking. The Mackenzie comes in a variety of shades so you can choose a particular design or style that should suit the theme of your baby’s nursery.

What We Like about It – The Mackenzie’s classic rocking chair design means you can use it even when your baby has already outgrown the furniture. Its sturdy wooden rocker assembly also guarantees that, with proper care and maintenance, you can still use it even if you are already in your twilight years.

4Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set by Stork Craft

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Available in 4 color variants, the Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set is one of the best chairs glider in the market today. And it’s not really difficult to understand why. First is its sturdy wooden construction. It’s made of premium quality wood that has been treated and finished to give it that strength that will last several generations. And if you think that the materials or chemicals used in the wood treatment are harmful for you or for your baby, it has been duly certified by the JPMA. This should provide you with the much-needed peace of mind. Secondly, glider rocker mechanism has been engineered for absolute smoothness of operation. The ball bearings are fully enclosed so you can be sure that they maintain their integrity throughout the Hoop’s lifespan. Third, the seat cushion, ottoman cushion, arm rests, and back rests, are fully padded and covered in microfiber to give you superb ease of cleaning. There are also side pockets to keep your essentials well within reach. The ottoman already comes with the package so there simply is no need to buy a separate furniture for you to rest your feet and legs on while nursing your baby or just simply cuddling up to him or her within the generous seating space of the Hoop Glider.

What We Like about It – The curved or arched backrest of the Hoop Glider is reminiscent of the type of rocking chair that our grandparents used to relax on. It’s not actually far-fetched if we ourselves will also be using the Hoop Glider when we are already very old and have grandchildren or even great grandchildren of our own.

5Monterey Glider and Ottoman by Angel Line

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With a seating space of 28 inches across from the inner side of one arm rest to the inner side of the opposing arm rest and a 26-inch high back rest from the top surface of the seat cushion to the top edge of the backrest, the Monterey Glider and Ottoman provides sufficient nursing and cuddling space for both you and your precious little tyke. Whether it is used as a breastfeeding chair or even a simple gliding chair, the Monterey is sure to provide comfort for whoever sits on it. The glider rocker has excellent gliding mechanism composed of well-engineered metal bearings fully enclosed as a system. There will be no issues of unnecessary noise or even wiggly components as the Monterey has been specifically designed to last a lifetime. The seat cushions, arm rests, and back rest, including the cushion on the Monterey ottoman, made of highest grade pure 100 percent polyester, can be easily removed for effortless cleaning. The Monterey is available in 2 colors of white and beige and 2 styles of gray chevron and beige cushion. With these selections, you cannot simply be complaining forever about not having a suitable nursery glider for your infant.

What We Like about It – The Monterey’s unique styling and spacious seating area make it a highly recommended gliding chair. The accompanying ottoman is a welcome bonus. Unfortunately, we miss the side pockets that are often seen in other baby gliders.

6Abbington Soothing System Glider by Graco

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If you don’t like the idea of buying a rather bulky piece of furniture just to rock or soothe your young baby to sleep, maybe you’d be interested in the Abbington Soothing System Glider. This 4-in-1 baby glider can be a gliding bassinet or swing, a portable bassinet, or even a portable bouncer. The Abbington comes with a very convenient and very sturdy carrying handle to make it super easy to transform the Abbington from a swing or glider to a bouncer. Of course, the carry handle means you can conveniently carry and keep your precious baby by your side always. The Abbington nursery glider comes with 6 different gliding speeds so you can find the correct or most appropriate pace for your little kid’s mood. If you want him or her to rest, you can just switch off the power to the gliding mechanism and put the portable bassinet squarely on the base of the Abbington’s swing. This baby glider, in addition to the gliding speeds, also feature 2 different vibration speeds. The added vibration can literally send your baby to slumber land within a matter of minutes. And here’s the best part. You can simply plug in the Abbington to an electrical outlet and your baby is glided and rocked to sleep. You can also use the Abbington wherever you go. It’s portable and lightweight and it can be powered by batteries as well. Can a conventional glider rocker system do that?

