10 Best Baby Bouncers for Your Infant in 2017


One of the most popular and most famous toys for babies is the baby bouncer. All over the world, Moms and Dads are happy looking at their precious little ones jumping up and down their bouncer toys. Unfortunately, there have been some issues concerning its use. It would seem that some Moms are not really aware of the correct usage of these toys. It doesn’t necessarily mean that since it is popular among Moms it should already be considered excellent for babies, too. It is equally important to look at what the baby bouncer can really do for your baby.

This is the reason why we came up with the top 10 baby bouncers so you will be more empowered to choose the right one for your baby. We have also included in our article some of the reasons why leading child safety advocacy groups and child development experts are not really appreciative of these kinds of toys. Baby bouncers are helpful in developing the muscles of the lower extremities of babies, but only when used properly and at the correct period in their young lives.

Here are the top 10 baby bouncers that we are positive you will find appealing and highly beneficial.

10 Best Baby Bouncers 

PictureModelBrandOur Rating
Fisher-Price Rainforest JumperooFisher-Price5
Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels BouncerBright Starts4.97
Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce & Learn, Zoo FriendsEvenflo4.93
Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo JumperooFisher-Price4.91
BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft BabyBjorn4.88
Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, My Little SnugabunnyFisher-Price4.84

1Rainforest Jumperoo by Fisher-Price 

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One of the most raved about bouncer toys in our list is Fisher-Price’s entry, the Rainforest Jumperoo. This baby bouncer is beautifully designed complete with a learning activity center to keep babies entertained while at the same time learning. Fisher-Price also has a strong recommendation that the Jumperoo be used only when the baby is already able to control his or her head without any form of assistance. The Rainforest Jumperoo plays different music, sound effects, and melodies in addition to interactive lights that respond to baby’s jumps. The overhead toy bar is built with soft sidings. The seat can be rotated a full 360 degrees so baby can turn around and play with the 5 different play locations where Baby can be treated to a bobbling elephant, a hanging parrot, a swinging monkey, a hide-and-seek playing tiger, and a spinning lizard. If also features tethered chew toy, spinning bead ball, and a stack of graphic and colorful chips. The Jumperoo can be easily folded for easy storage and has a maximum weight limit of 25 lbs.

What We Like about It – The learning activities are superb for developing sensory processing in young brains while helping them develop their gross motor skills. What’s important is the recommendation of the company regarding the proper use of the Jumperoo.

2Playful Pinwheels Bouncer by Bright Starts

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It’s a different kind of baby bouncer but definitely the kind that is highly recommended by child care experts. The Playful Pinwheels Bouncer safely cradles baby while at the same time providing superb motor visual stimulation. The bouncer comes with a battery operated mechanism to provide soothing vibrations to baby so he or she will feel as if he or she is being rocked in your arms. It comes with a toy bar that can be easily removed and reattached. The toy bar comes complete with colorful and lovable animal characters which baby can swipe. The bouncer seat comes with a 3-point harness for added safety. The seat of the Playful Pinwheels is machine washable and has a weight limit of 20 lbs.

What We Like about It – It may not be the kind of bouncer that you’re looking for but child care experts highly recommend these types of bouncers and we do, too. Besides, it can help enhance baby’s visual and motor skills.

3Zoo Friends Exersaucer Bounce & Learn by Evenflo

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While it does not have highly interactive features like light-up buttons or buttons that play sound effects and melodies, the Zoo Friends Exersaucer Bounce & Learn is nonetheless a great baby bouncer to have although we don’t necessarily agree with what’s written in Amazon saying it’s great of babies 0 to 3 months of age. Babies by this age simply don’t have the ability to control their head and their back yet to be propped sitting upright in the 360-degree rotating Exersaucer. We believe the minimum age should still be 6 months or at least once the baby has achieved control of his or her head. The Exersaucer is strictly a sturdy baby bouncer adorned with colorful zoo animals to keep baby’s hands busy. The height of the Exersaucer can also be adjusted so baby will be planting his or her feet flat and firmly on the surface, not tip-toeing. 

What We Like about It – The adjustable height is great to make sure that the plantar surface of baby’s feet is what touches the bottom panel, not his or her toes. Or, it can be adjusted high enough so his or her toes will not be touching the bottom panel. The additional colorful animals are excellent for exploration and sensory development.

4Little Jungle Bumper Jumper by Graco

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Graco is well known for designing excellent baby and children’s products. The Little Jungle Bumper Jumper is no exception. The Little Jungle easily clamps onto your door frame and then evenly spreads into a 3-point system, through a plastic dome mechanism, to suspend the baby jumper which is made of soft materials so that it won’t damage any wooden materials in your home. The Little Jumper features a safety cord to allow for maximum security and safety while baby is suspended. The seat is made of nylon giving it added durability and machine washability. It also comes with 2 removable toys that allow for more interactive play. These are attached to the adjustable play tray of the Little Jungle. It can accommodate up to 25 lbs.

