12 Best Baby Gadgets in 2017


Babies are so adorable. They remind us of our very own childhood. And this somehow helps bring back the fond memories we had as babies ourselves. In fact, we are pretty sure that, like us, your style of parenting is mostly a reflection of your experiences as a child being cared for by your Mom and Dad. This is actually how it works and how values and traditions are handed down from one generation to the next. And believe us, you are also thinking about the different gadgets, toys, playthings, and other personal items that your Mom and Dad used to buy for you as a baby. It is not really surprising then that in choosing the best baby gadgets to give your infant this coming holiday season, or perhaps on any other occasion or none at all, you will be mostly referring back to your memories of your childhood. You will be asking yourself what your parents bought for you when you were still a baby.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you try, you will end up empty-handed. You can only have the vaguest recollection of what you received as gifts simply because it was already a very long time ago. If you are already in your 30s, then that is exactly the amount of time that tons of information have been added onto your memory. You can therefore say that your memories of babyhood are very difficult to access.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Not in recalling your memories of infancy, of course, but rather in choosing the best gadget for your baby today. Let our list of the top 12 baby gadgets be your inspiration in choosing which to provide your precious little tike.

Our Top 12 Baby Gadgets

Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care KitSummer Infant5
myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and ProjectorMyBaby4.9
Summer Infant Pacifier ThermometerSummer Infant4.8
Safety Baby Magnetic Cabinet LocksSafety Baby4.7
BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and BlenderBeaba4.6
iiamo Go Self Warming Baby Bottleiiamo4.5

1Baby Car Back Seat Mirror by DaffaDoot

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Experts recommend that baby car seats should be positioned in such a way that infants will be facing the rear. Unfortunately, doing so will obstruct our view of our children from the rear view mirror. Thankfully you can now attach DaffaDoot’s Baby Car Back Seat Mirror on the backseat so that it reflects your baby onto your rearview mirror. So, you will have an idea of what your infant is doing without necessarily having to physically turn around and taking a look. The 64 square inch glass is made of the highest quality materials and designed in such a way that it has the optimum amount of curvature to provide you with an excellent reflected view of your child. It’s shatterproof and has a solid and highly durable mount. More importantly, it’s so easy to mount onto your car’s backseat. It requires no tools nor any complicated assembly. The casing is free from cadmium as well as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon.

What We Like about It – It’s an ingenious way to keep tabs at what baby is doing in the backseat. Moreover, it’s so easy to install and manipulate.

2American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier by The First Years

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One of the trickiest things we have to do as parents is trimming the nails of our young kids. They are so fragile that we tend to become so anxious we might hurt our babies. Now, nail trimming is made fuss-free with the American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier. A small magnifying glass is attached to the handle of the nail clipper to help enlarge our view of the cutting or trimming mechanism. Nails are magnified 4 times by the glass. The Deluxe Nail Clipper features an ergonomic shape so it won’t slip as we focus on trimming our baby’s nails. It is also made of stainless steel giving it superb durability.

What We Like about It – The ergonomic design is phenomenal but it’s really the magnifying glass attachment that sold us in. It helps ensure baby’s nails are precision trimmed.

3Complete Nursery Care Kit by Summer Infant

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It is difficult to care for babies if you don’t have the correct tools or materials at your disposal. With the Summer Infant Nursery Care Kit, you will feel more confident in caring for your little one. The kit already includes some of the most essential tools like a medicine syringe, a nasal aspirator, a digital thermometer, a pacifier, a medicine dispenser, a forehead thermometer, a nail clipper with emery board, and a whole lot more. It even includes an emergency quick reference card. All of these can be placed inside a zippered storage bag made of clear plastic.

What We Like about It – The kit already has all the fundamental tools and instruments any parent will need to provide great infant care for their respective children. The gadgets are color coordinated, too.

4Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector by MyBaby

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If you’re already tired from work but you still have to put baby to sleep, maybe Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector can help. Just place the gadget on the bedside table next to your baby’s crib or infant bed, turn it on, and let it soothe your precious little one to sleep. It plays 3 lullabies including Rock-a-Bye Baby, Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star, and the Cradle Song. If you don’t like lullabies then you can let the Soundspa play 3 soothing sound effects instead including ocean sounds, the sound of rain, and the rhythm of a heartbeat. What’s more, it projects rotating images onto the ceiling for added soothing effect. The Soundspa can be programmed to continuously play in multiples of 15 minutes up to a full hour.

What We Like about It – Putting your baby to sleep has never been this easy. We just wished there’s an option to connect a USB or even a music player to extend the lullaby selection.

5Pacifier Thermometer by Summer Infant

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If you are anxious about using ear thermometers or even axillary thermometers on your baby because your little one is more restless than most, then get the Pacifier Thermometer. As the name implies, it is designed like a pacifier but is a fully functioning digital thermometer with a large oval display up front. It features an orthodontic nipple so baby will have no problems latching on to it. The thermometer itself displays ether Fahrenheit or Celsius readings. There’s also a beeping sound emitted once the reading is complete. And if there’s fever, the LED display glows so even from afar you will instantly know if your baby requires a doctor or not.

What We Like about It – This is one of the coolest gadgets you can buy for your baby. At the very least, your baby will be thinking it’s a pacifier. There’s no fuss.

6The Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies by Baby Shusher

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When babies cry, aside from cradling them, we always make a point to shush. Any idea why? It seems this is related to the swooshing sound of blood that is pumped with every contraction of the heart. And this is what babies have heard for 24 hours every single day for the whole 9 months they were inside their momma’s womb. As such, when we shush our babies, they feel more secure and they stop crying. We can now recreate this particular sound with the Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies. It plays human voice-recorded shushing sounds for a full 15 or 30 minutes.

What We Like about It – It’s small and lightweight and the battery lasts up to 10 hours. This should be perfect for those long distance travels where baby needs to rest in his or her car seat. And should he or she cry, you can just turn the magic on.

7Magnetic Cabinet Locks by Safety Baby

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Babies and toddlers are very curious. Now, they can open almost anything. And if you cannot secure your cabinet, they will be scouring every insides of these pieces of furniture. Now, you can address this properly with the Magnetic Cabinet Locks. You don’t have to be a cabinet repairman to install it because there are no tools and no fancy procedures like drilling to perform. All you need is the Magnetic Cabinet Locks kit and about 3 minutes of your time and you can very well be on your way to safeguarding your babies from the dangers that may be luring inside your cabinet.

What We Like about It – The easy installation is a big plus. Additionally, there are no bulky fixtures which your kid can use to open it.

8Babycook by Beaba

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Infant nutrition is a tricky subject but it sure is fun preparing our baby’s meals from time to time. Let the Babycook help you with this activity by giving you complete leverage on how you would want to prepare your infant’s favorite food, be it fruits, vegetables, fish, or even meats. Does he or she like it pureed or in solids? The Babycook functions as a blender, a steamer, a defroster, and a food warmer so you can prepare really nutritious meals for your baby. Its bowl and basket is dishwasher safe, too. For the gadget itself, cleanup is a breeze. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and it’s clean.

What We Like about It – It’s a multi-purpose food processor designed specifically for kids. It should be a lot of fun preparing meals for babies.

9Go Self Warming Baby Bottle by iiamo

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If your baby is no longer breast feeding, you know that his or her bottle feeding should be of the right temperature, preferably warm, to help minimize gastric discomforts if it is too cold. Unfortunately, it’s a hassle to be warming your kid’s feeding bottles every time he or she uses it. Instead, give him or her the Go Self Warming Baby Bottle so that it does the trick of warming his or her 6-ounce milk to the correct temperature of 98.6 oF in just 4 minutes. Your baby’s milk stays warm for about 30 minutes.

What We Like about It – At the very least, you won’t have to guess if you have the correct milk temperature or not. With this gadget infant feeding has been elevated to new levels.