What We Like about It – While it may seem that parents who prefer the Abbington are quite lazy and that they would prefer a machine to do the rocking and soothing of their babies to sleep, we really cannot blame them. But the fact is, they are simply being practical. This is especially true if they are traveling a lot. Now, if you can find a full-sized breastfeeding chair that we can carry in our travels, then you can ignore the Abbington.

7Brisbane Glider and Ottoman Set by Naomi Home

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One look at the Brisbane Glider and Ottoman Set and we knew right away that this can rank well in the best glider chair category. For those who are not familiar with a baby glider, they may actually think that the Brisbane is one beautiful piece of furniture with its rounded and super plush back rest, fully padded arm rests and seat cushion, and a beautiful ottoman to match. The frame of the Brisbane is made of high quality wood and finished in white to give it that classic Hamptons style of furniture. But don’t be fooled by its styling as this gliding chair does serve its purpose of smoothly gliding your baby to sleep. The glide mechanism has been thoughtfully engineered to be as squeak-proof as possible without any chance of hitches in its operation. The seat cushion is filled with 100 percent polyurethane foam and covered in pure polyester fabric. This makes it superbly easy to clean. The Brisbane is also available in 6 different colors and styles so there should be one that fits into your baby’s nursery perfectly.

What We Like about It – The Hamptons styling of the Brisbane is something that is admirable. And since it already comes with an ottoman, there’s no need to shell out additional cash just so you can have something to rest your feet on.

8Zuba Glider Lite LX Gliding Swing by Graco

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Just like the Abbington, the Zuba Glider Lite LX Gliding Swing is perfect for moms and dads who may find conventional gliders and rockers as very impractical and space-consuming. So, what’s the difference between the Zuba and the Abbington since both are from Graco? Well, Abbington serves 4 different function. The Zuba, on the other hand, only serves one – as a dedicated glider. But don’t ever underestimate the value of the Zuba because its gliding mechanism has been engineered to mimic the same smooth and gentle movements that we make whenever we cuddle and comfort our babies using a conventional nursery glider. It’s lightweight and will not take too much of your space so you can actually bring the Zuba to any part of your house and let your baby become a part of your daily routine. The Zuba has a very roomy seat complete with very plush head support and soft seat cushion fabrics. Like the Abbington, the Zuba comes in 6 different gliding speeds so soothing baby will be spot-on. There’s one thing that the Zuba has that the Abbington doesn’t – soothing melodies. The Zuba plays 5 nature sounds as well as 10 classical melodies to help send your baby to slumber land really fast.

What We Like about It – It’s the excellent combination of gentle gliding action and soothing music that make the Zuba a real standout. Its lightweight design and variable gliding speed settings are major pluses, too.

9Comet Doe Swivel Glider and Ottoman by Baby Relax

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If you really want to be serious about the ottoman, not to mention the glider system, in your gliding chair, then maybe the Comet Doe Swivel Glider and Ottoman will appeal to you. At first glance you will never think of the Comet Doe as a baby glider. The accompanying ottoman, on the other hand, is a classic – no visible wood as it is supposed to be stuffed over. Perhaps this is what really differentiates the Comet Doe from the rest of the gliders and rockers in our list. Nevertheless, the Comet Doe provides excellent swiveling action for those fun times with your baby and a gliding action for those moments when he or she needs to rest or sleep. This upholstered glider chair is covered in white microfiber with very thin clean lines to give it a very contemporary appeal. It’s also very easy to clean. The seat cushion, back rest, and arm rests are thickly padded to provide you with the best comfort possible.

What We Like about It – What’s really unique in the Comet Doe is its fidelity to the original design of the ottoman. Aside from this, the rather thick back rest and seat cushion can give you the idea that this is no mediocre breastfeeding chair.

104-in-1 Rock ‘n Glide Soother by Fisher-Price

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Portability is one of the most sought-after attributes of baby gliders and rockers today. But don’t ever think that the 4-in-1 Rock ‘n Glide Soother is similar to the GracoAbbington. This baby glider from Fisher-Price provides 4 distinct motions – gentle rocking, gliding, side-to-side, and head-to-toe. This is different from the Abbington’s 4-in-1 mechanism so this should be clear right from the start. Moreover, the Rock ‘n Glide features a variety of soothing mechanisms such as calming vibrations, nature sounds, and soft melodies or musical tunes all designed to complement the rocking and gliding motions of the product. There are dangling soft toys, too to keep your baby fully entertained while resting. The seat can be angle-adjusted so you can turn it into a recliner from an inclined position. The seat also pivots or swivels a full 360-degrees so you can always keep your eye on your baby. And since it’s lightweight, there’s no problem bringing it to any part of your house where you’ll be staying.

