10 Best Activity Cubes in 2017

Young children require all the right mental stimulation they need to help them develop the neural connections in their brain and to help facilitate optimum brain development. This is why learning activity cubes are undoubtedly one of the best gifts we could ever give to babies and toddlers. The more activities that they are exposed to, the better it is for their brain development. If you have been searching for that perfect gift to give to your young child or even to the baby or toddler of a friend or colleague, let our 10 best activity cubes in 2017 be your guide on what’s the hottest and most loved in these kinds of playthings for young kids.

How We Chose the Top Activity Cubes for Young Children in Our List

There are literally hundreds of contenders vying for a position in our list of the ten best activity cubes for young children. We could easily fill up a Top 100 list. However, it certainly is wouldn’t be right to give you so many options to choose from. As such, we took it upon ourselves to consider only the best of the best.

The focus of our search was on the developmental appropriateness of the activity cube. It was crucial to evaluate the various learning activities provided by these kids’ items in an effort to identify which aspect of a child’s development is being addressed. Our primary consideration was the relevance or the appropriateness of the various features of the product to the developmental milestones or developmental skill levels of children the toy is primarily designed for. The congruence must be well established, otherwise, everything will be for naught.

Additionally, product safety was a paramount concern. Since our intended users of these items are young kids below the age of 3, it was imperative that we ascertain the safety profile of each product. This meant looking at any certification that would point to the use of only the safest materials in the manufacture of the product. Moreover, it was also crucial that we look at the design integrity of the item. We don’t want any component that can be easily detached which young children may inadvertently put in their mouths and risk choking or suffocation.

Even when the developmental appropriateness and product safety were already considered, we were still left with quite a handful of worthy contenders. Trimming the list further required us to enlist the help of countless parents through their invaluable reviews and comments about these types of toys. Only activity cubes that have substantial customer satisfaction ratings of not less than 4 stars, were included in the final shortlisting of the best activity cubes. We’re confident you would have done the same thing.

The Benefits of Playing with Activity Cubes

It doesn’t really matter whether you are going to buy a simple activity cube or one that fully integrates a variety of sensorimotor experiences. The crucial point to understand is that babies and toddlers require ample sensory stimulation to facilitate optimum growth and development. Whether it is the benefits of shape sorters or the advantages of musical toys, integrating all of these elements in one complete package can be a very interesting prospect in early childhood development. It is for this very reason that playing with activity cubes can be very beneficial for infants and toddlers. Here’s why.

  • It helps them master a variety of their motor-related skills including fine motor capabilities, spatial reasoning, and visual motor coordination. These provide the foundation for more complex motor tasks such as writing and holding a variety of tools and equipment as kids grow older.
  • These toys help young kids develop their communication skills by building on their vocabulary and the use of certain phrases. Equally important is the correct pronunciation of words which serves as one of the fundamental backbones of speech.
  • Activity blocks enhance the establishment of neural connections, ensuring that cognitive processes such as memory, convergent thinking, and simple problem solving are laid down as essential building blocks for more sophisticated and more complex cognitive processes like critical thinking, logical reasoning, and divergent problem solving.
  • These toys can help provide an outlet for the expression of infant and toddler anxieties. By keeping them busy and focused on what they are doing, the mind will not be led astray thinking about anxiety-provoking things. This helps them feel more relaxed and, in turn, become happier babies and tots.

The Bottom Line

Depending on what is integrated in the activity cube, this kind of toy can really kickstart the optimum development of young children. That’s why it is essential to choose the right ones for our young kids. with the 10 best activity cubes in 2017, you’re more than empowered to choose the correct one; you can effectively map out their future development as well.

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