10 Best Art Sets for Kids in 2017

Healthcare professionals, especially those in the psychosocial fields, use art as one of the most instrumental therapies to communicate with one’s thoughts. It is also for this reason that child developmental psychologists recommend art sets to kids as a means to develop their full cognitive potential. Here, we have listed the 10 best art sets and drawing kits that your kids can use to express themselves, build self-confidence, and provide an avenue for them to communicate their thoughts.

How We Chose the Top Art Supplies for Kids in Our List

We’re not really looking to turn your child into a Da Vinci, Rembrandt, or even Picasso. But we do recognize the value of and art kit in your child’s development. That’s why we embarked on this quest to find out the top art supplies especially for kids.

First, since all art supplies are almost essentially the same, we had to look at the safety of the materials used in the pigments. As much as possible, we would want the crayons, coloring pens and pencils, and other coloring materials to be free from harmful chemicals. This is especially true for very young kids as they may not yet have a firm grasp of what’s poisonous and what’s safe. So, if the pigment is made of food-grade, FDA-approved materials, then we’d definitely include that in our list. Also part of safety is the overall design of the art kit. In many ways, coloring pens should be blunt-ended. However, even blunted objects can be quite dangerous especially when struck in delicate organs of children like the eyes.

Many drawing kits come in small pieces which can get lost if they don’t have a system of organization. As such the ease of organization and the convenience of storage have also been considered. This is very important especially for kids who are just learning the concept of organizing things. Otherwise, you’d have to contend with missing art kit elements or components. The organizer must not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing so your kid will be more motivated to use it.

We then read feedbacks and comments as well as consumer reviews about these art supplies for kids. We had to be certain that our initial evaluation roughly corresponds to how other people look at these kiddie products. Of course, we don’t expect the reviews to be laden with developmental benefits for kids. However, if parents love it, then there’s no point in arguing, right?

Hence, this is how we arrived at the ten best art sets for kids you can give this Christmas or on any other special occasion. You can also give them for no reason except to ensure your child’s creativity and imagination flies through the roof.

Benefits of Drawing and Coloring for Kids’ Development

Coloring is one of the simplest yet most beneficial activity that kids can engage in to develop their cognitive and psychomotor skills. Kids also love to draw before adding color to their drawings. Child developmental psychologists say that this could very well lead to a happier and healthier life in adolescence as well as into adulthood. Here are some of the well-known benefits of drawing and coloring for kids.

  • Drawing and coloring enhances their psychomotor skills particularly their hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. They need to be able to manipulate the drawing instruments and coloring tools to create more fantastic masterpiece.
  • Doodling and coloring helps stimulate imagination and creativity especially in freehand drawings. These give children the opportunity work out what they have in mind and then use drawing as the medium for expressing their ideas.
  • It can contribute to handwriting ability. Mastering the art of holding a coloring instrument will help train the hands to move with each stroke. This can lead to better handwriting which can help facilitate improved written communication.
  • Helps enhance the awareness, recognition, and differentiation of colors. This is especially true in instilling the concept of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. This can also become the foundation for discerning subtle color combinations which can be very useful in adult life.
  • Helps improve the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Being able to create something can help a child’s sense of accomplishment. This can increase their pride in themselves and slowly build confidence in their abilities.

The Bottom Line

Drawing and coloring are very useful in children’s development. With the top ten art sets for kids, we’re certain you’ll be in a much better position to help facilitate the growth and development of your own kid.

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