10 Best Air Hockey Tables in 2017

One of the most popular table games that have adorned the game rooms of many modern homes since the early 1970s is the air hockey. The popularity of this game has even expanded to the development of computer games and mobile apps that are based on the principles of the game. Of course, no virtual game can ever replace the thrill and excitement of playing the real air hockey. And when this game is played right in your own home, the joys of winning will simply taste a lot sweeter.

You can now get your own with our 10 best air hockey tables in 2017. Each of these has been carefully selected to really provide you with superb playing enjoyment.

How We Chose the Best Air Hockey Tables in Our List

Speed is crucial when it comes to playing air hockey games. It is for this reason that our primary concern was to look for products that can guarantee superbly slick playing surface, one that can effectively reduce any type of friction. Since friction can affect speed, it was imperative that our choices reflected the inherent characteristics of a true air hockey table. Moreover, it is crucial that air movement be provided by some mechanism to add to the overall speed of the puck when hit. It is this combination of a slick, slippery, and friction-less surface and superb air flows that formed the backbone of our search.

We then focused on the sturdiness of the product itself. Since we presume you will be playing with this table game on a more frequent basis, it was important to provide a product that can last a long time. The choice of materials used in the table’s construction was deemed crucial. And speaking of its construction, it should also be easily assembled and dismantled for ease of storage. Features were carefully analyzed and evaluated for the benefits that they bring to the game. Lastly, the manufacturer’s reputation was also factored in to give you a fair idea of the product’s overall quality as well as the company’s commitment to its customers.

Benefits of Playing Air Hockey

While it is true that air hockey is nothing like the real, professional hockey game played on ice, it can nevertheless, provide a host of wonderful benefits. Some organizational specialists even say that air hockey tables can help in the workplace while other experts outline the many health benefits of playing air hockey and other similar table sports. Here are a few other benefits of this tabletop game.

  • It relieves stress. Hitting the puck and defending the goal require absolute concentration which can effectively block stressful events from being processed by the mind. What happens now is that you no longer perceive the presence of stress as your mind will be more focused on keeping an eye on the puck.
  • It helps improve one’s agility. The whole point in the game of air hockey is to deliver the puck to the goal box in the quickest, fastest way possible. This simply means that the puck must travel a lot faster than the reflexes of your opponent. Likewise, if you’re on the defending end of the game, you have to have lightning-quick reflexes as well to block oncoming puck.
  • It helps enhance visual and motor coordination. Your eyes are always on the puck. At the same time, your eyes are also sending signals to the brain telling your hands where exactly to position the striker either to hit the puck or to defend your post. It is this interchange of information between the eyes and your hand movements that help define the game.
  • It helps enhance tactical decision-making. Players of air hockey have to make very critical decisions on how to score a goal or how to defend the area properly. All of these require understanding of your opponent’s movements so you can make anticipated action.

The Bottom Line

Air hockey tables or foosball tables are excellent addition to one’s modern game room. These pieces of game equipment can also provide you and your kids a host of benefits that everyone will simply be raving for. If you already have a foosball or even a billiards table, then it would be justified to also get one of our 10 best air hockey tables in 2017.

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