20 Best Toys For Newborn Infants In 2017

best newborn baby toys

A Closer Look at the Developmental Milestones of a Newborn

Child development progresses in a very systematic and organized way – from general to specific, from gross to fine, and from top to bottom. Your understanding of these principles are very crucial to making the correct choice of toys and playthings for your very young baby.

Infants who are less than 28 days old are generally classified as newborns or, in medical parlance, neonates; although it is not uncommon to see some parents calling a 3-month old baby still a newborn. This stage of a child’s development is very crucial as he or she is still adjusting to life outside the protective capsule of the mother’s womb. Neonates are especially vulnerable to infections, injuries, and other bodily insults. Unfortunately, it is also a very critical stage in his or her development because anything that he or she experiences or senses by this time will already be imprinted on his or her very young mind.

To give you an idea of what your neonate actually is like during the first month of his or her life, just look at the following.

By week 1 your baby can already recognize your voice. He or she may not understand what you are saying but he or she feels that you can be trusted and that your child can rely on you to give him or her what he or she needs – love, affection, hugs, and food.

By week 2 your baby can begin to focus on objects or items placed anywhere between 8 and 14 inches from his or her eyes. Did you know that you are the most amazing “object” in your newborn’s eyes by this time? That is why child psychologists always recommend infant feeding times to be really up close and personal.

By week 3 your baby will already begin to attempt to control his or her otherwise jerky and random movements. This is one of those most amazing moments when you carry your baby and he or she positions himself or herself to snuggle up to you. Your baby associates your arms with comfort and calm.

By week 4 your newborn will already be cooing and making some “ahh” sounds especially when he or she sees you. Newborns at this stage are already adept at mimicking sounds and they already know that the sounds they make actually has power – the power to call you.

As the week progresses your newborn’s movements will become more purposeful and smoother. He or she will now have greater control of his or her body movements. He or she will also flash his or her very first smile by the 6th week. From here on, you can expect a lot of changes both physically and mentally from your newborn.

Our Top 20 For Newborn Toys

1Kick and Play Piano Gym by Fisher-Price

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Made of high grade and premium polyester material, the Kick and Play Piano Gym provides 5 activity toys as well as soft newborn-friendly classical music and children’s songs for optimum comfort. The headboard is designed as a set of piano keys and the bed is adorned with an arch where the activity toys are left dangling. It includes an elephant clacker, a hippo teether, and 3 other fun animal characters. 

What We Like about It – Its soft and safe surface allows your newborn to lay down and play, lie on his or her belly while playing, or even play while sitting up. It is excellent for stimulating sensory development in very young kids. More importantly, it doubles as a naptime area for your baby. 

2Octoplush by Baby Einstein

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With its blue very huggable body, the Octoplush is something that your newborn baby will surely love. The plush octopus is made of high quality satin patches that have been colorfully stitched on the octopus’ velour legs. The Octoplush plays soft children’s melodies in English, French, or Spanish. And while the manufacturer recommends the toy to children at least 3 months old, this can be used for younger babies as well.

What We Like about It – It plays soft melodies to put your baby to sleep while at the same time developing his or her brain. The cute cuddly eyes of the octopus will be a great focal point for your baby’s vision.

3Take-Along Arch Sunny Stroll by Tiny Love

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A great addition to your baby’s crib, playpen, playmat, or even stroller, the Take-Along Arch Sunny Stroll indeed guarantees a sunnier stroll for your baby. The arch is made of highly flexible material so it can be attached to almost any baby furniture. It has colorful characters such as a smiling sun, a sunflower, a leaf pinwheel, and a butterfly as well as other attachments.

What We Like about It – The toys can be removed from their arch attachments for a more tactile experience for your child. This can help with his or her sensory development.

4Clip Clop Activity Baby Rattle by PlayGro

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Every child has his or her favorite animal. With the Clip Clop Activity Baby Rattle, your baby will be introduced to a cute and lovable blue horse that elicit a variety of sounds when shaken or banged as a rattle. The click clack beads come in a variety of colors as well as shapes. The 4 hooves of the horse provide different activities including a rattle, a crinkle, and a bell. The toy is made of 100 percent polyester.

What We Like about It – The rattle is excellent for stimulating the sensory development of your newborn baby. Older babies can also benefit from its handle to assist with hand-eye coordination.

5Soothe ‘n Play Light Show by Fisher-Price

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A very unique and highly interactive crib accessory, the Soothe ‘n Play Light Show is the perfect companion for your newborn during his or her sleep time. It comes in 2 modes – interactive and soothing. The soothing effect comes with 30 minutes of soft and calming music complete with nature sounds. The interactive mode is perfect for playtime activities where the toy eventually lights up and plays a variety of lovable infant-friendly tunes.

