10 Best Air Hockey Tables in 2017

best air hockey tables

One of the most popular table games that have adorned the game rooms of many modern homes since the early 1970s is the air hockey. The popularity of this game has even expanded to the development of computer games and mobile apps that are based on the principles of the game. Of course, no virtual game can ever replace the thrill and excitement of playing the real air hockey. And when this game is played right in your own home, the joys of winning will simply taste a lot sweeter. You can now get your own with our 10 best air hockey tables in 2017. Each of these has been carefully selected to really provide you with superb playing enjoyment.

10 Best Air Hockey Tables

Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey TableSport Squad4.99
Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air HockeyPlaycraft4.95
Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey TableHathaway4.88
Harvil Tabletop Air Hockey TableHarvil4.65
Mini Table Top Air HockeyTrademark4.60
Goplus 54" Air Powered Hockey Table Indoor Sports Game Room Electronic Scoring For KidsGoplus4.5

1HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table by Sport Squad

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Many homeowners are put off by the sheer size of professional grade air hockey tables that can easily occupy 8 feet of space in an instant. Additionally, these are often bulky and are quite impractical to move about so you can only enjoy playing on it if you are home. The good thing is that the Sport Squad managed to squeeze all the goodness of a professional air hockey table into a 40-inch super compact, super-lightweight, and ultra-portable version of the game in the HX40. This gives the HX40 the versatility to be used in virtually any setting such as your friend’s home, the park, the beach (provided you’ve got a portable power source), or anywhere else. It is even perfect for small apartments as it won’t be taking too much of your space. The HX40 is built on premium solid wood with a super slick playing surface that is made even more friction-less because of the vents upon which its powerful high output fan delivers superior air flow. This helps guarantee fast-paced action, perfect for sharpening one’s reflexes and improving reaction times. The goal boxes come with manual scorers which should keep you abreast of your points. The HX40 can easily be placed on top of your table without danger of its legs scratching the surface of your furniture as it comes with fully padded feet. And if you’re still concerned about damaging your furniture, you can easily lay the HX40 on any flat surface and play the game.

What We Like about It – The versatility, portability, and slick playing surface of the HX40 make it one of the most sought after products in this category.

  • Portable, versatile, and easy-to-assemble design
  • Low profile won’t take up too much space
  • Excellent for smaller game rooms
  • Super smooth playing surface
  • Great value for your money
  • Air flow may not be sufficient for really powerful plays

2Sport 40 Inch Table Top Air Hockey by Playcraft

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The Playcraft Sport is a 40 inch table air hockey that is pretty much similar to the HX40 in a lot of ways except perhaps for its more conservative styling compared to the more contemporary and fun design of the HX40. Nevertheless, with a motor that is guaranteed to deliver 100 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) to go with its super slippery playing surface, the Playcraft Sport is a great option for those who require an opportunity to train in the art of lightning-quick hits and highly effective blocks with the striker. The frame of the Playcraft Sport features solid MDF hardwood which guarantees excellent durability as well as sturdiness. Within the goal boxes on both ends of the Playcraft Sport are puck catchers that help return the premium quality disk onto the field. But there’s one minor hick to the Playcraft Sport’s design. The legs, as sturdy as they are, do not provide ample protection for your furniture or any other delicate surface that may be scratched by the friction created with movement. The legs don’t have any rubber paddings which can address this concern. As such, we’ve seen some customers laying the Playcraft Sport down on a layer of towel or blanket to help protect the surface underneath.

What We Like about It – Despite the lack of protective padding on its feet, the Playcraft Sport remains a very respectable table top air hockey for its lightweight and compact design.

  • Sturdy frame construction
  • Sufficient airflow output
  • Elegant wood finish
  • Great for smaller game rooms
  • Great value
  • Feet not padded for surface protection

3Enforcer Air Hockey Table by Hathaway

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For those who require superb air hockey games in a more or less fixed platform, the Hathaway Enforcer offers an exceptional gameplay that feels more like the real deal. With a retail price that’s about three times that of the Playcraft Sport or even the HX40, you’d think you’ll get your money’s worth. With the Enforcer, you get a beautifully designed frame complete with action graphics to get you in the game. The half inch carb certified super strong MDF hardwood frame provides a reliable platform on which the puck and strikers can easily be shot across the slick playing field and through the goal slots on each end. Providing support to the platform are L-shaped legs that have also been carb certified and are equally supported with end panels. Fully independent levelers are integrated into each leg to guarantee a stable framework enabling you to make more accurate shots and more effective defensive blocking maneuvers. A high output blower powered by 110v of AC provide more than sufficient air flow through the air vents on the surface empowering you further with lightning-quick shots.

