10 Best Baby Books in 2017

best baby books

In the film “Look Who’s Talking”, we were given a glimpse of what’s inside babies’ heads and how they would react to a particular situation. Of course, the whole story is fictional but, what if kids could really talk whatever it is in their minds? Wouldn’t that be simply amazing? Before we start imagining about the possibilities, it is best reading first to our youngsters some of the 10 best baby books in 2017. We guarantee you these will lay the foundation for their optimum development and growth.

10 Best Baby Books

1Peek-a-Boo Forest by Lamaze

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It is without a doubt that Lamaze truly understands the developmental characteristics of infants. The close to 2,000 positive reviews about its Peek-a-Boo Forest is testament to its intense motivation to provide young infants the best sensory experience during storytelling sessions. The Peek-a-Boo Forest can easily be babys first book with each page made of highly durable cloth that provides very young kids with the kind of tactile stimulation that will help their young brains understand what softness and smoothness mean. Each page comes with vibrant colors as well as patterns that are guaranteed to glue your baby’s eyes on the cute and lovable characters which can also become a significant foundation for the building of his or her vocabulary. While the Peek-a-Boo Forest only has 6 pages of very inspiring rhymes, its cover and pages allow for a more interactive reading session for baby. Flipping on the page is made more comfortable because of the washable fabric construction. Whether it is during bedtime or even naptime that you will be reading the Peek-a-Boo Forest to your young kid, it will be a session that is guaranteed to make an impression in your young child’s life.

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What We Like about It – The Peek-a-Boo’s design truly epitomizes what unique baby books should be. It caters to a variety of senses particularly tactile and visual which are needed by young kids to make early conceptualizations about their world. Depending on how you read to your young prince or princess, the storytelling session can also cater to his or her auditory development.

2First 100 Words Lift the Flap by Roger Priddy

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What better way to help introduce baby’s first things than to read to him or her Roger Priddy’s First 100 Words Lift the Flap? It’s a collection of the first 100 words that any infant will be learning to communicate his or her mind or even to express whatever he or she is thinking, making this one of the best baby reading books. Each page is filled with colorful photographs of toys, pets, food, and any other object that infants will be able to instantly recognize as these are the exact same things that they see around them every day. Each of these eye-catching photographs comes with labels that have been printed in large and bold letters to help introduce the alphabet to young infants. Roger Priddy also managed to improve the design of the First 100 Words by adding a flap to each page. This makes it a lot easier for infants to turn or flip the page on their own. They don’t have to wait for mommy or even daddy to turn the page anymore. At least, they are beginning to have an idea of the concept of independence.

What We Like about It – The First 100 Words is an excellent tool for establishing your baby’s vocabulary by focusing more on the most common things or objects that he or she sees every single day. You will have to aid your kid in learning sight words, though. And with more than 6,200 very satisfied customers, it’s quite difficult arguing that the First 100 Words is not the best babys first book.

3Baby’s First Books by Sassy

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Looking for great baby reading books? How about four colorful infant reading materials that are designed specifically for very young minds? Sassy’s Baby’s First Books should fit the bill perfectly. This is a set of 4 books, 3 of which are made of soft, kid-safe plastic and one made of washable cloth fabric. Mind you, these books are so simple yet so effective in helping you tell fantastic stories to your little angel. Dotty and Friends comes with a soft handle so your infant can easily grab and hold onto it while learning about colors and high contrast patterns. Scientists say that the use of high contrast patterns is highly beneficial for both visual and mental development among young children. The Love Bug provides you to slip 4 pictures or photos of the 4 most important faces that our infant sees every day. It can be you, your spouse, and his or her siblings as well as any other individual who happens to be important in the life of your infant. Baby’s Senses provide the necessary sensory stimulation for your little one with bright pictures and apt labels to allow babies to connect the pictures with words. The Cute Bug is filled with symmetrical character faces enabling your infant to learn more about the world they are living in.

What We Like about It – Putting different sensory experiences in four different books is quite exceptional. The inclusion of a 4-picture photo album is also ingenious.

4First 100 Words by Roger Priddy

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If you love the First 100 Words Lift the Flaps of Roger Priddy but would like to do away with the flaps, then the original First 100 Words is the one to get. It’s largely considered as a bestseller in fundamental concepts among young children. It features the same first 100 words of objects or things that infants are exposed to every minute or hour of their young lives. With bold printed labels under each of these highly captivating and colorful photographs of everyday items or objects, any infant will be able to master sight words in no time at all, paving the way for the more successful development of language and communication. Of course, we do expect you to provide the correct pronunciation for these picture words as their vocabulary and speech will be quite dependent on what they hear.