What We Like about It – The Rock ‘n Glide combines the musical features of the Zuba and the glider rocker characteristics of the Abbington. This makes it one truly unique nursery glider you can carry with you anywhere.

How We Chose the Top Baby Gliders in Our List

Choosing a piece of furniture is a lot different from picking the best toy from a lot. First and foremost, the soundness of its construction is very important as you simply don’t want to be sitting in the so-called best glider chair only to fall flat on your behind because the chair’s frame basically gave way. Safety is a primary consideration so we had to make sure that the companies that make these furniture have an impeccable reputation for strict quality control standards. They must be able to adhere to the different protocols and guidelines set by federal agencies as well as subject their products to voluntary testing by recognized trustworthy third party accrediting and certifying organizations. It is a must that these companies have unquestionable manufacturing practices so that we can be assured that these gliders for nursery are safe to use.

Aside from the sturdy frame, we also had to look at the level of comfort provided by these furniture. Unfortunately, we cannot test each and every single one of these so we had to rely on the comments or feedbacks of customers. While we recognize the subjective nature of these customer feedbacks, we nevertheless came up with a thematic documentation of the responses to identify commonly-occurring themes in all of the customer reviews. This gives us an idea whether the product we are considering on including in our list can provide the level of comfort that we know mothers would like to have.

Once the issue on safety and comfort has been addressed, we then moved on to the ease of maintenance. It should be noted that you will be sitting on this chair with your baby on your chest. It is inadvertent that your little one may regurgitate or spit, drool, or even leak from his or her diapers. These bodily fluids can stain even the most expensive glider rocker. As such, it is imperative that we also choose these types of furniture according to how easy they can be cleaned as well as maintained.

Now, if the gliding chair can provide some form of versatility, then we’d factor this in as well. Remember that the purpose of getting the best upholstered glider chair is to provide a more soothing, more relaxing time with your baby. But, what if your infant has already grown up, can you still use this type of furniture? So, if it can be used for purposes other than its intended use, then we’d consider it in our list.

Picking the top 10 baby gliders was very challenging. However, with the dedication of our researchers, we were able to accomplish the unexpected.

A Word about Gliders and Rockers

There’s an ongoing debate as to which between a baby rocker and an infant glider is better. To answer this, it is often important to look at the similarities and differences.

For starters, both gliders and rockers aim to simulate the rhythmic movements that babies felt while they were still in their mother’s wombs. Mimicking these movements after birth helps them make the successful transition into post-uterine life. This is also the reason why gentle rocking or minute vibrations have also been shown to help infants make the transition while also soothing them in the process.

As for their differences, a rocker will often produce a slightly arched back and forth movement while a glider will always move forward and backward in a straight plane. For the baby, there may not be a significant difference. But for mom, the difference is in keeping the rocker moving which means that, if you are already too tired from rocking your chair, then the rocking motion eventually stops. This is addressed by the glider as it moves on a straight plane. While it will still need your effort, it is not usually as great as the one required by a rocker.

So, which should you choose? It actually depends on you. Gliders and rockers can really benefit both you and your baby especially if you know what you’re looking to buy.

Now it is important to understand that you should always choose a glider that has a very sturdy and stable base. This is very important as any imbalance in the glider’s center of gravity can result in falls. It’s alright if it’s only you who will get injured; you have your baby in your arms as well. Additionally, the risk of falling asleep while on the glider is high. If this happens, your baby might slip off your arms and fall. That is why it is always advisable not to use the glider if you yourself are sleepy. Better use your baby’s crib instead.

The Bottom Line

Baby gliders are great tools to help you soothe your baby and help him or her make the successful transition from life inside your womb to one in the real world. This Christmas, get your baby the best glider chair in our top 10 list.

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