10 Beach Gear Items for Your Baby in 2017

baby beach gear

Experts say that babies should be exposed to outdoor activities as early as possible. It is believed that this will help prevent the predisposition of certain children for leading a sedentary lifestyle. By exposing them to fun outdoor activities, hopefully they will grow up with the fascination for these activities. And whenever outdoor fun is concerned, going to the beach is almost always at the top of the list. And why not? The idea of going to the beach conjures images of fun, enjoyment, relaxation, worry-free, and stress-free living. In today’s harried world, who wouldn’t want a piece of heaven complete with the sun, surf, and sand? So, better get your babies ready with these 10 beach gear items for your baby in 2017. This should help prepare them for lots of fun ahead of them.

10 Amazing Beach Gear Items for Your Baby

Pop N’ Sit Portable Booster by Summer Infant

Pop N’ Sit Portable Booster

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Unless you go to an exclusively private beach club, you won’t be seeing any amenities that will make your infant feel super comfy while being mesmerized by the breaking of the waves and the rustle of leaves from distant palm trees. Beaches may have cabanas complete with loungers and beach chairs but these are essentially designed for adults, at most older children. To solve this, you’d have to bring with you the Summer Infant Pop N’ Sit Portable Booster. Think of it as your baby’s personal executive chair complete with a front facing table to keep your little angel entertained.

The Summer Infant’s plastic tray is guaranteed to be safe and free from BPA or even phthalates so you can safely place your infant’s food stuffs on the tray and off the lap of your little angel. And when he or she is done, you can easily wipe any dirt and debris with a clean piece of moistened cloth and the tray turns into your young child’s play table. The good news is that the tray is also removable so you can easily remove the fabric seat and pop it in your washing machine while the tray can be easily stored for later use. You can also pop the tray in your dishwasher for a more thorough cleaning. Removing the tray also helps convert this infant beach chair into a full table booster. Simply place it on any standard sized dining chair, secure the legs of the Summer Infant onto the standard chair, and watch your little one eat with gusto.

The Summer Infant Pop N’ Sit was designed for ultimate portability. It conveniently folds in one go so you can bring it anywhere, not only the beach but also the park and even the mall. This way, baby will have his or her deluxe chair. It has storage pockets in the rear and comes with a 3-point safety harness to keep your young child secured in his or her seat. Do take note that the Summer Infant Pop N’ Sit Portable Booster is recommended only for children who are at least 6 months of age and who weigh no more than 37 pounds.

What We Like about It – The Pop N’ Sit Portable Booster is a very useful gear for babies not only for beach activities but also for fun in other places.

Unisex Baby Infant Swim Water Beach Shoes by SUIEK

Unisex Baby Infant Swim Water Beach Shoes

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While younger babies have the luxury of being carried around by mom wherever they want to go, older infants who may have already learned to walk will often find it quite difficult to do so at the beach. The water may be inviting but beneath the surface can lurk many obstacles that can hurt babies’ sensitive skin, even though we’re talking about the feet here. When on the beach, the sand can be quite unforgiving especially when the sun is already up. Be prepared to protect your infant’s feet with the SUIEK Unise Baby Infant Beach Shoes. Made of a hundred percent high quality neoprene material, the SUIEK Unisex Infant Beach Shoes are perfect for both treading the waters and even walking on hot sandy beaches. The SUIEK comes with a fully elastic collar which snugly fits around the upper portion of an infant’s ankle. While the neoprene material offers excellent waterproofing properties, water can still get inside the shoes through the opening. So, this should never be forgotten. The SUIEK comes in a variety of sizes that are appropriate from ages 6 months up to 3 years. It also comes in a variety of colorful patterns and designs to give your young child the option of walking on the beach in full fashion glory. While the beach shoes provide full protection for the feet, it is nonetheless, super comfy as it is ultra-soft as well. When used in swimming activities, the neoprene material will keep your infant’s feet warm and toasty so he or she will not suffer any hypothermic syndromes staying in the water.

What We Like about It – The SUIEK is one great beach gear for infants as it helps protect the juvenile feet while also keeping it cozy and comfy.