What We Like about It – Roger Priddy is best known for his works on introducing pretty basic concepts among very young children. These essentially serve as the foundation for a more effective language development among toddlers and preschoolers which, in turn, serve as the backbone for their pre-reading skills in later childhood years.

5Disney Mickey Mouse My First Books by Bendon Publishing

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Over the years, Mickey Mouse and his friends has remained highly relevant in the early learning years of very young infants. From child clothing to sleep aids to writing and reading materials, Mickey Mouse is pretty much a part of growing up. If you’re looking for baby books for boys and girls that are designed in the classic fun and educational manner that Disney is known for, then the Disney Mickey Mouse My First Books is the one to give to your kid. The Disney Mickey Mouse is a collection of 4 different reading materials for young tots to learn about the alphabet, simple numbers, basic colors, and fundamental shapes. Mickey teaches kids about the ABCs in full color while it’s Donald Duck’s task to introduce the concepts of numbers to your child. Minnie Mouse helps young children understand the different colors that we see in our world while Goofy handles the shapes that make up the form of all the objects that our young babies see. Together, these four books provide an interesting way for young children to learn about the fundamentals of language development.

What We Like about It – With Mickey and his friends providing the lovely storytelling background for these pieces of kiddie literature, it’s no wonder a lot of kids (and their moms and dads) actually love it.

6First 100 Animals by Roger Priddy

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While you may already have brought your infant to the city zoo, chances are he or she has already forgotten what a tiger or even a zebra looks like. You don’t have to go to the zoo again just so he or she will get reacquainted with these creatures. You will only need Roger Priddy’s First 100 Animals to get your baby fascinated with the 100 most common, well-loved animals in the world. Like all Priddy publications, the First 100 Animals features highly colorful animal pictures complete with simplified yet bold label prints. You can read these to them or perhaps make the animal’s signature sounds like the growl of a tiger, the chirp of a bird, or even the bark of a dog. This should make reading time more interactive and truly interesting for your little one.

What We Like about It – With close to a thousand moms and dads saying how good the First 100 Animals is, we’re bound to concur.

7Number Colors Shapes by Roger Priddy

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One way to develop the language skills of young children is to build their vocabulary, first with the basics before moving on to more advanced words. These provide them with enough tools to construct simple sentences by the time they reach toddlerhood and preschool. Roger Priddy returns with his take on the three fundamental concepts that all children must learn at a young age other than the alphabet. Numbers Colors Shapes provides such beginning vocabulary making it a great babys first book. Following the success of his First 100 series, Priddy develops the Numbers Colors Shapes in the same styling as the other titles in the First 100 series. You can then reinforce their mastery of these basic words by pointing out to your baby items or objects in real life that are represented in the Priddy book. With very colorful realistic photographs and easy to read labels, this Priddy creation is a wonderful tool for building your infant’s vocabulary.

What We Like about It – The use of real-life pictures is helpful in associating the words printed under these pictures with real objects, things that baby sees every single day. This creates the foundation for their language development.

8First Sounds Book Set and Cube by Sassy

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Designed to be your babys first book, the First Sounds Book Set and Cube is a uniquely conceptualized kiddie literature that is based loosely on the very first words that babies all over the world learn: ma-ma, da-da, and ba-ba. You can then expect that all of the animals, relationships, and concepts contained in this 3-book set start with these particular sounds making it super easy for baby to learn, understand, and master these words. The illustrations are finished in vibrant colors to help stimulate the visual sensory integration of your infant. Now, here’s the thing. Despite its title First Sounds, none of the 3 books makes sounds. The colorful foam block that’s covered in safe fabric has a jingle bell embedded in the foam to create a jingling sound. Aside from this, there are no other sounds that will be elicited by the First Sounds. It should be noted that the “first sounds” being referred to in the title of the book are those created by babies the world over – the ma-ma, da-da, and ba-ba.

What We Like about It – This is one great tool for teaching infants early words that closely resemble the first sounds that they make. This makes it easy for them to learn such words and expand their vocabulary.

9Explore and Discover Soft Book Toy by Baby Einstein

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If you’re looking for unique baby books that you can clip on to your infant’s carrier, basinet crib, or even stroller or any other infant carrier, the Explore and Discover Soft Book Toy is worth getting. Made of fabric pages, crinkles have been added to allow for a more engaging tactile experience for your infant. There is no dull moment with the Explore and Discover dangling overhead or in front of your child. He or she can easily reach for it and flip the colorful pages filled with real life pictures and images. Even if your child will have the urge to bring the Explore and Discover to his or her mouth, you need not worry as it is made of kid-safe materials. There are only 4 pages on the Baby Einstein book, though, so it will be up to you how you’re going to weave fantastic stories based on the images contained in the kiddie piece.