What We Like about It – The Hathaway Enforcer provides a playing surface that’s large enough to enjoy a classic game. Unfortunately, it’s quite pricey.

  • Almost as good a professional grade air hockey table
  • Vibrant graphics
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Super smooth playing surface
  • Fully automated puck returners
  • A bit pricey
  • Requires some degree of assembly
  • May not be ideal for smaller rooms

4Tabletop Air Hockey Table by Harvil

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If you want to buy air hockey table that is inexpensive but still offers you superb craftsmanship, excellent game plays, and splendid versatility, then we recommend the HarvilTabletop Air Hockey Table. This 40 inch tabletop platform may not have MDF hardwood to boast but it sure makes up for it by constructing its frame of super-dense fiber wood with a fully laminated playing area that’s filled with fun vibrant graphics, perfect for encouraging kids and teens to enjoy classic air hockey games. Providing additional speed to the puck are vents that are coursed with flows generated by a 12V AC motor. It is also very easy to assemble and should not take more than 5 minutes of your time. The portable design allows the Harvil to be played on in almost any imaginable venue whether it is for competition-grade plays or even for more casual activities. It may not really be as compact as the HX40 but the Harvil certainly will not take up too much space. You can easily slip it under your bed, although it actually depends on the height of the space underneath your bed frame. Nevertheless, for its price, the Harvil is a good option especially for those who are not really sure whether they’d enjoy playing the game or not.

What We Like about It – The Harvil provides a good combination of affordability, durability, and excellent styling.

  • Better priced than competition for the same specs
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable design
  • Vibrant graphics in an ultramodern design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reliability issues especially in the construction of the component parts

5Mini Table Top Air Hockey by Trademark

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Kids will love playing air hockey games in the Trademark Mini Table Top Air Hockey as this comes in at a measly 22 inches. But don’t underestimate the Trademark as it can be an exciting introductory gadget for kids. Because of its rather small footprint, the Trademark can be easily played on your kid’s bed or even on his or her study table. It’s got real-life action, too, complete with vents where air is channeled by a motor that is powered by 6 pieces of your regular AA batteries. This is just perfect since your kids can literally take the Trademark with them to school, the park, or even the beach, pack a few extra batteries, and play with their friends for some heated, fast-paced action. Manual sliding-type scorers are integrated on both ends of the Trademark to keep you updated with your shots. The 2-inch diameter strikers may be small for grownups but it’s the perfect size for kids’ hands. You don’t need to have a dedicated game room to enjoy the Trademark. At any rate, for its low price, you get to enjoy the game anytime anywhere.

What We Like about It – The Trademark is a remarkably great way to introduce children to the game of air hockey to help them refine their reflexes as well as hand eye coordination.

  • Great gadget for children to get started on the game
  • Has all the features you need in a basic tabletop game
  • Elegant wood finish
  • May be too small for adults; remember, it’s for kids
  • Issues with accompanying accessories as some may be missing
  • Requires 8 batteries, not the published 6

654 inch Air Powered Hockey Table Indoor Sports Game with Electronic Scoring by Goplus

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If you want a more sophisticated air hockey table without necessarily creating a gaping hole in your bank account, the Goplus is worth considering. It may be slightly more expensive than the HX40 and the Playcraft Sport but with some technological features and its larger size, we think it’s well worth it. The Goplus provides more ample playing space as it measures 4.5 feet from goal to goal. But what is really great about the Goplus is the inclusion of a LED electronic scoring system that’s mated to the side rail. The electronic scorer comes with both “home” and “visitor” displays to help provide a more realistic game play. Unfortunately, one of the gripes about the electronic scorer is that it can be quite sensitive. Any jarring action on the puck returner or even the goal box can sometimes register as a point. Not to worry, though, as Goplus also has a manual sliding scorer integrated just above the goal boxes for good measure. Providing fast-paced puck action is a 12 volt DC motor that comes with its own adapter so you can charge the AA batteries for more extended plays. The legs are also sturdy enough to support more aggressive and highly intense plays.