10Touch and Swipe Baby Phone by VTech

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Almost everything we have today come in touchscreen displays. From electric appliances to personal devices, everything comes with a touchscreen. So why not give your young child something he or she can play with that comes with a touchscreen as well? As such we present to you Touch and Swipe Baby Phone. It features 12 make-believe applications which respond to your baby’s touch. It lights up, plays music and melodies, and also provides learning activities on phrases like the alphabet and numbers as well as songs your child can sing along to.

What We Like about It – The Touch and Swipe is an excellent toy for babies at least 6 months old. It provides the necessary stimulation for their sensorimotor and cognitive development.

11Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad by Munchkin

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What do you do to help your infant fall asleep faster aside from humming lullabies? You rock him or her, right? With the Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad you can easily insert under your baby’s mattress, you now can simulate gentle rocking sensations so your infant will be fast asleep in no time. It comes with a built-in auto-shutoff mechanism as well as a system that prevents accidental activation. Mom or Dad an also easily adjust the speed of the vibrations.

What We Like about It – It’s a unique product that simulates gentle rocking. Too bad, it doesn’t include a lullaby which could have further increased the usefulness of this gadget.

12Orb Bottle Warmer by Boon

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Baby’s milk must always be warmed to body temperature. With the Orb Bottle Warmer, there’s no more second guessing the correct milk temperature. Just pop in your baby’s bottle into the slot and wait for it to shut off automatically. This means your baby’s milk is ready for drinking. It can also warm baby food jars using the accompanying basket. It also includes a graduated tube to help you measure the precise amount of water to be placed in the bottle warmer for steaming.

What We Like about It – It’s as easy as pop and go. Unfortunately, you’d have to wait a full 10 minutes before you can pop the next item to warm up.

How We Chose the Top Gadgets for Babies in Our List

So how do you choose the top gadgets to give your baby? Like we said, most of us would refer to our own childhood. That is, if we can still recall the exact gadgets or items given by our Moms and Dads or even any other person who perhaps attended our Mom’s baby shower event or who are friends with either mommy or daddy. But, of course, not everyone has the ability to really recall these gadgets of old. Besides, we now live in the 21st century and the gadgets we had before when we were very young infants are no longer the same as what we have now. As such, we really have to choose the top baby gadgets based on our understanding of how infants today grow and what child development experts have discovered through the years.

Given this scenario, we tasked our researchers to carefully examine all infant products in the market today and determine which ones should be included in our list. We had to make sure that these gadgets are safe, first and foremost, meaning they must not contain any harmful chemicals and that their construction should be sturdy and reliable. Additionally, because babies have a knack for putting their hands in their mouths, including objects that they hold in their hands, it is crucial that infant products don’t have very small components which can be ingested by babies and serve as choking hazards. That would be utterly dangerous.

This also means that we had to look at how the gadget was constructed. And while we really cannot go directly to the company’s manufacturing facilities, we can nevertheless assume the level of quality they put into the design and manufacture of these products through certifications from reputable quality control organizations. Additionally, we had to consider any award or recognition which may have been given to either the company itself or the product they manufacture.

Lastly, the voices of other parents and consumers who have tried the product must also be taken into account. So, we had to read feedbacks and customer complaints, if any, to create an impression about the overall acceptability and usefulness of the product.

Today’s Gadgets and Our Children’s Development and Safety

Can you recall the very first gadget your parents gave you when you were still very little? Chances are, you won’t even have the slightest idea of what they gave you; except perhaps if you still have photos of your childhood using these devices. Even then, it will only represent a fraction of the number of items that Mommy and Daddy bought for you when you were still small.

The point is, 30 to 40 years ago, almost everything that were given or provided to young children is complete different from what we now have. For example, we didn’t have digital thermometers that were designed like a pacifier before. Today, taking our baby’s temperature has never been made easier. Thermometers are as easy as point and click and you now have your kid’s temperature readings. How about interactive and educational toys that integrate visuals, sounds, and tactile experiences to help stimulate optimum brain development? Before we had to use our imagination to pretend that a small block of wood was actually a bus and that a long stick is the steed that will help us gallop across the prairie. Today, we are inundated with very realistic replicas of modern buses complete with honking horns and realistic engine sounds.

