20 Best Toys For Newborn Infants In 2017

A Closer Look at the Developmental Milestones of a Newborn

Child development progresses in a very systematic and organized way – from general to specific, from gross to fine, and from top to bottom. Your understanding of these principles are very crucial to making the correct choice of toys and playthings for your very young baby.

Infants who are less than 28 days old are generally classified as newborns or, in medical parlance, neonates; although it is not uncommon to see some parents calling a 3-month old baby still a newborn. This stage of a child’s development is very crucial as he or she is still adjusting to life outside the protective capsule of the mother’s womb. Neonates are especially vulnerable to infections, injuries, and other bodily insults. Unfortunately, it is also a very critical stage in his or her development because anything that he or she experiences or senses by this time will already be imprinted on his or her very young mind.

To give you an idea of what your neonate actually is like during the first month of his or her life, just look at the following.

By week 1 your baby can already recognize your voice. He or she may not understand what you are saying but he or she feels that you can be trusted and that your child can rely on you to give him or her what he or she needs – love, affection, hugs, and food.

By week 2 your baby can begin to focus on objects or items placed anywhere between 8 and 14 inches from his or her eyes. Did you know that you are the most amazing “object” in your newborn’s eyes by this time? That is why child psychologists always recommend infant feeding times to be really up close and personal.

By week 3 your baby will already begin to attempt to control his or her otherwise jerky and random movements. This is one of those most amazing moments when you carry your baby and he or she positions himself or herself to snuggle up to you. Your baby associates your arms with comfort and calm.

By week 4 your newborn will already be cooing and making some “ahh” sounds especially when he or she sees you. Newborns at this stage are already adept at mimicking sounds and they already know that the sounds they make actually has power – the power to call you.

As the week progresses your newborn’s movements will become more purposeful and smoother. He or she will now have greater control of his or her body movements. He or she will also flash his or her very first smile by the 6th week. From here on, you can expect a lot of changes both physically and mentally from your newborn.

Choosing the Right Toy for Your Infant – The Value of Our List

With an understanding of these developmental milestones of your very young baby, you can now choose the right toys for him or her.

We have listed below the top 20 products that you can consider for your new addition to the family. The toys and playthings included in this list are a product of meticulous research that factored quality, safety, and overall reliability and trustworthiness of the toy. Additionally, we also listened to what countless of parents who have already tried these toys with their own kids.

These toys for newborn babies are just some of the world’s best. Hopefully, you were able to identify at several that will benefit your newborn baby. The most important things to remember about buying toys for your newborn baby include their developmental appropriateness, safety, and quality.

Toys are your kids’ best instruments for learning more about themselves as well as other people and things in their immediate surroundings. These playthings are very important for your child’s physical, psychological, social, and emotional development. As such, it is very crucial that, as parents of these lovable children, you should be able to provide them with the correct kinds of toys that are highly appropriate for their age and development.

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