What We Like about It – The Goplus is the perfect air hockey table for smaller game rooms as its unique design gives it a more professional feel but at a fraction of the cost.

  • Sturdy and stable legs for adequate support
  • Large and super smooth playing surface
  • Ideal for smaller game rooms
  • LED electronic scoring system
  • Backup manual sliding score tracking system
  • Electronic scorer may be super sensitive at times, leading to inaccurate scoring
  • Requires substantial game room space

7Blazer 7 Foot Hockey Table by Atomic

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Just a foot short of the standard professional air hockey table, the Atomic Blazer is one fantastic-looking gaming platform that is guaranteed to deliver realistic, competition-level game plays. Because of its superb features and near-professional grade qualities, you can expect to pay a premium for the Atomic Blazer. But if you are really bent on creating a one-of-a-kind game room right in your home, the Blazer is a must-have. A rail-integrated LED electronic scorer system easily pops out of the side rails of the Blazer to keep players fully updated with the progress of the game. The rails are also designed with an overhang intended primarily to reduce, if not prevent, the dreaded puck bounce. The fully laminated, super slick playing surface is made of high grade ¾ inch thick PVC. A 120 volt heavy duty blower motor rated at 9A 60Hz provide constant, steady, and equal distribution of air flow across the playing field. The pedestal-styled legs provide excellent stability while MDF aprons are intended to give the Atomic Blazer a superb luxurious look. Leg levelers are fully integrated into each foot of the Blazer to help provide stability and an even playing surface.

What We Like about It – The Atomic Blazer is inarguably one of the best air hockey tables in the market. However, because of its price, it’s best reserved for those who don’t have anything else to do with their fortune.

  • Professional grade quality construction and features
  • Leg levelers for greater stability and evenness of playing surface
  • Accurate electronic score tracking system
  • Rail-integrated flip out display
  • Requires substantial amount of game room space
  • Very pricey

8SureShot Air Hockey Tabletop Game by Ideal

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Kids love playing with air hockey games. And with a more playful take on the original game platform, the SureShot is guaranteed to bring a lot of smiles to young kids. Designed and built specifically with a 5 year old kid in mind, the SureShot features a simulated center ice divider forming an arch above the friction-less playing field while the goal boxes are differently colored to provide a more visual representation of a home and away team. Even the strikers are colored either red or blue. Additionally, instead of a sliding type of manual scorer, the SureShot comes with a button activated scorer you’d have to press each time you score a goal. The SureShot is even smaller than the Trademark by an inch at 21 inches, making it one of the most portable and highly compact game tables we have in the market. Providing air flow to the vents is a super-efficient motor that is powered by 3 pieces of C-sized batteries. The SureShot only costs less than half the price of the HX40 but definitely above that of the Trademark.

What We Like about It – With exceptional portability, an ingenious design, and a price advantage to beat, the SureShot is a sure hit for kids and novice players alike.

  • Kid friendly and super fun design
  • Sized just right for young children
  • Very portable and lightweight
  • Excellent value for your buck
  • Choice of battery size is quite unusual since most use size As and its variants
  • Not for adults as the size can really spoil the fun

9Mainstreet Classics 35 Inch Table Top Air Hockey Game by GLD Products

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The Mainstreet Classics is a table air hockey that is essentially designed like the others in our list. However, if there’s one thing that clearly differentiates it from the others, then that would be its size. Measuring an inch short of 3 feet from goal to goal, the Mainstreet Classics medium sized playing field and frame give it exceptional storage capabilities, versatility, and portability. It should not really be an issue wherever you decide to play it. The Mainstreet Classics comes with a super-smooth playing surface that allows the puck to seamlessly glide across and towards the goal on either sides. Adding to the slickness of the surface are air flows generated by a 110 volt motor to give you unparalleled lightning quick action. Sliding scorers are integrated into the frame to keep track of game progress. The frame is constructed of premium grade materials and then finished in high gloss to give it a luxurious look. The side panels come with colorful graphics to add to the spectacle of playing an air hockey.

