10 Beach Gear Items for Your Baby in 2017

Experts say that babies should be exposed to outdoor activities as early as possible. It is believed that this will help prevent the predisposition of certain children for leading a sedentary lifestyle. By exposing them to fun outdoor activities, hopefully they will grow up with the fascination for these activities. And whenever outdoor fun is concerned, going to the beach is almost always at the top of the list. And why not? The idea of going to the beach conjures images of fun, enjoyment, relaxation, worry-free, and stress-free living. In today’s harried world, who wouldn’t want a piece of heaven complete with the sun, surf, and sand? So, better get your babies ready with these 10 beach gear items for your baby in 2017. This should help prepare them for lots of fun ahead of them.

How We Chose the Cool Beach Gear Items for Babies in Our List

The beach can offer a lot of opportunities to have fun, enjoy the cool water, and feel the wind blowing against your face. Unfortunately, it may not be the safest place for babies to be in, especially if you’re going to go there in the height of the summer heat. It can easily get crowded on the beach as well, making it almost impossible to find a spot that you can turn into your own temporary private space. These were the things that continued to pop in our heads when we decided to share with you the beach gear items that very young children will greatly benefit from.

It is for this reason that we focused our search on items or products that can make the overall beach experience for the youngest members of our family to be very memorable and truly meaningful. We would want them to grow up cherishing very fond memories of their time at the beach. So, we looked for items that can protect them from the harsh elements that are inherent in a beach setting, those that can bring comfort to them while they are either swimming or simply lounging on the beach, and those that can provide them a whole new meaning to the word “beach fun”.

It was a tall order since we are essentially looking at the best products across a variety of product categories. Nevertheless, we persevered simply because we want your baby to have only the best. For this, we have ordinary customers to thank for as they provided us with invaluable inputs on what products we should consider including in our final list. A minimum score of 4.1 on current customer satisfaction rating systems also provided ample weight on the final score for these products.

Ensuring Beach Safety for Babies

There are many reasons why you should take your baby to the beach. Unfortunately, while there are many benefits to bringing our youngest kids to the beach, there are inherent risks that we should also be aware of so that we can safeguard their absolute enjoyment. Here are some tips on how you can ensure optimum safety for your kids when taking your baby to the beach.

  • Be mindful of critical hours when the sun is at its most intense heat and glare. Make sure your child will be in the shade during these times or at least provide them with ample UV protection like sunscreens, hats, and clothing.
  • Always keep a bottle of refreshing water with you. Even though your baby is not complaining of thirst, you should be proactive in keeping them hydrated. Insensible water loss can be at its greatest during certain times of the day.
  • Always keep an eye on your kids, especially the younger ones. If you have more than one kid, then get your spouse or someone you trust to supervise and look after the older child. Your baby should always be your focus.
  • Institute breaks in between sand play and beach activities. The longer children stay out under the sun, the greater is the risk for UV related concerns as well as dehydration. So, get them in the shade and have some food and drinks to feast on before continuing with the beach activities.
  • Don’t ever forget the age-appropriate sunscreens, wide brimmed hats, and other UV protective devices such as shades. Remember that your little angel’s body is different from yours.

The Bottom Line

Going to the beach strengthens family ties and allows everyone in the family to really have a good time. For babies, while they still have no idea why they are at the beach, the experience will forever be imprinted in their memories. You can help create a very positive experience by getting any or all of the 10 beach gear items for your baby in 2017.

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