Unisex Child Wide Brim Sun Protection Adjustable Hat with UPF 50 by SwimZip

Unisex Child Wide Brim Sun Protection Adjustable Hat with UPF 50

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One of the things that draw people to the beach is the warm glow of the sun. Unless you’re a fan of night swimming, images of beach fun always include a brightly shining star in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, the intense brightness can often reflect off substances on the beach especially on the water. You can apply sunscreen lotion on your infant but he or she will need something to protect his or her face from the intense heat and glare of the sun’s rays. That’s why we decided to include in this list the SwimZip Unisex Child Wide Brim Sun Protection Adjustable Hat with UPF 50 which is made available to you in 7 fun summer colors and is perfectly sized for kids between the ages of 0 and 6 months. The SwimZip has been treated with a special formulation of sun protection factor rated at 50+ to help guarantee that the materials on the hat will never crack or get damaged from the intense heat of the sun. The adjustable chin and head strap helps keep the SwimZip right where it should be: on your kid’s head so it keeps on protecting your precious child for as long as there’s the sun above. The chin strap is equipped with a breakaway safety mechanism to prevent choking. The material used on the SwimZip is also fast-drying. Even if it does get wet, you don’t need the full day to have it dry. Should it land on water, fear not as it will never sink. So, while the SUIEK will protect your infant’s feet, the SwimZip will protect your baby’s head and face.

What We Like about It – The SwimZip is a very fashionable and a very functional headgear that will help your infant enjoy beach time a lot better.

Safe Sunscreen with SPF 50+ by Thinkbaby

Safe Sunscreen with SPF 50+

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Many beachgoers love to show off that bronze body, the tan lines whenever they go back to their normal daily routines. For them, it is a testament to their beachgoing adventures. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of infants. We need to understand that the thickness of the skin of babies is essentially thinner than what we have as adults. They may already have stratum corneum on the outermost layer of the epidermis yet this is still significantly thinner than what is found on adult skin. That’s why babies’ skin is more prone to sunburn and other skin irritations. We need to protect their skin while they are basking under the sun. Sadly, we cannot apply on their skin the sunscreen product that we are using as adult formulations are different from pediatric preparations. A great solution is applying Thinkbaby’s Safe Sunscreen with an SPF rating of 50+. This formulation from Thinkbaby is already of the broad spectrum type, more than capable of shielding young children’s skin against both UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun. Thinkbaby is also the very first sunscreen product to pass the stringent requirements for whole foods premium care, further highlighting its safety profile especially when applied onto the skin of very young kids. It has been tested and certified to be free from biologically harmful substances and chemicals including oxybenzone and avobenzone as well as UV chemical absorbers. Thinkbaby also boasts of the highest level of resistance against water at 80 minutes, simply suggesting that your baby will be protected for at least that long if he or she decides to stay in the water. Let your baby enjoy his or her time in the water or even on the beach without having to worry about sunburn and many of its dreaded complications. You can ensure this with the Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen. 

What We Like about It – The Thinkbaby has all the right ingredients for superb sun protection and safety profile for the super sensitive skins of babies.

DayTripper Beach Shade by Coleman

DayTripper Beach Shade

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Going to the beach on a hot sunny, summer day can be quite frustrating especially if all of the picnic huts and cabanas have already been occupied. This should not be a problem if you don’t have a baby with you. But since we’re talking about infants who are more susceptible to extreme environmental conditions, we must also come prepared with adequate shade or even a full shelter for our loved ones. For this, you may be interested in getting the Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade. Technically, the DayTripper is not really a tent. If you’re going to look at it closely, it does look more like an oversized beach umbrella but is only open on one side. The design is such that the DayTripper stands slanting on its side so that the other side is wide open giving you and your family superb view of the beach and everything that’s happening there. Of course, if you want some privacy such as when it’s time for mom to breastfeed baby or when you need to change into your swimming attire or change back into your street clothes, then you can simply fold up and close the front flap and you now have a tent-like structure. The DayTripper is made of super durable material that has been treated with UV Guard Protection technology from Coleman giving it a superb SPF rating of 50+. The kit also includes a convenient carry bag, a floor mat, sandbags for weighing the DayTripper down, a handy dry line, and extra-long stakes. The next time you head to the beach and you’re not sure if you’ve got a picnic hut to stay in, better go prepared with the DayTripper instead.