Man today has clearly redefined the way children grow. However, the principles of child growth and development remain the same. It’s only the instruments and tools that we use to help ensure their development and growth that has changed through the years.

Today, gadgets allow us to help ensure the development of our children by integrating a lot of components that provide a variety of benefits to infants and young kids. Many utilize the advances made in information and communications technologies as well as computer programming to help make our task of caring for our kids and helping them to grow optimally a lot easier.

Toy companies and organizations that design and manufacture baby and infant products are becoming more sensitive to the needs of infants and are especially cognizant of the increasing power and influence of today’s consumers. Before, companies dictated what consumers should buy. Now, it is consumers dictating what companies must design and manufacture. And they must do it in a way that it is developmentally appropriate and safe for kids, especially the younger ones.

Developmental appropriateness doesn’t only refer to the inherent quality of a toy to help ensure the completion of the expected developmental tasks of a child at any given age. It also includes all other kids’ items as these eventually has an impact in their progress as kids. Technically, in order for items or objects to be considered developmentally appropriate, they need to be able to help children enhance at least one of the following developmental areas.

  • Physical – Infants grow rapidly in the first year of life. Their birth weight gets doubled by age 6 months and tripled by the 12th. Additionally, they learn to control the different groups of muscles, first controlling the movements of their head and neck before progressing downwards. They then start rolling on their tummies to help strengthen their core muscles. By age 4 months, some babies can already sit while being supported by Mom or Dad. They then learn to pull themselves up to a standing position. Before you know it, they are already cruising around your house. This will also require the development of their proprioceptive senses, their visual and motor coordination, and, of course, their balance.
  • Cognitive – The first year of life is dedicated to the accumulation of experiences through the use of the senses. The things that babies see, touch, smell, taste, and hear eventually serve the database upon which their brains will process and integrate into more meaningful concepts. As they grow older, their cognitive abilities also start to grow. By the 12thmonth, they will already have a rudimentary understanding of how certain things work. They can remember things and solve simple problems. Their curiosity grows and this helps in their cognitive development.
  • Language – Even before babies start saying “Mama” or “Dada”, they are already building on their vocabulary by watching you talk and trying to make sense of the sounds they hear. This can be considered a part of cognitive development but child experts believe that it merits a developmental area of its own.
  • Emotional – Babies cry. They smile. They exhibit behavior that, to most of us adults, tell us babies are happy, in pain, upset, or even angry. Their communication skills are not yet developed but they are already forming an idea about their feelings and how these are expressed.
  • Social – With constant stimulation, babies can start discerning a friendly and trusted face from the not. This is why they may exhibit separation anxiety and stranger anxiety. They always equate the hugs of Mom and Dad as comforting and safe. Mommy and Daddy are the only persons that baby can trust and rely on. However, as they grow, they also begin appreciating the role of other people in baby’s life.

Of course, developmental appropriateness is not only the parameter we have to consider in choosing items or objects for young infants. It is also crucial to look at the safety of these products. For example, we all know that babies love to reach for almost anything in their surroundings. As part of their gross motor development, they will try to grasp an object with the whole hand instead of using only the thumb and forefinger. This is normal since their ability to control fine muscular contractions are not yet fully developed so they tend to rely mostly on larger muscle groups. This allows them to bring whatever is in their hands to the mouths. And if the object is small enough, babies might choke if they ingest these objects.

This is why it is very important to choose baby items that don’t have small removable components. This is also the reason why it is best to provide infants with clothes that don’t require buttons or even are designed with small trinkets which babies can pull and put in their mouths. This also extends well into how we organize baby’s room. There should be no clutter so that our little ones will be barred from reaching these otherwise potentially-harmful objects.

The Bottom Line

Gadgets, both then and now, help us better care for our babies whether it is to help them grow to their optimum development or to help provide a safe and comfortable environment for them. It is therefore, up to us to be wise in our choice of the best gadgets to give our young children. With our top 12 baby gadgets, we are 100 percent confident you will be more inspired to choose one for your kid.

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