What We Like about It – The portability of the Explore and Discover makes it a great companion for on-the-go baby reading time. The crinkled texture is also a welcome addition for sensory stimulation.

10My First Pets Book for Baby by Playgro 

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One of the unique baby books we’ve seen so far is the My First Pets Book for Baby. The wonderful design of its cover complete with a squeaker should help entice your infant to keep on flipping across the pages of the Playgro. And here’s an added bonus. The beak of the chick’s head extends well beyond the borders of the My First Pets to serve as a safe chewable teether for your infant. At least, if your child is already teething, you will have a tool to help sooth his or her sore gums while also giving him or her the unique opportunity to develop his or her visual and tactile sensory skills. Each page comes with a variety of high contrast and colorful patterns that experts say are very important in enhancing brain development. The My First Pets also comes with a clip attached to a strap for those who are always on-the-go. You can clip it on your baby’s carrier system so he or she will never be bored while on the move.

What We Like about It – My First Pets is a truly versatile kiddie book that can double as a teether. Now, you don’t need to fret whenever your infant is getting fussy because of teething issues.

How We Chose the Amazing Books for Babies in Our List

It’s quite tricky picking out the baby book that will have to be included in this particular list. We already had an idea of how to approach the particular subject but we wanted to make sure. As such, we sought the advice of our resident child psychologist to get a firmer understanding on how the task can be completed. We knew that children below 18 months of age don’t have the necessary pre-reading skills yet so we had to always keep this in mind. However, we also knew that infants are rapidly developing their senses so the more senses they use in storytelling sessions can definitely help them. This became the focus of our search. The greater sensory stimulation the baby book is able to provide, the greater is the likelihood that it will land a place in our final list. In line with their sensory development needs, the book must also be able to help them build their vocabulary as a stepping stone to effective language development.

Helping us validate our initial search were the comments and feedbacks of moms and dads as well as grannies and grandpas out who were so kind enough to let their voices heard regarding their children’s and grandchildren’s experiences with these books. While we strived to include only those with at least 4 star customer ratings, we still evaluated each of these feedbacks especially any negative comments about the publication. We know that some parents sometimes forget that these are for babies and not for adults. So, if they are expecting the content to be somewhat of a novel, we usually struck this negative comment out as inappropriate for the simple fact that kids’ books don’t need to be as grammatically correct as novels.

The manufacturer, publisher, or author’s reputation was also considered. While new writers can create a masterpiece of their own, we would rather include an author who has been writing children’s books for a long time. At any rate, this gave us the assurance that the content you’ll be reading to your baby is developed specifically for babies by someone who truly understands how babies learn.

Why We Need to Read to Our Babies

We all know what reading books can provide especially to our children who are already in school. Unfortunately, there are some parents who think that babies, because they cannot read yet, are still too young to be reading books. While they cannot read yet, we can for them. Even newborns can benefit a lot from our reading to them. If this is true, just imagine what reading can do for our babies. Here are some of the wonderful benefits of reading to our infants.

  • Promotes parent-infant bond – Reading to babies is a lot different than reading to an older child. We carry our babies and have them on our laps. This promotes parent-child bonding which can become the foundation for a healthier relationship between us and our kids. More importantly, this helps establish a more stable emotional and social development among our children.
  • Stimulates the senses – Different textures, colors, shapes, and sounds provide the necessary sensory stimulation that infants need to ensure optimum brain development. By employing as many of their senses, infants are able to integrate all of these pieces of information into one fantastic experience.
  • Stimulates imagination – While it is true that infants cannot talk yet, it doesn’t mean their brains are not yet working. We are laying the foundation for their imaginative abilities whenever we read to them. This is crucial for creativity and problem solving capabilities in later childhood.
  • Promotes listening – Part of communication is listening. When we read to our infants, we are inherently teaching them how to listen to every word that comes from our mouth. They listen to how we produce sounds.
  • Builds vocabulary – It would be quite difficult to communicate with others if we know only a few words. A good stepping stone to effective communication is a wide vocabulary. Reading to our kids can help them expand this.

The Bottom Line

Newborns and babies alike can benefit from our reading to them. With our 10 cool baby books, you can be sure your infant is on the right track to optimum language, cognitive, social, speech, communication, and social development.

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