What We Like about It – The DayTripper is a unique beach gear that will benefit the entire family especially in beaches where shade is scarce and temporary accommodations are never available.

Baby & Toddler Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat by i play.

Baby & Toddler Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat by i play.

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We know we have already included a wide brim hat especially designed for babies but we thought of adding another one to that especially this one that has been gaining a lot of positive reviews in online commerce sites. The i play. Baby and Toddler Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat reminds us of the headgear of yesteryears as well as those worn by Japanese women with the brim sloping downwards as if enveloping the face. This is largely different from other types of hats wherein the brim actually spreads out more parallel to the ground. Additionally, the i play. comes with a rather long neck flap specifically designed to shield the neck from the intense heat of the sun. The overall design of the i play. is such that it effectively protects or shields the entire face a lot better than wide brimmed hats. The fabric is made of high class, highly durable polyester microfiber completed with UV protection factor of 50+, giving it superb protection against damage from the harsh rays of the sun. The front brim resembles that of a baseball cap so it should be really fashionable, too. The i play. comes with a tie closer located under the chin to help secure the hat onto your baby’s head. Do take note however, that this tie closer is usually absent in newborn sizes of the hat.

What We Like about It – The i play.’s unique design provide better wrap-around protection for the face against harmful UV rays.

Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart by Mac Sports

Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart by Mac Sports

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If you like to give your infant a very unique ride on the beach, instead of getting an all-terrain vehicle like a dune buggy, you’d better get the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon. Like all wagon type of ride-on toys, the Mac Sports come with four extra-large tires mated to a fully folding chassis. The heavy duty frame is covered with a heavy duty fabric material which should be great for riding your baby and all of his or her stuff on the beach. It even comes with cup holders made of mesh materials to keep your or baby’s drinks. The folding chassis and frame of the Mac Sports allows it to be folded and secured in as little as 9.7 inches of horizontal space. When fully set up, the wagon measures a full 36.2 inches by 24.6 inches by 21.4 inches. This is one all-terrain wagon that you’ll never have problems bringing anywhere as it will only take no more than 10 inches of your horizontal space and a maximum of 32 inches of vertical space. Babies will have a great time riding on their own all-terrain wagon.

What We Like about It – The folding design of the Mac Sports ATW is simply phenomenal. It’s durable and quite stylish, too.

Kids’ Beach Toy Basics by Hape

Kids’ Beach Toy Basics by Hape

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What’s going to the beach without the chance to build sand castles and other structures in the sand? If we associate beach with the surf, kids definitely associate it more with sand play. That’s why you just got to have the Hape Kids’ Beach Toy Basics that already includes a hand rake, a shovel, a sand sifter, and a bucket. These may not be enough in the sand sculpting chores of your kid but these are surely guaranteed to bring lots of fun, nonetheless. While we can guarantee absolute fun for young toddlers, we would like to emphasize caution when letting your older baby play with sand. It’s not necessarily because of the nature of the beach tools but rather the tendency of sand to get inside the body of kids. We strongly recommend that you provide adequate supervision every time your young kid plays with sand. That said, the Kids’ Beach Toy Basics are guaranteed to be made of kid-safe materials and finished with non-toxic substances. This should be the perfect set of tools to foster creativity and imagination in the very young mind.

What We Like about It – The Kids’ Beach Toy Basics is a great starter kit for great sand play at the beach.

Pop N’ Play Portable Playard by Summer Infant

Pop N’ Play Portable Playard

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In keeping with our effort to help provide a more secure environment for our babies even when in a place where there’s naturally throngs of people, we are sharing with you Summer Infant’s Pop N’ Play Portable Playard. You can think of the Pop N’ Play as a very portable play pen where you can safely place your baby, leave some of his or her favorite toys, and sit back and relax while you enjoy the rest of the beautiful scenery. Because the side panels are made of mesh materials, you don’t necessarily have to stand from your beach lounger to have a look at your baby since you can easily view him or her from the side. The mesh panel is also excellent for keeping babies cool. The floor is made of super-strong canvas material capable of carrying the weight of several babies at a time. And with a unique folding design, the Pop N’ Play is guaranteed to be an instant hit, not only on the beach, but anywhere else.