What We Like about It – It is a very unique way to stimulate your baby’s sensory development especially when it comes to his or her vision, tactile, and auditory senses. It is also a very useful tool in calming and soothing babies especially when they are stressed.

6Clip & Go Firefly Freddie by Lamaze

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With colorful and multifunctional wings, the Clip & Go Firefly Freddie is a great toy for your newborn baby and an excellent accessory to his or her stroller or even baby carrier. It can also be added to his or her existing mobile. It features a ladybug teether, clacking rings, a peek-a-boo mirror, a squeaker, and crinkly wings. It can also play a friendly and melodic jingle anytime anywhere. It is made of high quality and soft materials especially for the delicate skin of your baby.

What We Like about It  Its colors are great for visual stimulation while the sounds that it emits can help with auditory development. The different activities with Freddie make it an ideal toy to take anywhere.

7My First Bead Buddy Giraffe for Baby by PlayGro

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There is something about rattles that fascinates little children. With the My First Bead Buddy Giraffe for Baby, babies can now create all the sounds they can muster with colorful beads creating the rattle in the circular ring of the giraffe’s body. The neck is adorned with colorful wavy rings and with colorful plush head and feet, this can be a great toy for infant development.

What We Like about It – Its soft and lithe body allows for handling even by the small hands of newborns. Its rattle can help stimulate auditory senses while the different surfaces can help with tactile sensory development. It’s great for visual development as well.

8Bendy Ball by Baby Einstein

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Made of high grade flexible plastic materials, the Bendy Ball can be an excellent addition to your newborn baby’s arsenal of toys. It has a center band that is designed as a smiling caterpillar and a colorful smaller rattle ball inside the Bendy. With holes that make up the flexible plastic ball, even the small fingers of babies can grab on to them.

What We Like about It – It has a classic yet very modern design to help young babies develop their sensory perceptual skills. It also helps foster the development of your baby’s fine motor skills.

9My First Rattle by The First Years

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With a multi-textured and multi-colored teething ring, head, and limbs, the My First Rattle is ideal for newborn babies. The soft ring body and head are composed of high quality soft materials to help in teething. The “fingers” are small enough to encourage your baby to grab and hold one.

What We Like about It – The toy’s design is simply classic. The different colors can help in visual tracking while at the same time helping develop your baby’s tactile sensory perceptual skills.

10Baby’s First Rattle and Teether Toy by Wishtime

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Composed of 9 pieces of highly colorful and safe rattle and teether toys, the Baby’s First and Teether Toy is all your baby will ever need. With 9 colorful and fun characters and items to choose from, your baby will never grow bored playing or teething with these toys. These can be stored in a baby bottle-shaped clear container which can also double as a coin bank. The toys are made of non-toxic ABS plastic and is waterproof.

What We Like about It – There’s plenty of rattles and teethers to choose from. It is also great for introducing little babies to different forms, shapes, and colors. Plus, the sound they create can help with sensory development.

11Newborn-to-Toddler Play Gym by Fisher-Price

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Designed to be used from birth to early toddlerhood, the Newborn-to-Toddler Play Gym comes with no less than 10 toys and playtime activities on a padded and machine-washable mat. The mat itself can be converted into a put-and-take ball playset especially when the colorful arch is utilized. The play gym also has dancing lights and several toys that rattle while dangling on the arch.

What We Like about It – It is a perfect gift for your baby as he or she can use it as he or she grows older. The play gym helps in your baby’s sensory as well as motor development.

12Take Along Mobile with Animal Friends by Tiny Love

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Another uniquely versatile newborn infant toy is the Take Along Mobile with Animal Friends. The toy can be attached to any baby furniture such as a crib, car seat, stroller, playpen, or even bassinet. It can be conveniently clipped on to your bag so you can take it anywhere you and your baby will be going. The mobile plays 30 minutes of soft and melodic music while the rabbit, bird, and frog characters circle overhead.

What We Like about It – It is great for stimulating both the visual and auditory development of your baby. For older babies it can also serve as a great tool for introducing colors.

13Grow-with-Me Activity Gym and Ball Pit by Infantino

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Your baby will be able to use the Grow-with-Me Activity Gym and Ball Pit until the time when he or she is already standing up and playing more actively with you. The play gym comes with 4 sea friends that can be linked together, 40 highly colorful balls that are conveniently stored in the turtle’s big head, and a colorful play and naptime area that doubles as a ball pit and activity gym all rolled into one.

What We Like about It – Storing the balls into the head of the turtle is unique. The toys that dangle on the arch can provide for visual development while the balls can be excellent for motor skills and tactile development. Plus, the mat can be surprisingly cool for a much-needed nap for babies.

