10 Best Baby Doll Accessories in 2017

Children will enjoy playing with toys because they want to believe that the toys are real. Eventually kids will interact with the toy and make it their best friend. This is when role playing comes in and children will act out various imagined worlds and situations. Baby dolls are some of the most endearing toys that kids can have as they can elicit more interaction and connection. In addition to the development of interactive skills, their motor and coordination skills are also improved. Baby doll accessories are a great addition to the world that the child has created with the doll. They make the experience even more realistic. Our 10 best baby doll accessories in 2017 are a collection of the coolest and most amazing accessories that children can use on their respective dolls to help enhance imaginative and creative play.

How We Chose the Most Amazing Baby Doll Accessories in Our List

It was quite easy choosing from among the hundreds of possible items to include in the list of the best baby doll stuff. Our thinking was that dolls are like our children and our kids are like us. These dolls have to be cared for in a manner that we as parents care for our children, too. That said, we focused on the functionality of the different items in the market. There were a lot of instances when there were several products of the same type or genre of plaything. As such, we considered only those that had better customer satisfaction scores. For instance, if there were 3 products that are classified as feeding accessories, we only took the one with a higher consumer satisfaction rating so we can include as many possible types of products for you and your kid to choose from.

Once these have been shortlisted, we looked at the integrity of the design, specifically focusing on the safety of the materials used and the quality of the manufacturing or construction. Like we said earlier, it was imperative that these products serve a specific purpose that closely mirrors certain activities in real life. For instance changing baby diapers or even feeding little infants. These were crucial as what we would like these doll accessories to provide is the chance to practice or get introduced to real activities of daily living. This was a very important consideration that we simply cannot brush off easily.

Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Play with Dolls

In the past, young boys who were seen playing with dolls were taunted to be homosexuals. Gender stereotypes dictate that only girls can play with these types of playthings. However, as our understanding of child’s play and children’s growth and development widens, there is now a growing acceptance on the main reasons why kids should play with dolls. Science has also revealed many remarkable findings about the different benefits of doll play. And, in case you’re wondering why you should encourage your child to play with dolls, just consider the following.

  • Fosters nurturing and caring skills – Scholars agree that kids who play with dolls grow up to become better-equipped at caring for other people. They are able to show empathy, caring, and nurturing behaviors that cannot be simply taught in any academic setting. Playing with dolls help children become more compassionate and caring.
  • Develops motor skills – Without a doubt, playing with dolls help young children master their psychomotor skills including fine and gross motor movement, balance and coordination, and even spatial awareness and kinesthetic sense integration. These are all essential skills as they grow.
  • Builds cognitive abilities – Playing with dolls also help build and enhance a variety of cognitive abilities such as simple problem solving, memory recall and integration, and learning.
  • Aids in the development of language skills – Each time your kid plays with her dolls, she eventually learns a new word or two. She can then integrate this into her vocabulary until such time that it expands well into conversational communication.

The Bottom Line

Playing with dolls is like playing with any other children’s toy. When used appropriately, these can bring a host of developmental benefits to kids. with the 10 best baby doll accessories in 2017, kids can now make full use of their respective dolls to fuel their imaginations and creativity.

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