What We Like about It – Health experts advise against these types of jumper especially for babies below 6 months old or babies who don’t have control of their head and back yet. It is therefore crucial to remember this. Nevertheless, the Little Jungle is great for helping babies have fun and help develop their sensory skills while at the same tie helping develop their coordination and motor skills.

5Luv u Zoo Jumperoo by Fisher-Price

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Designed for the baby who can already hold his or her head up without any support, the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo is one of the top baby jumpers we have in our list. It comes with a lot of interactive learning activities such as lights-up buttons and elements that play music, melodies, and sound effects every time baby initiates a jump. It features a 360 degree rotating seat so baby has access to all of the playthings and learning activities already built-in into the Jumperoo. The height of the seat can be adjusted accordingly so it can accommodate the growing legs of your baby. The free-standing steel frame can be easily removed and is made of high grade steel complete with non-slip footing.

What We Like about It – It’s from Fisher-Price, what more can you ask for? The combination of learning activities plus seat height adjustment allow babies to have fun jumping up and down while developing their motor skills and coordination. By the time they are old enough, this can help them stimulate their imagination.

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6Bouncer Balance by BabyBjorn

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One of the best baby bouncers we have seen so far is the Bouncer Balance made the Swedish company BabyBjorn. The Bouncer Balance features 3 different angles of incline for maximum comfort for your baby. It is made of 100 percent cotton for extra comfort and a 3-point harness for additional safety. It has the correct head and back support for babies for either rest or play. It can be folded flat for easy storage or handling. The Bouncer Balance is designed primarily to support the growing body of babies as they are still in the process of developing their muscles.

What We Like about It – We love the 3 different levels of recline to help baby with playtime activities straight to a soothing rocker. It’s also excellent for developing babies’ balance and motor skills in a very natural way. This is the type of baby bouncer that even the world’s greatest pediatricians will recommend.

7My Little Snugabunny Deluxe Bouncer by Fisher-Price

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If you want a really lovable baby bouncer, you definitely have to get My Little Snugabunny Deluxe Bouncer. It’s like a very beautiful and comfortable cocoon complete with soft and plush seat cushion, and an overhead mobile. This pediatrician and chiropractic approved baby bouncer plays 8 songs as well as a host of nature sounds in addition to the calming vibrations that it produces to calm and soothe your baby. The plush body insert can be easily removed as your baby grows. The whole Snugabunny cradles baby from head to toe assisting with the development of baby’s muscles, motor skills, and balance.

What We Like about It – The soft materials used in the Snugabunny is really superb. Also, the inclusion of sounds as well as 2 colorful bird mobiles allow for sensory development. By the time your baby has grown, he or she can still use the Snugabunny.

8Woodland Friends Space Saver Jumperoo by Fisher-Price

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Need a space-saving baby bouncer? Then you need to get the Woodland Friends Space Saver Jumperoo. This easily folds for instant storage. It is designed primarily for babies who have already learned to control their head and back even without Mom’s support. It comes with a variety of sensory toys like colorful rings, light-up piano keys, clacker rings, and a froggy teether as well as other playthings. The seat height can be adjusted up to 4 different positions to grow with your baby’s legs. The seat pad is also machine washable so cleaning is never a concern.

What We Like about It – It’s important to remember not to use this for babies who have not yet mastered control of their head and back. Nevertheless, it is great for stimulating sensory development as well as the development of babies’ motor skills and balance.

9Life in the Amazon Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center by Evenflo

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Your baby will simply love the Life in the Amazon Exersaucer by Evenflo. The baby bouncer features 11 developmentally appropriate toys built around a very platform. What’s great about this is that it can convert into a playmat, an activity table, and the famed Evenflo Exersaucer. This simply means that it can be used from birth to toddlerhood. Young babies can lie on the playmat and try to swipe the colorful animals on the toy bar. By the time they can control their heads and backs, they can use the Exersaucer as a bouncer activity center. When your baby is already standing and walking, he or she can start playingwith the Exersaucer as an activity table.

What We Like about It – This is the baby bouncer that literally grows with your baby from birth to 3 years of age or even beyond. It is no wonder it’s in our list of the top 10.

10Musical Friends Jumperoo by Fisher-Price 

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Just like any other Fisher-Price baby bouncer, it is important to give the Musical Friends Jumperoo to babies who have already mastered the control of their heads as well as their backs. The Jumperoo features a 360 degree rotating seat allowing baby access to a variety of learning activities that play music, songs, and lights. The seat pad is machine washable and the bouncer frame itself conveniently folds for easy storage.