14Baby Funny Wrist Rattles and Socks Baby Toys by Tasny

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Think colorful and noisy socks and wristbands and you now have the Baby Funny Wrist Rattles and Socks. It comes in a colorful giraffe and zebra design. The wristband comes with delightful rattles so when your baby waves or shakes his or her hands, your baby will learn of these sounds.

What We Like about It – It is wearable technology at its most basic. With the rattle wrapped around your baby’s wrists and worn over his or her feet, creating sounds will never be a challenge again.

15Music Party Fun 7-Piece Baby Rattle and Teether Toy Gift Set by Liberty Imports

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Complete with a rattle stick, a toy trumpet, a drum, a rattle ball, and a toy tambourine, the Music Party Fun Baby Rattle and Teether Toy set can be a very unique way of stimulating your baby’s sensory development. Also included are a candy and clef note toy that also double as rattles.

What We Like about It – Liberty Imports says it is good for 6-month old babies. However, even younger ones can benefit from the sensory stimulation the toys provide. It comes with a large baby bottle-shaped toy container that can double as a coin bank.

16Max Clutching Toy by HABA

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With a very simple yet truly functional design, the Max Clutching Toy is something that your young infant will learn to love. It can be easily wrapped around your baby’s stroller or even attached to any fabric materials. All you need is to loop it around through its clip. The toy is made of high quality maple and beech wood that have been finished with a non-toxic and water-based stain.

What We Like about It – The colorful body helps stimulate sensory development. Clutching the toy can help with your baby’s motor skills.

17Winky Lamb Baby Rattle by Baby Gund

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If you want a baby rattle that can double as a soft cuddly stuffed toy, then you should get the Winky Lamb Baby Rattle for your newborn baby. The white lamb is made of high quality blend of polyester and other fabric materials to give it a more comfortable feel. The toy’s body also contains rattle beads for additional sensory stimulation. It is also machine-washable.

What We Like about It – The Winky Lamb can double as a soft cuddly toy for your baby. And since it is made of soft and high quality materials, you can feel a lot safer every time your baby uses it either during playtime or during his or her naptime.

18Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel Toy by Manhattan Toy

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Designed to elicit optimum visual stimulation for your baby, the Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel Toy is characterized by high-contrast black-and-white patterns on reversible cards. The other side of the cards are composed of colorful patterns as well as images to allow for instant switching. The mobile can be attached to any standard stroller, car seats, and infant or baby carriers. It has a sturdy and easy-to-secure plastic clamp.

What We Like about It – The dual-sided nature of the mobile graphic cards help your baby to slowly get accustomed to patterns. Once he or she has mastered one pattern, your baby can proceed to more complex images.

19Soothe ‘n Glow Giraffe by Fisher-Price

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If you are having difficulty getting your baby to sleep, then give him or her the Soothe ‘n Glow Giraffe. This huggable bedtime companion emits a very soft light often depending on how tight your baby will be hugging it. Additionally, it plays 8 soft melodic lullabies for up to 15 minutes, long enough to get your little prince and princess to slumber land.

What We Like about It – It has one of the most interactive features that your baby will surely remember. He or she will start realizing that if the giraffe is hugged tight, it will emit a soft glow and will play him or her a soft lullabye.

20Newborn Gift Set by Sassy 

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This young infant gift set from Sassy is composed of a teether, 2 rattles, and a baby phone. The Hello Baby! Phone is designed to help babies imitate their moms while the latter are talking. The Beginning Bites toy comes with different fabrics and textures. The ring and spin shine rattles come with very colorful designs to aid in the overall sensory development of your baby.

What We Like about It – At the very least, your baby will have 4 different toys to choose from, each with a specific function and purpose. This should help your child in developing his or her sensory perceptual skills.

Choosing the Right Toy for Your Infant – The Value of Our List

With an understanding of these developmental milestones of your very young baby, you can now choose the right toys for him or her.

We have listed below the top 20 products that you can consider for your new addition to the family. The toys and playthings included in this list are a product of meticulous research that factored quality, safety, and overall reliability and trustworthiness of the toy. Additionally, we also listened to what countless of parents who have already tried these toys with their own kids.

These toys for newborn babies are just some of the world’s best. Hopefully, you were able to identify at several that will benefit your newborn baby. The most important things to remember about buying toys for your newborn baby include their developmental appropriateness, safety, and quality.

Toys are your kids’ best instruments for learning more about themselves as well as other people and things in their immediate surroundings. These playthings are very important for your child’s physical, psychological, social, and emotional development. As such, it is very crucial that, as parents of these lovable children, you should be able to provide them with the correct kinds of toys that are highly appropriate for their age and development.

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