One of the most popular superhero character is Batman. The Caped Crusader has clearly captured the imagination of several generations of kids that even as they grow older, they still have vivid recollections of their playtime activities pretending to be the caped crusader and his sidekick, Robin.

This coming holiday season, you might be interested in giving your kid a Gotham knight merchandise to help him or her live out his or her fantasies being the protector and knight of Gotham. Here are 10 truly amazing Batman toys that we can assure you your kids will love.

How We Chose the Top Gizmos and Playthings in Our List

We have to admit we’re not really fans of Batman. You can say that we’re more fascinated with Superman. Nevertheless, we simply cannot ignore the fact that Batman has a very solid base of followers. There are also a lot of merchandise that are dedicated to the Caped Crusader from school supplies to costumes to water bottles to kiddie plates and bags and to toys, playthings, gadgets, and gizmos. This has compelled us to perform a search of the top 10 most popular and best-selling Dark Knight toys you can give to your child this holiday season.

In choosing the Batman toys and gizmos in our list we had to look at the developmental benefits of these products. We had to make sure that these can provide something useful to children especially in enhancing their development and growth. And if it has an educational value, then we had to carefully examine just how children can learn from the use of such items.

We also considered the credibility of the manufacturer. Typically, we only include products from companies that have been in the business for so many years. But, we also recognize the fact that there are new industry players that also deserve consideration. So, we had to quantify the credibility and reputation of these companies based on the feedback of customers. Negative comments are seriously evaluated whether these have bases or mere speculation.

Overall, it was never an easy task to identify the top Batman toys and gadgets that we were able to include in our list.

Role-Playing and Your Kids’ Development

There are many reasons why child development experts encourage role-playing in children. For us adults, we often look at role-play as dramatization or the process of acting out parts in a particular story. What we often overlook are the processes that are involved in the assumption of a particular role especially by kids.

When children role-play, they often base the different roles of the character they are portraying from ideas that are the sum total of all their previous life experiences including learning activities and sensory information. Their young brain has to recall from memory what they have learned about a particular character. For example, if they are going to pretend to be Batman, they are essentially trying to process everything they know about Batman. Does he fly like Superman? How strong is he? Can he beat other superheroes with supernatural powers? Is there really a need for a mask and a cape? Is it even possible to change or alter Batman’s costume? These questions are just some of the things children have to answer if they really want to portray Batman in a role-playing session.

Now, understand that the way a young child thinks is totally different from that of an older child. Younger kids will typically have very limited imaginative capabilities simply because they also have limited information about the character they wish to portray. On the other hand, older children have very vivid imagination such that they can already think of a thousand and one ways in which the role can be portrayed. For instance, they can start thinking of Batman as the alter ego of Superman who just happens to work in another city. This means that Batman should also be able to fly and breathe in outer space without the need for an oxygen breathing apparatus. They may even think that Batman can swim underwater like Aquaman or is the long-lost secret love interest of Wonder Woman or is actually the big brother of Robin or Nightwing. The point is that, as children grow older, they can form more varied assumptions of the roles that their character needs to show.

However, as children become more mature, this imagination gets toned down to integrate realism. This means that when teenagers start role playing, their actions are now based more on reality. They will now say that human flight is simply not possible so Batman cannot really fly. They begin to understand that it is entirely possible to perform the different stunts that the Caped Crusader executes.

This sense of realism has its roots from continuous cognitive stimulation through the years. And this is essentially what role-playing can do for children. They may start out as naïve, innocent, unknowing only to end up fully capable of making the correct decisions based on their understanding of how the world actually operates in reality.

It can therefore be said that role-playing activities help children master their ability to understand the things around them. This can become the crucial foundation for their cognitive abilities such as problem solving, language and communication, memory recall and processing, logical and counterfactual reasoning, and creative and critical thinking.

Role-playing does not only have a bearing on children’s cognition; it can play a significant part in their social and emotional development as well. When children play a certain role, they make use of their social skills in their portrayals. They begin to understand the value of interpersonal relationships and how maintaining these can lead to improved self-esteem as well as self-worth. These will allow them to feel more confident about themselves and help them persevere to be the best they can ever hope to be.

The Bottom Line

Character toys and gadgets like the Batman products we have listed here are very useful in ensuring the accomplishment of the various developmental tasks of children. It is therefore not unexpected that Batman merchandise will continue to be one of the most sought after gift items in this year’s season of giving. Let our list of the top 10 Batman toys and gadgets be your guide in choosing the best for your kid.

Last Updated On The 12th February 2017

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