What We Like about It – The Pop N’ Play is a very mobile play pen for young kids. The folding nature and its durable and lightweight design are all features you’ll definitely love, too.

1Original Aviator Sunglasses Beach Baby Blue Junior by Babiators 

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If you can protect baby’s skin with a sunscreen, feet with a neoprene beach shoes, and face with a wide brim hat, then it simply makes perfect sense that you protect your baby’s eyes especially from the sun’s glare as well. You can do this with the Babiators’ Original Aviator Sunglasses. These are not your cheap toy sunglasses that you can buy hundreds for a buck. The Babiator frame is duly constructed of 100 percent rubber material to give it superb softness, flexibility, and durability. The lenses are made of shatter- and impact- resistant materials and then embedded with 100 percent UV protection. You’ll feel more secure with the Babiators meticulously guarding the integrity of your baby’s eyes.

What We Like about It – The Babiators Aviator Sunglasses is a very stylish and fashionable way for babies to protect their eyes from intense glare from the sun.

How We Chose the Cool Beach Gear Items for Babies in Our List

The beach can offer a lot of opportunities to have fun, enjoy the cool water, and feel the wind blowing against your face. Unfortunately, it may not be the safest place for babies to be in, especially if you’re going to go there in the height of the summer heat. It can easily get crowded on the beach as well, making it almost impossible to find a spot that you can turn into your own temporary private space. These were the things that continued to pop in our heads when we decided to share with you the beach gear items that very young children will greatly benefit from.

It is for this reason that we focused our search on items or products that can make the overall beach experience for the youngest members of our family to be very memorable and truly meaningful. We would want them to grow up cherishing very fond memories of their time at the beach. So, we looked for items that can protect them from the harsh elements that are inherent in a beach setting, those that can bring comfort to them while they are either swimming or simply lounging on the beach, and those that can provide them a whole new meaning to the word “beach fun”.

It was a tall order since we are essentially looking at the best products across a variety of product categories. Nevertheless, we persevered simply because we want your baby to have only the best. For this, we have ordinary customers to thank for as they provided us with invaluable inputs on what products we should consider including in our final list. A minimum score of 4.1 on current customer satisfaction rating systems also provided ample weight on the final score for these products.

Ensuring Beach Safety for Babies

There are many reasons why you should take your baby to the beach. Unfortunately, while there are many benefits to bringing our youngest kids to the beach, there are inherent risks that we should also be aware of so that we can safeguard their absolute enjoyment. Here are some tips on how you can ensure optimum safety for your kids when taking your baby to the beach.

  • Be mindful of critical hours when the sun is at its most intense heat and glare. Make sure your child will be in the shade during these times or at least provide them with ample UV protection like sunscreens, hats, and clothing.
  • Always keep a bottle of refreshing water with you. Even though your baby is not complaining of thirst, you should be proactive in keeping them hydrated. Insensible water loss can be at its greatest during certain times of the day.
  • Always keep an eye on your kids, especially the younger ones. If you have more than one kid, then get your spouse or someone you trust to supervise and look after the older child. Your baby should always be your focus.
  • Institute breaks in between sand play and beach activities. The longer children stay out under the sun, the greater is the risk for UV related concerns as well as dehydration. So, get them in the shade and have some food and drinks to feast on before continuing with the beach activities.
  • Don’t ever forget the age-appropriate sunscreens, wide brimmed hats, and other UV protective devices such as shades. Remember that your little angel’s body is different from yours.

The Bottom Line

Going to the beach strengthens family ties and allows everyone in the family to really have a good time. For babies, while they still have no idea why they are at the beach, the experience will forever be imprinted in their memories. You can help create a very positive experience by getting any or all of the 10 beach gear items for your baby in 2017.


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