What We Like about It – It’s great for stimulating motor skills and balance among babies provided they have head and back control well-established already.

How We Chose the Top Baby Bouncers in Our List

Choosing the top baby bouncers in our list is never easy simply because we had to take into consideration what child health experts, pediatricians, and chiropractic professionals are saying about these toys. You see, these baby bouncers are very popular among Moms but not so with child care experts. And this is where the difficulty in choosing the best baby bouncer lies.

Nevertheless, in our effort to provide you with the top 10 baby bouncers, we had to carefully examine each one primarily for their additional features which can benefit babies and not only their “bouncer” functionality. We then scrutinized each of these features to determine whether they are appropriate to the development of babies for a particular age. Of course, we also had to consider safety and product quality as well as compliance of the toy manufacturer to strict quality control standards set by the federal government as well as other third party organizations.

We hope that our list of the top 10 baby bouncers will help you identify the best one for your baby. However, we do strongly encourage you to read the succeeding section so you will have an understanding of the reasons why experts don’t necessarily recommend these types of toys.

Mother-Approved Baby Bouncers, But is It Safe for Babies?

Baby jumpers are a joy to behold especially when you see your baby giggling as he or she bounces up and down his or her seat that is suspended either on the ceiling or on the supporting structure of a walker. For many of us, seeing our young babies smile every time they bounce is like little joys in our hearts. But the question we have to ask is – “Is the baby bouncer designed to entertain us or to develop the full potential of our young babies?” Because, if the answer is the former then we have clearly made the correct choice. But if the decision to buy a baby bouncer is to help our babies grow healthier and stronger, then we are doing them more harm than good.

Child development experts, chiropractors, and pediatricians all over the world strongly advise against the use of baby bouncers simply because these do not help the baby at all or that they have very minimal use. In recent years, there have also been a lot of product recalls because of faulty manufacturing practices. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not totally ban baby bouncers per se but it does caution parents not to use it until the baby has fully developed his or her torso, usually by the time the baby reaches 6 months of age. Consumer Reports already has discontinued the updating of this particular product category because of its developmental inappropriateness.

You see, babies develop in a cephalocaudal manner. This means that the very first parts of the body that will be developed first is the head and moving towards the feet. That is why babies will learn to lift and control his or her head first before he or she can attempt to control his or her arms, torso, legs, and feet. When we give them baby bouncers long before they have fully developed control of their back and torso, we are essentially skipping this natural development pattern and go on directly to the development of the feet.

Additionally, if you are going to look closely at the pictures on these so-called baby bouncers and you will notice that the baby is actually tip-toeing, especially if the height of the seat is not high enough to allow the feet to dangle. According to chiropractors this can lead to serious feet deformities if not corrected at once or if left as is. This can also affect babies’ stability and in severe cases, can significantly undermine the developing nervous system.

Looking at babies on their baby bouncers again and you will quickly notice that their bodies are rather thrust awkwardly forward in the bouncer seat. This position does not favor the use of the baby’s hip and gluteal muscles. Some pediatricians even think that this particular position can put a heavy strain in the ligaments of the torso and lower extremities. The forward leaning posture also elicits a reflex reaction to draw the head back to help attain balance. Unfortunately, doing so will also pull the baby’s shoulder blades too far back. Given this very unusual position, the body loses its sense of proprioception such that it can no longer determine if the body is in the correct upright position or not. If this is not corrected immediately, you are looking at a baby who has a strong likelihood that he or she will not learn how to balance his or her body standing on his or her feet.

Ok, so baby bouncers are bad, right?

Well, not necessarily so. If you intend to give your kid a baby bouncer, child health experts strongly recommend getting a baby bouncer-rocker instead. This is like a bouncer but it cradles the whole body of the baby. Imagine a bassinet or even a rocker where baby can conveniently lay down and then rocked up and down. This can address some of the musculoskeletal issues about baby bouncers.

You may also have to heed the advice of professionals regarding when to provide the baby bouncer. It should only be used once the baby has already established excellent control of his or her spinal column or back. This will help him or her to focus on developing his or her feet as he or she has already developed his or her torso.

More than that however, you may have to use the baby bouncer sparingly. Instead let your baby roll on his or her tummy as this can help strengthen his or her core muscles. The development of these muscles is crucial to the development of extensor muscles which can help integrate the different flexor muscles and reflexes of babies. These will, in turn, help babies learn to walk in a more upright position while ensuring optimum balance and coordination.

Our list of the top 10 baby bouncers should be used with caution and should be used sparingly until your baby has achieved full control of his or her back or spinal column. These are useful toys but only when used correctly.

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