What We Like about It – The Mainstreet Classics provides a certain character that is uniquely its own.

  • Fun and vibrant graphics
  • Moderately sized playing surface for moderately sized game rooms
  • Powerful motor for super slick and lightning quick puck action
  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Easy to store
  • May be a bit pricier compared to similarly spec’d but larger products
  • May have some reliability issues as to the completeness of the package inclusions

10Blazing Air Hockey by Point Games 

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One of the fastest-rising air hockey games in the market is the Blazing Air Hockey. This product from Point Games is about the same size as the SureShot at 21 inches, making it a worthy alternative, especially if you don’t mind paying a few dollars more. The superior quality wood construction with a laminated play area makes the Blazing a true marvel to behold and even a greater game table to play in. Providing additional speed to the puck are air vents that allow powerful constant streams of air to be channeled upwards from a powerful fan underneath the frame. Sliding scorers and goal boxes with puck returners come as standard features. The Point Games Blazing is also designed for optimum safety of children playing with it. And because of its very small profile, the Blazing is the perfect companion of future hockey pros as they can take it anywhere they will go.

What We Like about It – The Point Games Blazing air hockey table provides a great opportunity for kids to enhance their agility as well as improve on their visual and motor coordination. 

  • Safety features allow for safer play by kids
  • Small sized frame perfect for younger players
  • Ample motor power for superb game play
  • Complete accessories
  • Superb product warranty
  • A bit more expensive than similarly spec’d items

How We Chose the Best Air Hockey Tables in Our List

Speed is crucial when it comes to playing air hockey games. It is for this reason that our primary concern was to look for products that can guarantee superbly slick playing surface, one that can effectively reduce any type of friction. Since friction can affect speed, it was imperative that our choices reflected the inherent characteristics of a true air hockey table. Moreover, it is crucial that air movement be provided by some mechanism to add to the overall speed of the puck when hit. It is this combination of a slick, slippery, and friction-less surface and superb air flows that formed the backbone of our search.

We then focused on the sturdiness of the product itself. Since we presume you will be playing with this table game on a more frequent basis, it was important to provide a product that can last a long time. The choice of materials used in the table’s construction was deemed crucial. And speaking of its construction, it should also be easily assembled and dismantled for ease of storage. Features were carefully analyzed and evaluated for the benefits that they bring to the game. Lastly, the manufacturer’s reputation was also factored in to give you a fair idea of the product’s overall quality as well as the company’s commitment to its customers.

Benefits of Playing Air Hockey

While it is true that air hockey is nothing like the real, professional hockey game played on ice, it can nevertheless, provide a host of wonderful benefits. Some organizational specialists even say that air hockey tables can help in the workplace while other experts outline the many health benefits of playing air hockey and other similar table sports. Here are a few other benefits of this tabletop game.

  • It relieves stress. Hitting the puck and defending the goal require absolute concentration which can effectively block stressful events from being processed by the mind. What happens now is that you no longer perceive the presence of stress as your mind will be more focused on keeping an eye on the puck.
  • It helps improve one’s agility. The whole point in the game of air hockey is to deliver the puck to the goal box in the quickest, fastest way possible. This simply means that the puck must travel a lot faster than the reflexes of your opponent. Likewise, if you’re on the defending end of the game, you have to have lightning-quick reflexes as well to block oncoming puck.
  • It helps enhance visual and motor coordination. Your eyes are always on the puck. At the same time, your eyes are also sending signals to the brain telling your hands where exactly to position the striker either to hit the puck or to defend your post. It is this interchange of information between the eyes and your hand movements that help define the game.
  • It helps enhance tactical decision-making. Players of air hockey have to make very critical decisions on how to score a goal or how to defend the area properly. All of these require understanding of your opponent’s movements so you can make anticipated action.

The Bottom Line

Air hockey tables or foosball tables are excellent addition to one’s modern game room. These pieces of game equipment can also provide you and your kids a host of benefits that everyone will simply be raving for. If you already have a foosball or even a billiards table, then it would be justified to also get one of our 10 best air hockey tables in 2017.

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